Top 8 Crypto Ad Networks for 2024

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Crypto ad networks have become more popular in recent years, thanks to the attention given to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the investment landscape. Crypto ad networks function like Google Ads, serving as a platform where publishers and crypto advertisers can work together to promote crypto websites and apps.

The main difference is that these networks are meant solely for crypto-related projects, approving blockchain-based websites, apps, and services like crypto asset management.

Crypto ad networks focus on promoting crypto sites, news, and partnered content by using AI technology to get high-quality traffic to access their ads. In most cases, their global reach lets you tweak the ads to support your geo preference, timing, and more. 

Publishers in return receive payment either in cryptocurrency or fiat currency, which is set up weekly or even daily in some ad networks. Whether you are a publishing website or an advertiser, joining crypto ad networks allows you to better monetize crypto-related projects and websites.

Top 8 Crypto Ad Networks for 2024:

The Best 8 Crypto Ad Networks to Consider in 2024

In this article, we present ten of the best crypto ad networks for 2024. These are among the most established platforms that each have something unique to offer for publishers and advertisers.

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1. Coinzilla


Coinzilla is an advertising network launched in 2016 and has built a reputation as one of the most trusted crypto ad networks. It has promoted over 20,000 publishers in monetizing their websites and advertised more than 200 brands.

What’s great about Coinzilla is their array of customizable options such as display, native, pop-ups, and press release advertising. Coinzilla offered native, CPM (cost-per-mile), pop-ups, and other crypto advertising methods. The company also provides highly customizable options both in the creative phase and the actual advertising. 

Coinzilla also supports deposits and payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat wire transfers with a minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC, 0.5 ETH or €5,000, respectively. Payments are made weekly and monthly. Coinzilla also has a referral program wherein you can earn 10% when you bring in eligible customers.

To expose brands to high-quality leads, Coinzilla only accepts websites that already have good engagement and interaction rates. Specifically, Coinzilla selects sellers who have a website up for at least 3 months, are fast-loading, and are user-friendly. While the strict rules may make it difficult for some sites, it’s a standard that Coinzilla promotes in order to work only with legitimate crypto projects.


  • High standards for advertisers
  • Referral program
  • Reliable customer support


  • Stringent website requirements

2. Bitmedia


Bitmedia boasts of high numbers when it comes to impressions and site visits. At present, over 5,000 crypto websites are running about 20,000 campaigns on the network. With over 1 billion impressions worldwide and 20 million unique visits per month, it’s hard to find a better ad network company to grow your crypto project.

It works with AI-based targeting options, including geo device, frequency of posting, and timing. They provide both CPM and CPC models for clients along with strict verification checks, making sure that each seller can be manually verified. There are also third-party traffic checks, manual clicks, and impression monitoring. These verifications help ensure that no bots or paid traffic bots will muddle impression numbers.

Bitmedia works mostly with sites relating to cryptocurrency but are also open to non-crypto websites that provide high-quality traffic and engagement. The crypto ad company also offers Bitcoin or fiat cash withdrawals, with the minimum amount set at 0.0001 BTC.

Joining Bitmedia as a publisher not only provides a steady source of revenue for your crypto website—it can also help maximize your earnings through adjustable targeting. The platform welcomes both large-scale publishers and smaller-scale blogs and websites. 


  • AI algorithm displays ads to appropriate users
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable payment options


  • Prioritizes crypto websites

3. Adshares


Adshares is another long-standing company that focuses on advertising crypto, blockchain, and NFT projects. Beyond banner ads, Adshares promotes sponsored articles on authority sites, premium blockchain banners, newsletters, and listings on exchanges.

The network offers multiple types of advertising with campaigns that can either be CPA (cost-per-action), CPM, or pop-under ads. The platform makes advertising easy by not requiring verification nor stringent criteria for joining the network. 

Adshares promotes transparency in its advertising and payment processes. Because it is blockchain-enabled, payments are autonomous and reliable, even capable of transferring payments every hour. The platform also gives publishers total control over which content can be shown on their websites.


  • Easy registration; no verification necessary
  • Access to premium sites and exchanges
  • Customizable ads
  • Accurate analytics
  • Reliable payments
  • AdBlock bypass feature


  • Prioritizes crypto websites 
  • No referral program

4. CoinTraffic


CoinTraffic has more than 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers in its network, commanding a significant volume of traffic and impressions per month. Some of the most well-known advertisers on the platform include KuCoin exchange and Paragon.

CoinTraffic offers a variety of advertising formats, and mainly supports CPM and pop-up advertising models in its revenue strategy. However, it does not have CPC models or affiliate marketing schemes. There are customization options you can discuss with dedicated account managers who will be looking into your campaign’s performance. 

