10 Best iGaming Marketing Agencies to Turn Traffic Into Lifelong Players

The best iGaming platform in the world isn’t going to make money if nobody knows it exists. While it’s possible to market your iGaming platform with a minimal budget, why go through the hassle of building a website from scratch, coming up with your own ads, and putting in countless hours creating copy and content for your site that will actually get it to rank on search engines so customers can find it when there are so many qualified and talented iGaming marketing agencies out there to do the work for you?

In this article, we’re taking a look at 10 of the best iGaming marketing agencies around. These agencies will help you create exactly the right messaging to reach your target audience and amplify that message to reel customers in. To really get a great return on your iGaming marketing efforts, expect to use 5%–10% of your overall business budget for marketing.

The iGaming marketing agencies we’ve included on this list will take that marketing budget and turn it into an active customer base to bring in the revenue you want. But first, what exactly counts as iGaming?

What Is iGaming?

iGaming is gambling and betting online. The industry includes poker and other card games, sports betting, and online casinos with sports betting and online casinos making up the largest share of the market. iGaming hubs are dotted around the world with the most popular based in Gibraltar, the UK, and Malta.

iGaming doesn’t include casino-like games that don’t require real money to play, even if it’s an app that has in-app purchases. In order to be iGaming, it has to involve betting real money.

10 Best iGaming Marketing Agencies to Turn Traffic Into Lifelong Players:

10 Best iGaming Marketing Agencies

The agencies listed here offer specialized services for iGaming so you know you’re in good hands.

1. Kairos Media

Kairos Media is an award-winning creative influencer marketing agency that builds innovative, creative-led campaigns to deliver ROI for its clients. Founders Mike and Chris use their knowledge and experience to build solutions for brands interested in marketing via social media to reach new audiences.

Kairos currently has long-term relationships with more than 30,000 influencers across industries (gaming, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, fitness, parenting, and eSports) and has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world.


  • Social creative & digital planning
  • Influencer strategy & activation
  • Video production & distribution
  • Experiential & interactive
  • Consumer insights


Kairos Media follows a five-pronged process to provide high-quality, scalable marketing for iGaming businesses.

Creative Review

Every project is evaluated independently. Once Kairos understands your brand and business goals they can create marketing campaigns that work.

KPI Alignment

To make sure that your business goals are met, Kairos will review your campaign objectives and key performance indicators, as well as incorporating your overall marketing strategy so only the best digital marketing tools and practices are used.

Strategy Selection

The Kairos team is well-versed in several marketing strategies like social media, influencer marketing, video production, and more.

Campaign Execution

Kairos Media is a full-service digital marketing solution.


Once your marketing strategy is put into place and active, Kairos will monitor and report on your performance.

2. Digital Fuel Marketing

Digital Fuel Marketing is a full-service digital consultancy and strategy services provider that helps you build your business across all relevant marketing channels—online and offline.


Digital Marketing Fuel has an excellent track record of winning new customers for their clients and driving revenues online. As a full-service digital marketing agency, they have everything you need for any online marketing strategy and offer real-time, event-led marketing as a 24/7 operation and hours spanning every time zone.

Since its beginning, Digital Fuel Marketing has recruited experienced marketing professionals from sports, betting, and gaming industries. They have team members who have worked in the marketing departments for leading global brands and agencies.

While they tend to focus on helping large gambling businesses perform better online, they also offer a range of digital skills and experience for a wide range of businesses.

3. Mustard Digital

Mustard Digital is a relatively new marketing agency specializing in digital marketing for the iGaming industry. Its founder, Allan Turner, was previously CMO at BGO Group and understands exactly what it takes for brands to be successful in a competitive online space. The Mustard Digital team has more than 20 years of combined industry experience in all areas of marketing and focuses on a data-led marketing approach to achieve results. Their goal is to deliver the best return on their clients’ investments.

They cover a wide range of marketing channels in use by any iGaming business and focus on delivering marketing consultancy services and bespoke solutions for gambling, casino, bingo, lottery, and sports betting companies. To do this, Mustard Digital uses a combination of creativity and industry knowledge along with data analysis and usage so they can deliver marketing services that add value to their clients’ businesses, both short-term and long-term.


  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing compliance
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing systems & setup
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Website design & development
  • Email marketing

Mustard Digital can act as your iGaming business’s outsourced marketing department, in a marketing consultant capacity, or provide bespoke marketing services—whatever you need to generate the best ROI.

4. Natalis

Natalis started out offering IT services. Today, though, the bulk of their business is online marketing. They create online campaigns for their clients, offering SEO services (on-page, linkbuilding, etc.), copywriting, web design, and social media marketing. Natalis provides custom solutions to match the needs of each client, steering clear of templates to meet highly specific requirements.


