Advance Your CRM Goals with These Top 6 CRM Consulting Companies

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a method and strategy to attract, retain, and increase your client base. Managing customer relations includes customer interactions and the analysis of trends and behaviors. CRM has become a term associated with the technology handling client engagement and analytics. CRM software can keep track of connections and communications with prospects and customers. 

However, some companies have only decided to integrate such a platform into their current workflow recently, while others want to know how to get more from their chosen platform. CRM consulting companies do more than share best practices and provide software training for your organization. CRM consultants gather and assess data to identify where your customer service gaps are coming from, how to solve them, and the ways you can further improve your customer experience in light of new industry developments.

If you're searching for a CRM consultancy, you've come to the right place. This article will discuss 6 leading performers in CRM consulting services. But let's first take a closer look at the advantages of working with a CRM consulting team.

Top Performing CRM Consultancies

Below are seven companies with a good track record in CRM consulting. You will need to contact consultancies directly regarding their rates, as only a few indicate how much they charge.

crm consulting companies

1. ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft, which has been offering CRM services for 14 years, helps companies with the various aspects of CRM, from selection and custom development to implementation, improvement, consolidation, and migration. The CRM agency is a Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle partner and works with healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, eCommerce, and accounting brands.

ScienceSoft’s 4-step consulting process consists of the following:

Conceptual stage – audit of current CRM system and processes, problem identification, the study of company policies, goal identification, CRM process design, user role description, CRM platform selection, creation of integration architecture

Pre-implementation stage – scoping of project duration and cost, risk and mitigation study, assessment of historical customer data (amount and quality), formation of the implementation team, and user adoption strategy planning

Implementation stage – (depending on the chosen service – software launch, consolidation, migration, or revamp) customization of CRM solution, building custom features and workflows, integration of CRM with corporate systems and customer touchpoints, migration of historical customer data, and CRM software testing

Post-implementation – user training, evaluation of goals, assessment of CRM system’s adoption by your team, planning of roadmap for CRM evolution in line with your business plans

ScienceSoft’s rate for developing custom solutions for over 10 employees or users starts at $15,000. Meanwhile, its enterprise rate (for over 1,000 users) costs around $250,000.

The company’s main office is in Texas, but it also operates in Europe and the UAE.

2. Ascendix


Ascendix offers customized consulting services and ready-to-use software in the following areas using Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Strategizing and road mapping – solution assessment and platform selection based on business needs

Implementation – consolidation, data cleansing, team coaching

Customization – tailor-fitting dashboards, workflows, plug-ins, form scripts, business processes, and reports

Migration and transformation – data transfer and tracking 

Integration – incorporation of the CRM solution with your other software and apps

Sales and marketing – inefficiency reduction, automation of daily activities, insight generation

Software development – the creation of a customized CRM system 

Support and administration – guidance for troubleshooting, maintenance, and system upgrades and updates

Ascendix operates in the US, Portugal, and Eastern Europe. Its consultants have extensive experience in property, insurance, financial services, legal services, and capital markets, to name a few.

A decade after it started offering CRM consultancy in 1996, Ascendix began developing real estate-focused CRM products. Their lineup includes:

  • Ascendix Search – search and mass action capability for Salesforce-run platforms at $15 per user (mass edit Salesforce records, create and send tasks and emails in bulk, create call and marketing lists, among others)
  • AscendixRE CRM for commercial real estate – contacts, deal, and pipeline management at $79 per user; also includes mapping tools, stacking plans, and commission splits
  • MarketSpace for AscendixRE – property listing portal for investors and prospective tenants where you can share financials, exchange feedback, and close deals
  • AscendixRE for Capital Markets – a hub for tracking capital sources, investors, lenders, deals, and communications.
  • AscendixRE Land CRM – for land brokers starting at $79 per user

3. Algoworks


Algoworks is a Salesforce Gold consulting partner that guides businesses with the various aspects of using the software: 

Consultation – offers expert advice on the right time to adopt a new CRM solution or how to optimize your current Salesforce platform

Development – plans and designs tools in line with your industry

Customization – personalizes software for internal teams and customers

Integration – connects Salesforce with your existing platforms

Migration – explores and deploys tools for manual and script-based data migration using Salesforce databases

Training and Support Services – train your sales team and other departments about the system’s functionality and assist with updates

In particular, the company helps brands use these tools under the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for more satisfactory client journeys and stronger ties:

  • Marketing Cloud Connect – for personalizing content
  • Analytics Builder – for analyzing client behavior and consumer interests
  • Content Builder – for managing content across various channels 
  • Personalization Builder – for recording your buyers’ purchase preferences to customize marketing
  • Audience Builder – for segmenting long mailing lists
  • Journey Builder – for marketing campaign planning based on communication patterns, click-through rate calculations, and channel metrics

Established in 2006, Algoworks has clients in retail, banking, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, telecom, logistics, education, and other industries in the US, India, and Canada.

