A Detailed List of STO Agencies to Keep an Eye On 

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The Security Token Offering, or STO, is a token sale model in which new tokens are created and sold under strict guidelines. Security tokens are still in their infancy, but their value and demand are increasing due to heightened fraud and suspicion in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market. ICOs have been a source of contention due to their lack of regulation. A security token is stable and reliable since it's secured by real, physical assets.

A Detailed List of STO Agencies to Keep an Eye On:

The Rise of Security Token Offering

A security token is a blockchain-based underlying asset share. Security Token Offering is a project investment strategy that comprises selling tokenized assets in return for STO funding. This grants investors specific company privileges such as ownership, profit sharing, periodic dividends, equity, voting, and buy-back rights. The bulk of crypto coins circulated as part of an ICO rotation is security tokens, even though some businesses refer to them as utility tokens. 

Security tokens are similarly not traded on regular token exchanges since they are subject to strict regulations. But they are also fungible tokens, like ICOs, so they have monetary worth. Security tokens resemble stock certificates. Stock ownership information is included in a certificate of ownership, while security tokens hold similar information on the blockchain and as a token.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) validates and regulates security tokens. Along with the SEC, authorities in key countries like Switzerland and the UK have issued rules establishing regulatory resolution offerings. Because of the additional security and protection provided by financial regulations, STOs have become immensely popular among investors in these countries.

Security tokens serve as a natural link between conventional finance and blockchain, benefiting both substantially. The assets allocated through tokens already exist in the traditional market, including the biggest economies like stocks and real estate. STOs are appealing to investors because of their high liquidity. Clients can meet their funding goals faster if they market tokenized securities to a broader pool of accredited investors.

Security tokens are also economical. Smart contracts enable issuing security tokens to supporters in real-time and secure automated dividend payments, saving money and effort. Above all, STO fosters transparency. Using robust coin governance structures to issue security tokens transparently protects investors from fraud and poor execution.

Top STO Agencies to Watch Out For

When the idea of security tokens took off in 2018, it resulted in the formation of several STO marketing and blockchain PR agencies. These firms provide businesses with a comprehensive strategy for gaining industry recognition. While the marketing strategies of these companies differ widely, many have proven to be effective. Below are the top STO agencies to watch in 2022 and beyond.

sto agencies

1. Crowdcreate


Crowdcreate is a world-class crypto marketing agency and a reputed community management and development firm. To date, Crowdcreate has helped the majority of the top 100 crypto ventures create an emergent community of investors and supporters, resulting in $100+ million raised funds across 50+ projects. The agency manages one of the most extensive networks of cryptocurrency social media influencers, programmers, and avid crypto enthusiasts in all major languages and time zones. Crowdcreate also gives you direct access to some of the most reliable resources, such as Cointelegraph, Crypto Daily, FXStreet, Smartereum, and Tech Times.

2. Searched


Searched acts as an intermediary between site development and content marketing in cryptocurrency. It is a digital growth strategy agency specializing in web development, content and SEO results, and corporate communications. Searched founders are a team of entrepreneurs with vast expertise in building startups from the ground up using advanced digital marketing techniques and development skills. These experts have spent the last two years solely committed to working extensively with blockchain startups, advising them on how to create online brands with long-term growth plans sustainably.

3. X10 Agency

X10 Agency

X10 is a prominent crypto-assets marketing agency that assists companies with all aspects of the STO process, from whitepaper preparation to global growth hacking. X10 works on utility and security tokens (STO, ICO, IEO), cryptocurrency exchanges, the blockchain, and fintech initiatives. The agency also offers 24/7 community management, which is fundamental for every crypto project. It also provides a complete PR and influencer marketing solution, creating quality content and ensuring consistent exposure on trending crypto and fintech media channels.

4. Priority Token

Priority Token

Priority Token or Ptoken provides consulting services from conceptualization through post-STO approval. It is one of the biggest consulting, marketing, and fundraising firms for crypto offerings globally. Priority Token is a group of investors, venture capitalists, and blockchain specialists who work together as a network. In addition to traditional marketing and legal services, the agency provides unique immediate fundraising opportunities through its extensive global and Asia-specific investor network. Ptoken has an experienced multinational staff with offices in Singapore, Moscow, London, and Seoul.

5. Block Gemini

Block Gemini

Block Gemini is a group of blockchain engineers and supporters that work together on a technology shift that the agency likes to call “The Blockchain Revolution.” The aim of Block Gemini is to help big organizations in creating decentralized ecosystems in which they can interact with their clients in various ways. The agency offers a completely customizable crowd-sale platform with products, support, and solutions to boost investment growth throughout the fundraising process. Its STO Launchpad covers all the needed requirements and campaign materials for a smooth and efficient crowd-sale launch.

6. Applicature


Applicature, established in 2011, is one of the world’s oldest blockchain-based marketing firms. The creation of novel technology solutions was the agency’s original focus. This aim aided the firm in establishing an excellent placement for the crypto market’s expected expansion. Applicature focuses on blockchain-related initiatives such as smart contract creation, research, and blockchain adoption and modification. Its team of experts evaluates business models and helps companies optimize their operations in the expanding blockchain environment. To guarantee security and liquidity to its customers, Applicature employs an ERC-20 token.

7. Ambisafe


Ambisafe has been in the bitcoin development business since 2010 and strives to make financial markets more accessible to everyone. The agency has previously shown its range of skills, from developing alternative consensus methods to launching the first multi-currency wallet. Ambisafe now focuses on creating Ethereum-based investment instruments, blockchain solutions, and ICO-related services. The team comprises brilliant engineers and blockchain advocates. Ambisafe collaborates with bitcoin industry leaders to provide a solution for clients that addresses their consumer demands in the most efficient way possible.

