Top 22 Amazon Influencers That Can Help You Sell More Online

Amazon is synonymous with online retail. With a shopper base of 300 million active customers and a brand value of $705.65 billion, it has become the ultimate destination for most modern retailers. But the competition on the platform is stiff. It has around 1.9 million active sellers worldwide, a number that is skyrocketing every year.

In such a competitive ecosystem, brands are forced to look for innovative ways to stand out. That’s where Amazon influencer marketing enters the scene. It has proven to be a top grosser for brands as well as influencers who choose to leverage it. Plus, it proves to be more cost-effective than Amazon advertising.

Amazon influencers are often independent Amazon affiliates who have been provided with promotional links by Amazon to publish on their blogs or social feeds. Amazon rewards them every time their published link earns a click.

Some influencers are members of the Amazon Influencer Program. These influencers have built loyal audience bases for their blogs, websites, and social accounts. Amazon lets them build their own storefronts, where they recommend the products of their brand partners and earn commissions in return.  

In this post, we will tell you about 22 great Amazon influencers, along with a glimpse of their pages and content. If you’re looking for influencers for collaboration or influencers for your agencies, you need to read this article.

Top 22 Amazon Influencers That Can Help You Sell More Online:

Who Are the 22 Best Amazon Influencers?

Amazon marketing agencies can find influencers for you, although they will charge you heavily for it. If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, our curated list of influencers is a great place to start your Amazon influencer marketing.  

Bear in mind that you should choose influencers who match your audience demographics, industry, and brand values. On top of that, your influencers should be active on the social media platforms where your brand has a strong presence and where your target audience is active.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

1. Ashley Marquez

Amazon: influencer-ad78d6b3


Niche: Education, lifestyle, fashion and beauty

30-year old Texan, Ashley Marquez is a top Amazon influencer. She has worked with brands like Sphero and Otto Storage. She is passionate about teaching and education. She typically partners with brands that aim to improve the teaching-learning process in schools and homes.

Teach Create Motivate's Amazon Page


2. Jamye Hunter

Amazon: jamyecakes29


Niche: Military, fitness coaching

Jamye Hunter is ex-U.S. Army National Guard and is now a full-time Amazon influencer. This Chicago resident is vocal about fitness and making healthy lifestyle choices. If you need an influencer who also has a strong background in self-defence, Jamye is perfect for you.

Jamye Hunter Amazon influencer page


3. Jalissa Queen

Amazon: jalissa_queen

Niche: Photography, fashion & beauty, technology

Jalissa is a professional photographer and product reviewer for Amazon. She enjoys writing reviews about brands in the fields of beauty, fashion, and technology. 

Her in-depth reviews are enriched with slick images that she captures and edits using her photography skills. She has worked with reputable brands like Photage, Amazon Fashion, and TOMS.


4. Nancy Basile


Niche: Entertainment, printables, animation

Nancy Basile, a Pennsylvania local, has made a name for herself in the print industry. Her downloadable printables have been featured by Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. websites. 

On her blog, she writes interesting reviews and what-to-watch guides on movies and TV shows. So, if your audience comprises movie buffs, Nancy will be the right fit.

5. Infantino

Amazon: Infantino


Niche: Baby products, toys

People seeking high-quality baby products often turn to Infantino as a top destination. One standout product is the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 carrier, which boasts a stylish design, comfortable fit, and versatile carrying options despite its affordable price point. Infantino's headquarters are located in San Diego, California, USA. In recognition of its excellence, the Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier line was chosen as the winner of the Best Structured Baby Carrier award at 2022 Best of BabyCenter Awards.

Amazon.com_ Infantino


6. Nicole Sposato-Torres

Amazon: nicoles_lounge

Niche: Kids & babies, food

Nicoles is from New York and a mother of two kids. She is an official product tester for Amazon. Her social feeds are replete with posts about baby products and parenting. Her reviews are featured on popular review sites like 

Nicole Sposato-Torres amazon influencer


7. Brennen Bailey

Amazon: brennen.bailey

Niche: Photography

Brennen Bailey is a young micro-influencer from Washington. This professional photographer has had her works published on the Instagram feeds of brands like Wildwood Eyewear and Discount Glasses. She would be an asset for any brand that leverages visual content marketing.

