Twitch is the world’s largest online video game streaming platform, with more than 15 million daily active users. Twitch streams need only find their audience to start making money on the platform. With so much opportunity to reach an enormous audience, you’re probably wondering how you can use Twitch to market your own business.

Owned and acquired by Amazon in 2014, most of the content on Twitch is video game live-streaming and eSports competitions. 

How Twitch Works 

Video game players upload videos and broadcast themselves playing the game, usually with an audio commentary. Most of the streams on Twitch feature streamers playing and talking through games live while they engage with their audiences through chat.  A chat box helps them connect with their audience. The platform accepts payments via Amazon and Paypal. 

Within gaming, there are several niche markets for specific games and types of gameplay. The platform also broadcasts eSports tournaments and talk shows related to gaming.

A competitor to Mixer, Twitch allows streamers to upload videos effortlessly while building and maintaining an active, engaged audience. 

Some of the best tools for the ultimate Twitch streamer include Open Broadcast Studio, Streamlabs, and Input Overlay. 

How to use Twitch for marketing 

Gamers are a huge and highly segmented group – the advertising potential is vast. By entering Twitch and gaming industry, brands can reach a large audience and numerous personas. There’s a lot of money on the table.

  • Set marketing goals. Streaming is a business. With every business, you need to start by setting your goals and a strategy for how you will meet those goals. Keep your goals measurable, leaving nothing open to misinterpretation. The goals you set should be in line with your overall business needs and marketing strategy. Plus, they need to be measurable and time-bound. 
  • Understand the average Twitch user. Twitch has a young user base and skews male, so take that into consideration before you take your marketing onto the platform. You’ll want to research channels and influencers to make sure you’re putting your marketing dollars in the right place.
  • Entertain first, advertise second. The bottom line is that people go to Twitch to be entertained. They don’t want to be sold to, though about 80% of Twitch users approve of Twitch streamers using sponsorships.
  • Find the right influencer. Twitch viewers are loyal to their favorite streamers. Your goal as a marketer is to find the right influencer or brand to partner with so you can reach that loyal audience. The type of influencer you’re looking for will be heavily influenced by your overall marketing goals. Consider factors like genre, audience, numbers, and language. 
  • Interact with your audience. Interaction is a must with Twitch live streaming. Twitch viewers can use the chat window that’s open throughout the stream and the streamer will talk to the people who are watching. By engaging and responding immediately, Twitch streamers are able to quickly build a loyal fanbase.
  • Create your own original Twitch content. If neither Twitch influencer marketing nor traditional advertising speaks to you, you can always create your original content. Upload your own videos to Twitch in 11 easy steps. 
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