8. AmaZix


AmaZix is one of the world’s leading and successful STO marketing agencies. The agency delivers professionally managed community management services that will fundamentally revolutionize how people can be contacted through social media or other online channels. Its workforce comprises experienced crypto ICO moderators, headed by technical managers. AmaZix uses the GBX grid to provide high-quality blockchain solutions. Most AmaZix’s clients are in the community management sector, including Babb, WePower, Hdac, and GoChain. The firm also works with big industry companies, including Coinify, CertiK, and Bancor. AmaZix is collectively fluent in 27 languages, including sign, and offers free consultation across the globe.

9. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a security token platform pioneer. The agency, which recently transitioned to the most recent and secure method of a token sale, offers the most comprehensive STO solution in the industry, from network development to marketing. It provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in the STO business, particularly in the legal and marketing aspects of the ICO. Blockchain App Factory offers a portfolio of services and has worked with several prominent enterprises like Shell and McDonald’s. The firm has also previously collaborated with CertiK and Bit Mart.

10. Blockchain Scripts

Blockchain Scripts

Blockchain Scripts offers proactive and effective STO marketing solutions. The agency provides a suite of STO-specific services, including STO essentials (landing pages, whitepaper) and press pitch PR that tackles all the critical elements regarding STO and is written and sent to all major cryptocurrency media. Blockchain Scripts facilitates community management where the team assists businesses with gaining community traction by using diverse community involvement strategies. Additionally, the agency offers token listing via its partner STO and ICO listing sites. Clients can have security tokens published and graded well before cryptocurrency events.

11. Byzantium


Byzantium is a full-service blockchain service provider and consultancy agency comprising blockchain, public relations, marketing, and investment specialists. End to end indicates that the agency creates solutions at each phase. It enables rapid investment cycles, the introduction of new products, and the development of relations. The team comprises blockchain specialists with deep knowledge in business development, financing, consulting, marketing, and public relations. Byzantium develops and implements unique marketing strategies. The agency also offers to form partnerships, which promotes projects to relevant investors, analysts, and overall crypto experts. Byzantium’s previous collaboration includes AmaZix, Cointelegraph, and Lever.

12. TSM Global

TSM Global

TSM Global joined the market in 2010 and immediately established itself as a market leader. The firm manages several smaller companies and effectively operates as a middleman, connecting owners to the proper services around the globe based on their objectives and needs. As a result, TSM Global is valuable to STOs since it can link creators with relevant legal counsel based on local laws. The UK-based agency has subsidiaries in Macedonia and Moldova. It has multilingual staff, enabling marketing to be tailored to each customer’s demands in any part of the globe. The invitation-only partners of TMS include CoinDesk, Blockchain Marketing Asia, Bitraffic, and Top ICO List.

13. CubyCode


CubyCode is a client-focused team of specialists dedicated to creating, improving, and maintaining award-winning websites, apps, and digital experiences. CubyCode’s top developers and engineers create innovative app solutions that captivate users and increase revenue. The firm helps companies of all sizes and industries make ISO and STO standards. CubyCode has built a team of Blockchain engineers that create and secure applications at a minimal cost. The team provides app development and smart contract generation on multiple platforms hourly or full-time.

14. Crypto Gang

Crypto Gang

Crypto Gang is a premium branding agency that works with tech and blockchain businesses. Brand strategy, corporate brand identification, website design and development, whitepapers, pitch decks, one-pagers, and other multimedia elements are among the Crypto Gang’s specialties. As part of a digital world, the agency has developed several brands for its clients in recent years, including STO initiatives for startups, enterprises, and investors.

15. Validity Labs

Validity Labs

Swiss-based Validity Labs is an education and training firm specializing in smart contracts. Validity Labs is Europe’s first commercial smart contract training company, cooperating with cutting-edge academic partners. It aims to be the trusted source of educational events in Switzerland and neighboring countries. In addition to client-driven projects, the firm develops products and creative software solutions for STO and ICO fundraising initiatives.

16. Sparkchain


Sparkchain specializes in bringing powerful storylines to life for technology-focused and innovation-minded businesses via PR and integrated marketing campaigns. Social development, content production, programmatic distribution, various types of paid media, and data-driven analytics are among the agency’s many services. Sparkchain also provides blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders with comprehensive strategic communications and marketing services. The agency works with like-minded firms that value transparency, efficiency, and integrity. Sparkchain has previously collaborated with DFINITY, CoinDash, Blockchain Capital, and Argon Group.

The Future of the STO

The next step in the growth of fungible digital tokens is Security Token Offerings. Security tokens outperform ICOs by combining the flexibility of blockchain technology with legal compliance and emphasizing tried-and-true risk mitigation strategies. As more authorities engage with the bitcoin industry, security tokens will be the big winners. In addition, there is a need in the cryptocurrency market for goods that appeal to less "risky" investors who want stability and security. Companies searching for new and inventive ways to acquire funds should consider STOs. As a result of these variables, security tokens are predicted to grow into a $162 trillion industry by 2030.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are security tokens?

Security tokens are digital tokens typically secured by real, physical assets like stocks, real estate, gold, or other tangible resources with monetary value.

What is STO?

Security Token Offering is a blockchain-powered digital token that denotes a stake in an asset. STOs allow for digital fundraising while still complying with regulatory laws.

What are the top STO agencies to watch out for?

16 of the top STO agencies today are:

  • Crowdcreate
  • Searched
  • X10 Agency
  • Priority Token
  • Block Gemini
  • Applicature
  • Ambisafe
  • AmaZix
  • Blockchain App Factory
  • Blockchain Scripts
  • Byzantium
  • TSM Global
  • CubyCode
  • Crypto Gang
  • Validity Labs
  • Sparkchain
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