10 Vue.js Web Development Companies for Robust Digital Solutions

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If you’re a brand looking to create a website or custom app, you’ve probably heard of Vue.js from developers. Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Adopted by top companies, including Apple, Google, Zoom, and Microsoft, Vue.js has built a strong reputation among developers worldwide.

Vue.js’s popularity soared because of its simplicity, versatility, and outstanding performance. Thanks to this JavaScript framework, we have modern, feature-rich, and cutting-edge software products. But how do you choose the best Vue.js web development companies to build your website, app, or any other digital solution? 

We’ve rounded up the top Vue.js web developers in this article to help you compare your options and discover which one best suits your needs. In addition, we’ll be exploring the factors to consider when selecting a Vue.js web development company.

Top Vue.js Web Development Companies

vue js web development companies

1. Innowise Group

Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a global software development partner in FinTech, IT staff augmentation, and data analytics based in Warsaw, Poland. The company boasts more than 16 years of experience creating industry-focused software solutions based on Vue.js since the JavaScript framework’s inception in 2014.

The company has successfully implemented Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 3 development projects for different clients around the world. It caters to businesses of any scale, from start-ups to big corporations. It’s been able to build a solid customer base in healthcare and life sciences, finance, banking and insurance, eCommerce and retail, education, manufacturing, and many more.

Innowise Group enriches its project-specific Vue.js development environment with the aid of ecosystem, UI library, server-side rendering (SSR), hybrid app development, and util tools. Its Vue.js projects were able to create user-friendly corporate career websites, custom white-label NFT marketplace solutions, and an IoT platform with a LoRaWAN to TCP converter three times the efficiency.

Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a global full-service software development company specializing in proprietary software development, IT outsourcing, and staff augmentation. Founded in 2007 by Pavel Orlov and a small group of fellow IT enthusiasts, Innowise Group p...

team size



St. Petersburg, FL

Best for:

Midmarket, Enterprise and Small Business

Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+
Software Development
IT Consulting and Advisory
Software Testing and QA
Staff Augmentation
Product Engineering
IT Support
Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+

Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a global full-service software development company specializing in proprietary software development, IT outsourcing, and staff augmentation. Founded in 2007 by Pavel Orlov and a small group of fellow IT enthusiasts, Innowise Group p...

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2. Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a web and software development company with offices in the U.S., the U.K., and Portugal. One factor that sets it apart from other web and software developers is its technical excellency, which involves agile engineering practices that bring software craftsmanship, quality, and consistency to every project.

Besides Vue.js, Imaginary Cloud also leverages React, Angular, and Webflow for its front-end development services. Its most notable projects include:

  • CheckHApp, Alicontrol’s new app, which expanded its services to over 10 countries
  • EDP’s enhanced business platform user experience, which reached performance levels of 86% and helped retain 95% of clients
  • FlippedNormals’ optimized online marketplace, which drove a 4% traffic increase

If you want to use Vue.js for your project instead of other frameworks, you can rely on Imaginary Cloud to utilize Vue.js in creating your company’s software product, website, app, or UI/UX design.

Imaginary Cloud

Custom development with fast, reliable & debt-free processes | Helped +300 business leaders scale through Product Ideation, Development & Improvement | Best-in-class Europe-based developers | Delivering world-class software while reducing up to 50% o...

team size



Portugal, United Kingdom, United States

Best for:

Small and Medium Size Businesses

Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+
React Native
Google Cloud
Scoping sessions
Product Development Process
Artificial Intelligence
UX/UI Design
Code Audit
UX Audit
Web & Mobile development
Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+

Imaginary Cloud

Custom development with fast, reliable & debt-free processes | Helped +300 business leaders scale through Product Ideation, Development & Improvement | Best-in-class Europe-based developers | Delivering world-class software while reducing up to 50% o...

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3. Redberry


Redberry is an award-winning digital agency based in T’bilisi, Georgia, with offices in California, USA. Considering itself a “jack of many trades and masters of quite a few,” Redberry handpicks the technology it masters in. The technologies in its front-end stack include Vue.js, React, React Native, Next, Nuxt, Alpine, Tailwind, TypeScript, Jest, and ESLint.

As an official partner of Vue, Redberry attracts top talents, so its clients are guaranteed the most experienced experts for their projects. Redberry’s most noteworthy Vue.js projects include:

  • Collap, a Chrome extension that transforms any website into a collaborative workspace
  • Tweak, an online courses marketplace for students who want to enter a new profession
  • Carfest, the first digital car dealership in Georgia

You can tap Redberry for your company’s product UI/UX, software, websites, and mobile apps. Redberry will also perform quality assurance to ensure its output meets your needs and achieves desirable results.

