38 Great Twitch Emotes to Spice Up Your Streams

If you have been on Twitch for even the shortest time, you know exactly what a subscriber emote is. For the uninitiated, and emote is like an emoji that carries a currency of sorts in the Twitch community. Emotes could almost be described as a culture of their own and while designed for fun, they can also be controversial. 

Twitch emotes are used as a response in a chat window during streaming sessions. In this blog post, we're sharing 28 great twitch subscriber emotes. As you'll see, our list includes characters from famous games, with each designed to express a specific emotion.

38 Great Twitch Emotes to Spice Up Your Streams:

Before we get into a list of the top Twitch subscriber emotes, it's worth mentioning that not all emotes are official Twitch emotes. All emotes we’ll share are available for purchase from Own3d.tv (no affiliation with Influencer Marketing Hub). While Twitch has a database it often adds emotes to, most users opt for BetterTTV's range of emotes. 

When you want to add an emote not currently on the Twitch platform, you need to purchase or design it and then upload it through BetterTTV. BetterTTV is an extension compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other browsers. When installed in your browser gives you the chance to access what it calls enhanced Twitch features, emotes, and more.

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Apart from extra emotes, the extension offers you the option to highlight usernames, words and phrases. It also allows you to see the lead to links and messages, and can also on man band chatters (only available to channel owners). Without further ado, here's a list of 28 great Twitch subscriber emotes.

Here are some of the best Twitch Subscriber Emotes we found on Own3d.tv

1. Genji Heal - Overwatch

Genji is a character from Overwatch, a game developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. Genji's backstory is that of a wealthy character who was supposedly assassinated by his brother. Genji, however, managed to stay alive. With the help of Mercy, a doctor from the Overwatch organization, his body was rebuilt. The Genji Heal emote represents healing and can be used when streamers access medical supplies.

2. Thermite RIP - R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)

Thermite is a character from Rainbow Six Siege. He is seen as one of the most important figures of backline support for any attacking team. His uncanny ability as a hard-breacher makes him valuable. This emote can be used in response to a streamer losing a life.

3. Mad Ginger - Fortnite

The Merry Marauder is a fan favourite skin in Fortnite. While some images online will show him with a smiling face, his angry look made it all the way to Twitch emote fandom.

4. Victory - Fortnite

While some may see a hashtag the number one, it takes on a very different meeting for Fortnite enthusiasts. This emote is actually linked to victory that takes place when a player wins a round of Battle Royale. As such, this emote can be used whenever a streamer wins or progresses to a new level or round.

5. Hype - R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)

A hype emote is a way viewers show their support for streamers. Essentially, viewers show their love by subscribing, subscribing with Twitch Prime, sharing their subscription renewal in chat, gifting a subscription, and/or using Bits. 

6. Mercy Love - Overwatch

Mercy is a character from overwatch. She's best known for her healing abilities and how she supports other heroes in the game. This emote can be used to show love for streamers and other viewers in chat.

7. Gragas Zzz - R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)

Gragas is a character from League of Legends. He's known for his massive and rowdy personality. He's on a quest for the perfect pint of ale, which often leads to much intoxication and destruction. This emote is more of a jibe that can be used to get streamers to do something exciting as Gragas is never known to sleep or be bored.

8. dvaGG - Overwatch

Va is a video game character from Overwatch. According to her backstory in the game, D. Va is a professional gamer who uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art make in defence of her homeland. The GG that appears on this emote stands for "good game".

9. Sylvanasgrumpy - World of Warcraft

Sylvanas is a character from World of Warcraft. She's one of the Horde's more terrifying characters in the game and this emote does her persona justice.

10. Bunny Sad - Fortnite

Bunny Brawler is a character but a skin that characters can don during gameplay. It was released as an Easter event costume for Battle Royale. The outfit was created to commemorate Easter. 