  • Licenses and certificates for ads
  • PPC ads for gambling
  • SEO and linkbuilding
  • Creative advertising campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Social network management
  • Building an affiliate network
  • High-quality traffic from our websites

Natalis’s clients include betting agencies and online casinos in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the Baltic states. They’re one of the top European marketing agencies focusing on iGaming.

5. WeGotGame

WeGotGame is experienced in the casino, sportsbook, and iGaming industries. They can help you develop an awesome brand strategy, localize your website using international SEO, or even creating special events for your VIPs. WeGotGame focuses on matching messaging to your target audience so you attract the right customers to your business.


  • Brand development and design
  • Marketing plan development
  • Content marketing and localization
  • PR & media planning and buying
  • SEO
  • VIP travels

6. SEO Image

SEO Image has helped businesses build a strong online presence and maintain a positive online reputation since 2002. They manage marketing for several large brands like Canon and Sotheby’s International Realty as well as smaller businesses. SEO Image has been rated a Top 10 SEO company on multiple lists since their inception and as a leader in SEO services have been featured in several online and TV news spots from The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Inc. Magazine, and others.

They work with businesses of any size and modify their services to meet most budgets.


  • Competitive SEO services
  • iGaming SEO services
  • Mobile casino SEO
  • Casino SEO audit

7. Alvomedia

Alvomedia’s SEO experts and content marketers drive revenue and growth using time-testing methods. They are responsive to the adapting changes in consumer behavior and technology, helping clients generate high-quality leads, engage with their customers, and increase their market share.

Alvomedia offers an integrated digital marketing strategy using a variety of inbound marketing methods to deliver results. They work with most sizes of business from start-ups to well-established companies interested in expanding their online presence.

Projects start with an online marketing plan based on each clients’ business objectives and include customized marketing services to help clients meet their business targets.


  • Mobile marketing
  • Public relations services
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Reputation management
  • SEO services
  • eCommerce website design
  • Website design
  • Paid search marketing
  • Social media marketing

8. Verkoping

Verkoping an a digital marketing agency that got its start in 2014 and now has offices reaching from Dubai and Tokyo to Nederland and Deutschland. They’ve worked with more than 250 clients of all sizes and have generated close to 1 million leads using UI/UX, traffic-generating content, and other digital marketing strategies.


  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design

9. Ruby Digital

Justin Lester founded Ruby Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency, in 2011 after successfully launching a couple of online startups. Lester created a team and dove head-first into the competitive iGaming industry to design cutting-edge marketing applications for one of the most successful performance-based marketing agencies in the world.

Ruby Digital focuses on driving sustainable, organic traffic to your iGaming site. From there, they help boost your conversion rates, turning more of your online traffic into regular players. Through the use of social media, content marketing, UX optimization, and targeted campaigns, Ruby Digital can help you attract new players and build a loyal fan base.


  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click
  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Google ads
  • eCommerce


GODRANK is a high-end marketing agency that works to create and build online marketing plans for all sizes of business, from small local businesses to large corporate entities. They have access to a wealth of experts and industry insiders so their clients can get everything they need to generate leads and boost revenue. Their goal is to provide inexpensive lead generation services for local businesses throughout the world.

GODRANK uses a proprietary online gaming search engine optimization strategy to target the right audience for you so you can get the most from your marketing investment. They help you develop a solid marketing strategy to increase your share of the market, regardless of whether you run a gambling website or a mobile app.


  • Lead generation
  • PPC services
  • SEO services
  • YouTube marketing
  • Web design services
  • Social media advertising services

GODRANK starts with a goal-setting consultation that they will use to define your SEO goals. From there, they prepare a plan of attack for your on-page SEO and linkbuilding needs using only white-hat SEO techniques.

Choose the Best iGaming Marketing Agency

Online gambling has been around for more than 20 years but marketing for the iGaming industry is ever-changing. You need an iGaming marketing agency that can monitor changes to geographical regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions of big-time industry players, and use up-to-date competitive intelligence to help your iGaming business stay at the top. Plus, with the development of new technologies like blockchain and virtual reality, it’s important to find the right iGaming marketing agency to help you offer a vibrant and engaging UX and get out ahead of the curve.

While the iGaming industry is incredibly competitive, there’s no need to struggle on your own to get high rankings in search engine results that will bring traffic to your site. Each of the best iGaming marketing agencies we’ve included on our list offers the digital marketing strategies you need to drive traffic, convert those visitors, and maintain your customer base.

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