Essentials's Amazon Page Brennen Bailey


8. Kev Blackburn


YouTube: lifesuccessengineer 

Niche: Marketing

Kev Blackburn quit his engineering job to become a full-time Amazon influencer. He has a successful YouTube channel where he teaches budding influencers how to earn money through the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. If your brand needs a product-reviewer-cum-marketing-guru, Kev is the right choice.


9. Andy Feliciotti

Website: awesomestufftobuy

Niche: Technology, home products

Andy Feliciotti is an official Amazon Affiliate who has been promoting Amazon products on his website since 2012. The seasoned Amazon influencer even writes ebooks and guides on how to become a successful Amazon influencer. If you need an experienced influencer who can deliver value for money, Andy can do the job for you.

Awesome Stuff to Buy - Find Cool Things to Buy


10. Brad Kowitz

Amazon: TrainRecon

Niche: Fitness, camping gear

Brad Kowitz transitioned from an Amazon affiliate to certified Amazon influencer after his YouTube channel became popular. His success story is featured as a case study in Amazon’s Affiliate Program section. His background in camping and racing makes him a relevant choice for brands in these niches. 

UnlimitedRecon's Amazon Page -


11. Laura Fuentes

Amazon: MOMables

Niche: Health foods, baby & kids, kitchen supplies

Laura is another super-successful Amazon affiliate who owns a storefront and website where she dedicatedly promotes Amazon products. The health food nut puts up recipes and meal plans for the benefit of her followers. She tacitly adds affiliate links for the Amazon products that she uses in the cooking process. 

Laura Fuentes Amazon affiliate


12. Felicia Day

Amazon: Feliciaday

Niche: Baby products, books

Yesteryears actress, Felicia Day, is in Amazon Influencer Program’s hall-of-fame. While the actress’ Amazon storefront promotes mainly baby stuff, she is also a sci-fi lover. So, brands can leverage her varied tastes to their advantage.

Felicia Day's Amazon Page


13. What’s Up Moms

Amazon: whatsupmoms

Niche: Parenting, kitchenware, art & craft, kid’s toys

What’s Up Moms is among the top YouTube channels owing to its 3.59 million-strong follower base. It’s a channel created by moms for moms. On Amazon, they promote kitchen gadgets, recipe books, mom gear, and kid stuff.

What's Up Moms's Amazon Page


14. Justin Sunseri

Amazon: justinsunseri

Niche: Healing & trauma, motivational guides

The host of the popular Polyvagal podcast, Justin Sunseri, is an Amazon influencer with a difference. What sets him apart from other influencers is his niche. He is a certified marriage counsellor and therapist who promotes ebooks and manuals on self-help. So, if this is a genre that interests you, Justin is the ideal influencer for you.

JustinLMFT's Amazon Page


15. Makoccino

Amazon: makoccino

Niche: Art supplies

With 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Makoccino is a force to be reckoned with. She posts how-to videos about sketching and painting, as well as motivational videos on self-expression. 

She markets art supplies on her Amazon page. Apart from direct sales at Amazon, she also drives a lot of traffic from the affiliate links in her YouTube video descriptions.

makoccino's Amazon Page


16. Chelsea Sweets

Amazon: Chelsweets


Chelsea sweets is a professional cake maker and decorator. Her website and YouTube channel contain loads of cake-making demos and tutorials. Going by her follower counts, she can be a valuable influencer for FMCG brands. She promotes baking tools and exotic cake ingredients in her Amazon storefront.

Chelsweets's Amazon Page


17. 72hrs


Niche: Gaming gear, esports, clothing

Amazon-owned Twitch is a great hunting ground for Amazon influencers. For one, Twitch streamers are incredibly popular among millennials and Gen Zers. 