11. Hack - PUBG

PUBG is like every other online game. It's privy to hacking, something that can get you banned. This emote can be used in chat to notify others streamers that a hack has just taken place.

12. Thrallpalm - World of Warcraft

Thrall is a character from World of Warcraft. In the game, Thrall has a tumultuous history. It includes many commitments on his part to protect the Horde, and the disappointment of his friend who he appointed as Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. Hellscream's pride led to dissension in the Horde, something adequately met with a facepalm.

13. MiraSmirk - Apex Legends

Mira or Mirage is a character from Apex Legends. In the game, Mirage's real name is Elliot Witt. Mirage is known to out-wit his opponents by using decoys when struck down to confuse them. 

14. Ela Hi R6S  (Rainbow Six Siege)

Elżbieta Bosak is a character from Rainbox Six Siege. She’s a playable character with a painful backstory, but also an intriguing smile. Be sure to test out this emote when saying hi in chat. 

15. Cool Skull - Fortnite

Skull Troopers is a skin that can be purchased on Fortnite. When it was introduced back in 2017, it was received with much acclaim. Using this emote in chat is a throwback to Skull Troopers, and an elevated one at that given the sunglasses.

16. Lifeline NOOO - Apex Legends

Ajay Che or Lifeline is a combat medic in Apex Legends. In the game, Lifeline is the child of wealthy war profiteers. After learning of the damage caused by her family, she left home to join the Frontier Corps. This emote of Lifeline shouting is the perfect response to gameplay mishaps.

17. Maestro LOL - R6S  (Rainbow Six Siege)

Maestro aka Adriano Martello is a character from the Rainbow Six Siege. He’s a highly skilled paratrooper. If you’re a fan of Rainbow Six Siege, this emote will warm your heart.

18. Laughing

Need a way to show that you’re laughing while watching a stream? The xD emote is a popular choice for Twitch streams.

19. Peely-OMG - Fortnite

Agent Peely is a Fornite skin that made its debut in season two. This emote is a fun take on the OMG expression.

20. Commando What - Fortnite

Commando is a Fortnite Outfit. It was released in November 2017. In this emote, a character wearing the commando outfit appears with a question mark expressing confusion. 

21. Raven Happy - Fortnite

Raven is an outfit from Fortnite. It’s actually one of the more popular kits designed for Fortnite Battle Royale. What makes this emote fun to use is that Raven’s face is shrouded in darkness, leaving his eye to convey happiness.

22. Bye!

Twitch is all about communities, and they are strengthened through communication. Emotes like this one are perfect for engaging other viewers in chat. Use this Bye emote to sign-off in chat.

23. Rein Rage - Overwatch

Reinhardt is a character from Overwatch. He’s a knight and known for his unmistakable silver armor and hammer. In the game, he is also known for never holding his tongue, making this rage emote accurate. 

24. Cat Sad

Need a way to communicate sadness? While sad cat isn’t from any games, it’s still one worth adding to your collection.

25. Chicken Peace Blue - Realm Royale

Realm Royale is a free-to-play battle royale-style video game released in 2018. The game is famous for turning players who are “knocked down” into chickens. If the chickens survive attacks from competitors, they are transformed back into their original skins. 

26. Lootchest - Fortnite

Fortnite lootchests are filled with loot, weapons and building materials. They are known to pop-up in various places. In chat, this emote is a creative way to respond to streamer achievements.

27. Chicken Cry Blue - Realm Royale

Realm Royale makes our list again. This time, it’s with a crying chicken, and emote you can use to communicate sadness. 

28. McCree Wink - Overwatch

McCree is a character from the video game Overwatch. According to the game, his backstory is that of a gunslinger and former gang member who reforms his ways.

29. Gamer Rage

Gamer Rage was designed by JennsTwitchDesigns. It’s a smart take on how invested gamers can be in their passion. This emote shows a red PlayStation controller split in half, along with the word “RAGE” as a clear indicator of what its user is feeling. It’s the perfect reaction to a disappointing moment streamed and one viewers won’t pass on the opportunity to use. 