4. Futured


Futured is a mobile development company based in Brno, Czech Republic, with branches in Prague and Vienna. It bagged twelve awards in just nine years, thanks to its outstanding work for top companies such as Decathlon, Avast, Cybex, and HappyGo, to name a few.

Futured applies Vue.js to its services, including mobile development, UI/UX design, AI development, AR/VR development, and web development. Since the company’s inception in 2010, it has created over 250 apps, most remarkably:

  • Decathlon, an online shopping app with streamlined order and payment processes 
  • Nesnezeno, a solution for managing food more sustainably 
  • Skoda Load-in, which helped drivers determine the ideal way to load their trucks

5. Absolute Web

Absolute Web

Based in Miami, Florida, Absolute Web is a full-serve eCommerce agency specializing in custom web development and solutions for Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce platforms. It has also worked with various brands across different industries, including Capezio, Modloft, Open Farm, Jenny Yoo, Idean Nutrition, and more.

Using Vue.js and other technologies, Absolute Web’s portfolio boasts eCommerce solution implementations, performance optimization, UI/UX redesign, CRO, and more. For example, its work on Lashify’s online store elevated the user experience with intuitive UI/UX designs, improving its metrics and web performance.

6. TechMagic


TechMagic is an end-to-end full-stack development company based in New York, London, Kraków, and Lviv. It is trusted by more than 120 companies worldwide, with the top ones being Elements.Cloud, AnyDesk, Beamery, Dig Insights, and Test Gorilla.

As a Vue.js developer, TechMagic has created highly reliable apps and solutions, for example: 

  • Good&Co, a platform that connects nearly employers with employees and job seekers, helping nearly 3 million users find a great fit
  • Sqord, a fitness platform that makes active play fun for kids, allowing parents to track their children’s gaming activity and physical development
  • Bamboo, a micro-investment app in Australia that links with the user’s bank account and makes tiny investments when they spend money

7. Net Solutions

Net Solutions

Net Solutions is a software and web development agency based in Chandigarh, India, with presence in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London. It is partnered and allied with trustworthy firms such as Microsoft, AWS, Kentico, HubSpot, and Adobe and is PCI DSS Certified by Global Technology and Information Security.

Its Vue.js development services help businesses ace their objectives through fast and seamless web or mobile applications. In addition, it can provide additional development team members to your organization on your demand. The Net Solutions team has the technical expertise to create secure and easily scalable applications that won’t lag, meeting the ever-evolving demands of today’s users.

8. OpenXcell


OpenXcell is an enterprise software development company with offices in Las Vegas, Vancouver, London, Ahmedabad, and Perth. Accredited and trusted as a premium software developer, it has garnered awards and recognition from Clutch, GoodFirms, AWS, International Game Developers Association (IGDA), and more.

OpenXcell’s team of Vue.js developers is known to create the best UI, custom apps, websites, and real-time apps (e.g., banking and finance apps) quickly. Some of their best projects include:

  • John Hopkins University’s patient record management platform
  • Orderhive’s order and inventory management system
  • Akaree’s eTendering management software
  • BYJU’s custom CRM software; Ajman Bank’s mobile app
  • Mover Storage’s warehouse management software

9. Zenesys


Zenesys is a software development company with several branches in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, South Africa, the UAE, India, and Saudi Arabia. It has earned recognitions from Clutch and GoodFirms and is Kentico and Microsoft’s Gold Partner. It is also an OpenBots certified developer and partner.

Priding itself as a results-driven Vue.js developer, Zenesys has built high-performing, interactive, and dynamic apps and eCommerce sites such as:

  • Vetstream’s website, which was enhanced with a simple and intuitive navigation bar, mobile-friendly UI, and seamless search feature
  • The E-wallet app, which allows users to complete payments, monitor their e-balance, assess their payment history, and receive payment reminders from their phones

Zenesys also utilizes Vue.js to develop CMSs. It also works with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as AngularJS and ReactJS.

10. AddWebSolution


AddWebSolution is a web, mobile, cloud, and marketing solutions provider with offices in Virginia, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur, and another one soon to rise in London. It is recognized by GoodFirms as a top mobile app development company and has consistently been included on Clutch’s list of top companies, BigCommerce companies, and IT services companies since 2019.