Two, Amazon makes it easy to promote their products in-stream, thanks to the native integrations of the two platforms. 72hrs is a popular Twitch streamer with a subscriber base of 1.1 million and great engagement rates. 

72hrs twitch influencer


18. Justin Braun

Amazon: OvertimeGarage

Niche: Construction tools, off-road supplies

Justin Braun runs a popular YouTube channel where he posts adrenaline-high content about his road trips and DIY adventures. Mid-video he adds a word about the Amazon products that he has used in building the video content. His 12.1K adventure-junky subscribers trust his word and drive sales for his affiliate brands.

Justin Braun's Amazon Page


19. Southern Living


Pinterest: Southern Living

Niche: Home decor, kitchen gadgets, recipes, fashion & beauty

People go to Pinterest looking for products and ideas to make their lives easier. If your Amazon influencer has a staggering reach on Pinterest, they can be a game-changer for your business. Southern Living gets 10 million+ monthly unique views on Pinterest. Their vibrant feed promotes Amazon products with aplomb. 

20. Selena Tedesco

Website (author page): 

Niche: Electronics, smart devices, home improvement, toys

Selena Tedesco is a published author at Good Housekeeping magazine, where she writes insightful reviews about various consumer goods. She regularly features Amazon’s affiliate links in her reviews, after building a background about how they score over competitors. Since the publication is a trusted brand and Selena is a qualified product tester, she is a top Amazon influencer.

21. TbonesTech


YouTube: TbonesTech

Niche: Technology, photography gear

TbonesTech is a certified Amazon Influencer who shares Amazon-exclusive promotion codes in his YouTube videos. On his channel, Tbones posts unboxing videos of the latest photography gear. As an expert filmographer, Tbones knows what he is talking about and when he recommends products, his followers take his word seriously.

Shade Review _ Tbonestech Store Front's Amazon Page


22. Doha.the.explorer

Instagram: doha.the.explorer

Niche: Travel & tourism, fitness, food

If you’re looking for an influencer with a high glamour quotient, doha.the.explorer is a great pick. She posts delectable pictures on her Instagram feed, featuring exotic locations and foods. Her followers enjoy her stunning images as much as the discount coupons that she shares with them.

Are You Ready to Make It Big with Amazon Influencer Marketing?

Amazon influencer marketing has multiple benefits, ranging from increased sales to enhanced customer trust. The Amazon influencers in our list have delivered proven results for their brand partners. You can pick the influencers that match your niche and products and skyrocket your brand’s presence on Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you learn more about becoming an Amazon influencer?

You can check out the YouTube channel of Kev Blackburn and the e-books written by Andy Feliciotti. Both of them are two of the top Amazon influencers. Blackburn teaches budding influencers how to earn money by means of the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program, while Feliciotti writes about how to become a successful Amazon influencer.

How can I promote motivational guides on Amazon?

You can consider working with Justin Sunseri. He is one of the top Amazon influencers and host of the popular Polyvagal podcast. He is also a certified marriage counselor and therapist who promotes self-help e-books and manuals.

How can I promote construction tools on Amazon?

You can, for example, work with Justin Braun. He is one of the top Amazon influencers and also runs a popular YouTube channel with more than 12,000 subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he posts content about his road trips and DIY adventures. Then, in the middle of his videos, he likes to add something about the Amazon products that he used.

Are there any influencers who can promote photography gear?

You can check out TbonesTech. He is a certified Amazon influencer who shares promo codes exclusively for Amazon in his YouTube videos. He is an expert filmographer and really knows his stuff when he recommends products. As a result, his followers really take his recommendations seriously.

What are the benefits of working with an Amazon influencer?

Amazon influencer marketing has proven to be extremely effective for brands that choose to take advantage of it and has proven to be more cost-effective than Amazon advertising. Also, some influencers are members of the Amazon Influencer Program. These influencers have built a loyal audience base for their blogs, websites, and social accounts.

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