CoinTraffic scrutinizes its advertising partners, which means only legitimate crypto projects can be approved within the network. Because they are very selective, you’re accessing the most relevant audience in your crypto ad campaigns. The platform also supports Bitcoin and fiat currency, and has a minimum withdrawal of €25 in a BTC wallet and €300 for a bank transfer.. 


  • Customizable campaigns
  • Healthy traffic and impression rates
  • High-quality traffic
  • Allows Bitcoin and fiat payments
  • Withdrawing payment is as low as €25


  • No CPC ad model
  • Strict website requirements
  • No referral program

5. CoinAd


While most crypto ad networks have publishers apply their websites, CoinAd has a different policy in that they send invites to publishers they want joining their platform.

Publishers who get the invite enjoy several advantages. CoinAd can generate impressions for websites by supporting multiple Ad formats, with traffic generated from approximately 200 websites that have crypto-centric content such as crypto events and even funny memes. The platform enables trending crypto websites to connect with established advertisers and increase traffic from a relevant crypto audience. In addition, the advertiser has control over timing, geotargeting, and ad display options. 

CoinAd enables weekly payments sent directly via a Bitcoin wallet or a PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC.   


  • High-quality websites
  • Reliable weekly payments


  • Invite-only policy

6. A-ADS


Launched in 2011, A-ADS or Anonymous Ads is one of the oldest crypto ad networks. It still proves to be a practical choice for publishers today, with over 70 million impressions and over 60,000 clicks per day.

The platform has a blockchain principle—it promotes anonymity per transaction, removing all personal data and verification requirements that most crypto ad networks require.

Although there is a sign-up page, you can use a Bitcoin address without having to create an account. Advertisers choose A-Ads because of the clear metrics that help determine an ads’ performance. A-Ads has also been an effective platform for GameFi apps. 

A-Ads has a convenient interface for advertisers and includes customizations such as geotargeting and ad placement options. What’s more, in addition to CPA and CPM bids and affiliate programs, A-Ads implements a CPD (cost-per-day) model, unlike most crypto ad networks. This enables a more flexible daily budget for your campaign. The platform accepts only cryptocurrency payments.  


  • User-friendly with reliable customer service
  • No strict verification procedure
  • Customizable ad campaigns
  • Anonymity


  • Accepts only cryptocurrency payments
  • Some ads could show on lower quality websites

7. Coinserom


Coinserom is another relatively new company launched in 2017—but is now one of the largest crypto ad networks around. Over 2,700 websites joined the platform, which is useful to those looking to expand the reach of their crypto mining, ICO token, casino games, crypto faucets, and trading websites.

The network allows custom advertising campaigns, in CPC, CPM, and pop-under ads. They also have an anti-bot system that captures 100% genuine traffic, eliminating bots and fraud accounts. Advertisers can optimize ad reach while only getting relevant traffic. The network’s control panel is also user-friendly, and supports multiple forms of crypto payment via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 28 other cryptocurrencies. 


  • Easy registration process
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Lower ads costs


  • Management anonymity

8. DOT


DOT is the leading UK-based crypto ad network with over 150 dedicated sites, podcasts, and premium blockchain investor content that advertisers can access.

The main draw for DOT is how convenient their dashboard is—display ads of any size are allowed, and their advanced analytics provide transparent and real-time data to help optimize performance. Content marketing like press releases, and sponsored articles are available, and DOT enables tracking, geo-targeting, and audience profiling to strengthen your ad strategy.


  • Premium crypto publishers and partners
  • Flexible rolling plans
  • Reliable customer support
  • Free animated designs


  • Strict verification procedures

Promote Crypto Content with the Right Crypto Ad Network

Crypto ad networks have become a secure and convenient way to promote a wide range of crypto content and projects—from crypto influencers to NFTs—to a relevant audience. These platforms make it possible to promote ads and provide extra revenues for publisher websites while charging rates that provide better returns per ad dollar spent for advertisers. 

By choosing the crypto ad network with features best suited for your publisher or advertising needs, you can deliver high-quality ads and bring excellent returns for your crypto project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I advertise crypto?

You can advertise crypto on these ad networks in 2024:

  • Coinzilla
  • Adshares
  • DOT
  • A-ADS
  • Bitmedia
  • CoinTraffic

Can we advertise crypto?

YouTube Ads’ Crypto policy means that advertisers can run crypto ads, but you need to comply with what you cannot advertise. That includes broker reviews, cryptocurrency trading signals, investment advice, or affiliate sites containing related content.

Which eCommerce accept crypto?

Major eCommerce providers like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify all accept crypto payments through digital wallets. You can use BitPay and Coinbase wallet to pay for these platforms. Other eCommerce stores that accept crypto include Magento, eGifter,

Can you advertise crypto on Google?

Advertisers who promote complex speculative financial products like Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex, financial spread betting, and synonymous products as well as cryptocurrency exchanges CAN advertise with Google Ads. However, these advertisers must be certified by Google and their products as well as landing pages.

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