4. Affirma Consulting

Affirma Consulting

Affirma Consulting’s MS Dynamics 365 and Salesforce-certified consultants are ready to extend their business and technical competence, no matter where your business is in its CRM journey. The company is also a HubSpot Gold Partner, using the system for lead generation and higher revenue generation through marketing automation.

Affirma’s services cover assessment and strategy for CRM selection or migration to customizing the platform, training users, and designing your customer service processes to optimize your marketing strategy and improve your pipeline management. 

Affirma also ensures that your CRM solution integrates properly with your existing systems and scales with your company. Its managed services cover:

  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Training
  • CRM platform maintenance and support 
  • Continuous strategy and business alignment
  • Improving processes for customer service, sales, and IT

This multi-awarded Washington-based agency started in 2002 and also has offices in Romania, Ireland, and India.

5. ACE Microtechnology (ACE Micro)

ACE Microtechnology (ACE Micro)

ACE Microtechnology caters to the CRM needs of medium to large-sized businesses through automation tools created via Microsoft Dynamics for nurturing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The agency also develops on-premises or cloud-based solutions that use business intelligence and campaign management for marketing effectiveness and sales productivity.

ACE Micro can personalize Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to help streamline processes across your customer service, marketing, sales, and accounting teams. The company also develops mobile CRM apps and tools to integrate social media data and reports from social channels into your CRM solution. 

With the mantra to “make it our business to know your business,” the Florida-based firm does a deep dive into the operations of their manufacturing, distribution, and hospitality clients to produce industry-standard tools.

6. Slalom


Initially focused on business management consulting, Slalom’s suite of services has expanded to technology enablement and organization effectiveness, which are at the core of CRM. 

Its Salesforce partnership is crucial in delivering the company’s promise of “Building better tomorrows for all.” However, more than their technical knowledge, Slalom consultants are marked by:

  • Customer intimacy – with offices across the US and operations in Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Japan; speed-conscious, outcome-driven, and deeply invested in your long-term success through knowledge-sharing
  • Momentum – due to mastery of multi-cloud implementations across integrations, industries, and clouds
  • Future-proofing – as a result of strategy and change management expertise
  • Tableau excellence – Slalom was named the 2022 Partner of the Year of business intelligence software Tableau, which Salesforce acquired in 2019

The CRM agency’s consulting services cover process and experience design, platform integration, Salesforce implementation, data management, and analytics.

Benefits of Partnering with a CRM Consulting Firm 

Here 3 ways in which CRM specialists can be an asset to your business:

  • They can improve your customer knowledge

A CRM consulting firm can widen your perspective about your target market and existing customers through their industry expertise and deep familiarity with CRM systems.

The CRM team can give advice on choosing the platform that will suit your needs. Or if you have a system in place, consultants can examine your workflow and point you to the features and tools you can optimize for data management and customer engagement.

Another advantage of hiring CRM consultants is access to experts who can study and explain the implications of the data that your CRM system collects and saves. Consultants can also check your current operations to assess where and how customer churn or loss occurs in your business.

Benefits Partnering with a CRM Consulting Firm 

  • They help hasten strategy implementation

When consultants provide recommendations for improvement or change, they also present a timeline for accomplishing their suggested action plan.

The presence of a CRM consultant or consulting team brings a sense of urgency to follow through with the strategy. At the same time, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that these experts are around to guide you through each step.

Consultants can advise ways to make your leads and clients complete the lead cycle more swiftly. These experts also know when you have to tweak your strategy using data on client behavior.

  • They enhance client retention and segmentation

CRM consulting companies suggest ways to help you identify and nurture prospects, keep your loyal patrons, and reach out to former customers. These agencies also train you and your team on using your chosen CRM solution to classify your clients into criteria and categories. Doing so will allow you to create more targeted marketing campaigns per customer segment.

Tips for Choosing a CRM Consulting Company

Can't decide yet if you need a CRM consulting firm's services? These tips might help:

Tips for Choosing a CRM Consulting Company

1. Acknowledge the necessity of a CRM expert's help

It's time to hire a CRM consultant or consulting team when you need to know:

  • How to make a CRM work with your existing business tools, upgrade an outdated system, or overcome challenges with your current platform
  • How you can use your CRM to reach your marketing and sales growth goals
  • Why you’re slowly losing your long-time clients 
  • What your customers' most prominent pain points are

2. Identify your organization's decision-makers to get their input and buy-in

Each department works and faces issues differently. Know who you should approach in each division to determine your company's current CRM challenges and what they hope to overcome.

3. Collect and document requirements

Ask your point persons to list down ongoing issues and long-term goals.

4. Research your potential CRM service providers

Our list above hopes to give you a head start. Find out whether the CRM consulting agency has experience in your current areas of difficulty. The company's website typically shares its specialization, methodology, and capacity.

Besides reviewing their web pages, check the consultancy's official social channels. You're likely to get hints from posts and comments about the issues they typically resolve.

Don't forget to visit review sites—they offer extra information about a consulting firm's credentials.

Get CRM Savvy

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