AddWebSolution’s trusted Vue.js developers have created top-notch web and mobile apps, eCommerce platforms, and UI/UX designs, such as:

  • QuickHail, an intuitive and powerful taxi-booking app
  • A digital solution for Canada-based restaurant Savoria, which streamlined its operations and functions 
  • GoSafr, a travel app that helps travelers plan safe, comfortable, and pleasurable trips

Vue.js vs. React

You may notice that many software developers also use React, another popular JavaScript tech used by 6.8% of the top 1,000 websites, according to W3Tech’s July 2023 survey. While Vue.js has many similarities with React, they are still distinct.

To explain things simply, React is an open-source JavaScript library, whereas Vue.js is a JavaScript framework. React specializes in delivering accurate search results on websites with massive databases, like social media, while Vue.js is known for creating responsive admin boards and content management platforms. Overall, Vue.js provides a well-balanced assortment of third-party and pre-built tools, meeting the requirements of seasoned developers and beginners alike.

Here are the other well-known advantages of using Vue.js.

Benefits of Vue.js

  • Simplicity. Developers can test every app component independently, and the coding is straightforward and easily comprehensible for programmers.
  • Lightweight. The Vue framework is only around 20KB, making it fast to download and install.
  • Quick to learn. Even amateur coders can achieve maximum results with Vue.
  • A robust assortment of tools. The Vue framework is loaded with powerful tools that enhance its function.
  • Easily adaptable. Developers don’t need to rewrite an existing app from scratch if Vue introduces an additional markup to the HTML code.
  • Integrates with other frameworks. Developers can seamlessly integrate Vue with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries like Angular and React.

What is Vue.js?

According to W3Tech’s July 2023 survey, 3.4% of the top 1,000 websites use Vue.js. To have a better understanding of what Vue.js is used for, picture this: you visit a static webpage, and it does not display updated information unless you reload it. This is where the JavaScript code comes into play.

Vue.js helps create highly interactive webpages and single-page applications (SPAs) that can perform complex operations without being reloaded on the browser. As a result, developers can render and update specific areas of a webpage without affecting the entire page. This enables them to equip the webpage with interactive features such as chatbots and advanced animated graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that operate entirely within a web browser.

Simply put, Vue.js allows developers to pick and choose what they need from the framework and quickly integrate it into applications, making it easy to launch and run.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vue.js Developer

Finding the right Vue.js web development company can be challenging. To ensure that you’ll get the best, consider these factors when comparing your options:

Choosing a Vue.js Developer: Key Factors

  1. Customization Level
    Determine the company’s adaptability based on the extent of customization they offer. In addition, check how they incorporate clients’ feedback into their projects. Not all companies value client feedback, so choosing a Vue.js developer that will consider your requirements and preferences for the project is crucial.
  2. Turnaround Time
    If you want your project to be completed fast, narrow your options to Vue.js developers that can deliver a finished product within a limited timeframe. But, of course, quality is essential, so choose a company that can create an outstanding digital solution with a tight deadline.
  3. Client Reviews
    You’ll often find client reviews on the websites of Vue.js web development companies but be sure to also check out non-biased review platforms like Clutch. You might find more diverse and reliable feedback on those platforms.
  4. Company Expertise and Experience
    Core technical knowledge cannot be compromised in business. Although Vue.js can be easily understood by amateurs, only experienced Vue.js developers can be trusted for complex projects. Choose a Vue.js web development company with extensive experience using the JavaScript framework and successful projects to show.
  5. Cost
    Finally, hiring a Vue.js web development company is an investment, so focus on companies that can deliver high-quality products within your budget.

Create a Cutting-edge Digital Solution with the Right Vue.js Developer

Developing an app, website, or any other digital solution involves numerous back-and-forth communications and trial-and-error processes before achieving the perfect final product. Hence, a team of experienced experts is crucial for your project. 

Work with the Vue.js development company that matches your organization in terms of values, work ethic, and goals. The right company should resonate with your objectives, understand your market, and make adjustments to satisfy your requirements. Moreover, they should fit into your company’s culture as their team may work as an extension of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building reactive web user interfaces. Its main purpose is to allow webpages to display updated information without being manually reloaded. In addition, it lets developers equip webpages with interactive features like real-time chats and animated GUIs.

What is a Vue.js web development company?

A Vue.js web development company is a software development agency that specializes in Vue.js to create websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other digital solutions.

What are the advantages of using Vue.js to develop digital solutions?

The Vue.js framework is simple, lightweight, easy to learn, adaptable, can be integrated with other frameworks seamlessly, and comes with a robust assortment of tools. Vue.js also allows developers to pick and choose what they need from the framework and quickly integrate it into applications.

How does Vue.js differ from React?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework, while React is an open-source JavaScript library. React is used in delivering accurate search results on websites with large databases, like social media, while Vue.js specializes in creating responsive admin boards and content management platforms.

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