30. Angry Kab Girl

Angry Kab Girl was designed by jujiirRPG and is one of the cuter emotes to make our list. It’s an anime-inspired image that shows Kab Kab in a fit of rage and throwing her cup of coffee. It’s one that many in chat will relate to as they observe moments that completely take them by surprise or those they cannot help but observe in dismay.

31. Boom

Boom is the product of popular slang and a term we think had to make it into Twitch chat as an emote. In this design, the orange cloud adds dimension to the text, giving the emote more appeal. We think that while this is one of the less sophisticated designed to make our list, it’s a must-have and one that will resonate with audiences far and wide. This emote is best used to celebrate in chat.


PUBG - LOVE is one of many emotes derived from the famous first-person shooter. This version is an impressive design and includes vibrant colours. It was created by Andy Hanne, and his work is popular given how good it is. Need to show your appreciation for someone or a streamer crushing it in a game? Break out PUBG - LOVE. 

33. FeelsBadMan

Pepe the frog first graced the world with his presence in 2005 in a single-panel comic called Boy’s Club. While he featured on a publication, Pepe made it mainstream when he unwittingly became the face of the alt-right movement in 2016. While Twitch disallows any political commentary, Pepe flies under the radar. FeelGoodMan and FeelBanMan are popular emotes that convey a strong sense of sadness or happiness. 

Interesting sidenote, Pepe met his demise at the hands of his creator, Matt Furie. On May 6, 2017, Furie created a strip that features other characters he had developed, all attending Pepe’s funeral. 

34. WutFace

WutFace was born when Alex Mendez, also known as “Goldenboy” posed for a camera. As the story goes, Mendez, an Overwatch desk host and Halo commentator, was in the crowd at MLG Anaheim 2014 (a LAN event). During the event, a camera happened to spot him in the audience. When he noticed the camera, Mendez claimed his moment and made the face. Since then, it’s been floating around the Twitcheshpere and we doubt it will disappear anytime soon. WutFace is best used to express confusion or to respond to something weird shared in chat.

35. haHAA

haHAA is based on a comedy skit performed by Adam Sanberg and Rihanna on Saturday Night Live in 2010. In the skit, Rihanna and Sandberg stage a bank robbery. During the robbery, Rihanna sings her dialogue and then turns to Shy Ronnie (Sandberg’s character) to do his part. True to his name, Shy Ronnie mumbles quietly. The “haHAA” is what Shy Ronnie screams before the chorus. On Twitch Shy Ronnie represents any and all cringe-worthy moments. 


PUBG - HYPE incorporates the familiar PUBG helmet. In this case, the helmet has been tweaked to be an extension of its character, showing a smile which is especially aligned with the hype theme of this emote. There is a good chance that you’ve spotted the unique design look and feel used in this emote. PUBG - HYPE was also created by Andy Hanne. 

37. NotLikeThis

NoTLikeThis is an image of Benjamin Swartz, a former Twitch employee. It’s rumoured to have been taken while Swartz reluctantly watched a streamer lose horribly in a fighting tournament. It’s an emote that speaks volumes and one that’s perfect for similar situations. If you find yourself watching a scene that’s quickly devolving, reaching for this emote would make for a timely and relevant reaction.

38. LUL

John Bain, also known as “TotalBiscuit” was one of the world’s more popular video game reviewers. This image of him laughing out loud made its way into Twitch history in 2016. Even after Bain’s passing, LUL continues to be used throughout the Twitch community. It’s the quintessential symbol for laughing out loud and one you absolutely must try to be and feel like a true Twitch member.

Wrapping Up

Twitch subscriber emotes are a fun way to engage viewers and streamers. They turn average conversations into more emotive and exciting exchanges. If you haven’t yet, start collecting or making your own and join the conversation. 

 All images are courtesy of Own3d.tv

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