How to Sell on Poshmark Successfully and Boost Your Profits

Drowning in a sea of clothes you no longer wear? Got a closet full of bags and shoes that you might never get to wear again? What if we told you that you could create a new revenue stream from those unwanted items in your wardrobe? That’s exactly what Poshmark is for, providing individuals with the perfect platform to resell their old clothes and accessories.

Not sure how Poshmark works or whether it’s the right platform for you? Check out this guide to learn all about it and discover how to start selling on the platform.

How to Sell on Poshmark: Everything You Need to Know:

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a social marketplace where people can buy and sell secondhand fashion items. It allows individuals to list their used clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for sale. Buyers can also browse the listings across various categories and brands and make a purchase directly on the platform. This creates a convenient and seamless experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Poshmark social marketplace


Benefits of Selling on Poshmark

So why sell your used clothes and accessories on Poshmark? Why not just sell through flea markets and local marketplaces? Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of selling on Poshmark.

Massive Reach

Listing your used clothing on Poshmark instantly gives you access to a massive audience. According to the company, there are currently more than 80 million people using the platform. That’s millions of people you could potentially sell to, so you wouldn’t find a shortage of customers.  


When you sell through Poshmark, you’re starting an ecommerce business through a reliable intermediary. The platform offers a certain level of protection to sellers, so you get full coverage in case packages get lost in transit. Moreover, Poshmark has strict rules in place for return requests and requires buyers to upload proof so their requests can be reviewed. This means you get a certain level of protection from unscrupulous buyers and scammers.

Streamlined Shipping

Perhaps one of the best parts about selling on Poshmark is the ability to send packages using pre-paid and pre-addressed shipping labels. Sellers only have to print the labels and use them to send packages through USPS. This takes a huge load off your back as you don’t have to worry about finding a shipping solution and generating a shipping label every time.

Simplified Returns

Let’s face it–it’s not a pleasant experience having to deal with returns. This is a common issue with selling on other marketplaces. With Poshmark, there are specific return policies in place requiring customers to provide pictures and details to back up their return requests. This helps to streamline the return process as they filter out the invalid requests and keep this type of issue to a minimum.

Simplified Returns Poshmark


Nominal Fees

Poshmark offers a reliable way for individuals to sell their used clothing and get their listings in front of millions of people. These advantages come at a cost, which is fairly minimal compared to the cost of selling on other ecommerce platforms. For transactions that cost less than $15, you pay a flat commission fee of $2.95. Any sale of over $15 comes with a 20% commission fee, which means you get to keep 80% of your sale.

Getting Started with Selling on Poshmark

If the above benefits sound good to you, you might want to get started right away. Here are a few tips on how to sell on Poshmark.

1. Find the Most Profitable Products

If you’re only looking to sell a few items to clear out your closet, you don’t need to worry much about profitability. But if you’re planning to use the platform as a source of additional income, then you need to think about what’s profitable. This will help you get a better sense of how to source secondhand products to sell through the platform.

Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories are always a good bet. But make sure to see what’s currently trending on the platform and what’s popular with Poshmark buyers so you know which items will be profitable. Home goods are also high in demand, so you may want to see if you can get a profit out of selling home décor items that you no longer need.

One of the best ways to narrow down profitable products is by seeing which brands are popular with buyers on the platform. Go through the top-selling brands and the brands that are trending now. This will give you an idea of which branded items from your wardrobe would sell well on the platform and which brands to source.

Poshmark Profitable Products


2. Focus on a Niche

For those who plan on becoming an established Poshmark seller, it’s a good idea to find a niche to focus on. The idea is to build a name for yourself as a leading seller in that niche so you can attract the right type of buyers and build up a following of loyal customers. This means you can build an established customer base made up of buyers who already trust you and are interested in what you have to sell.

You’d essentially want to focus on a specific category or style that appeals to your target audience. For example, some sellers may specifically deal in vintage clothing whereas others might focus on silver jewelry. The following seller, for instance, focuses solely on selling jewelry and has racked up more than 130,000 followers.

jewelry Niche / Poshmark


3. Know What Not to Sell

Poshmark has clear rules on what items you can’t sell on the platform. Going against these rules could get you into serious trouble, which might even affect your ability to continue being a seller on the platform. Some of the items that Poshmark prohibits you from selling are:

  • Counterfeit items and unauthorized replicas of branded items
  • Products that are outside of the available categories on Poshmark
  • Nail polish, perfume, and other flammable liquids
  • Used underwear
  • Stolen goods
  • Illegal items
  • Prescription medications

4. Perform Thorough Quality-Checks

As a seller, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your buyers are getting quality products. Just because they’re used doesn’t mean they should be worn out and damaged. At the end of the day, people still expect items that are in good condition and still look great even when they’re buying used. So make sure you’re thoroughly checking each item for defects before you decide to list it on the platform.

If they’re in an acceptable condition, consider giving them a wash and iron or polishing them before they’re ready to be listed on the platform. Not only is this in tune with Poshmark’s community guidelines, but it also helps you leave a good impression on your customers. It’s an essential step to build trust and create a loyal community of buyers.

5. Take Appealing Photos

Unlike traditional thrift stores and flea markets, people don’t have the option to see the product in person before they decide to buy it. So visuals play an important role in influencing their purchase decisions. This makes it crucial to use high-quality and appealing pictures of the items you’re listing. 

Good lighting and high-resolution photos are vital. Not only will this help buyers get a clearer idea of what to expect, but it could also entice them to buy. Moreover, you could come across as more trustworthy than someone who uploads blurry pictures that barely show what the item looks like.

Don’t forget to show what the item looks like from different angles. Close-up photos of fabrics, materials, hardware, and other key details will also help you set realistic expectations. You should also consider including a video to give buyers an even better idea of what they’re buying.

In the following listing for a Louis Vuitton handbag, the seller has included high-resolution photos of the bag from every angle. They also include close-up shots of different parts of the bag including its handles, interiors, and serial number. This helps to set realistic expectations and guides buyers in making an informed decision.

Poshmark Photos


6. Create Compelling Descriptions

High-quality visuals help to paint a clear picture of the products you’re selling. But the picture isn’t complete unless you can provide buyers with a detailed description of the item. This is the section of your listing where you can provide all the relevant details of the item that might help the buyer to make an informed decision. It could include information about the brand, size, color, model, year of manufacture, and so on.

Writing a detailed description not only helps the buyers, but also helps you improve the visibility of your listing. This is the perfect place to include certain keywords and phrases that buyers might use while searching for an item like yours. Think like a buyer and make a list of phrases and terms that you might use while conducting your search. For example, you’re much less likely to search for a “trendy bag” than you are to search for a “crochet bag.”

See the following description for a pair of Converse sneakers. It includes detailed information about the style and color as well as the brand and the condition. The seller has also included additional details such as the outsole pattern, ankle patch style, and material.

Compelling Descriptions Poshmark


7. Maintain Transparency

Although you might not be able to sell items that are extremely worn out and damaged, it’s expected of used items to have some defects. Buyers may be perfectly okay with buying these products, as long as they know what they’re signing up for. A small stain or a slight rip at the seams may not deter most buyers from getting something they really love. However, you have to be transparent about it, so buyers know exactly what to expect.

Make sure your description includes information about the defect and don’t forget to include a close-up image to help buyers understand the extent of damage. Small chips, stains, scuffs, tears, discolorations, and other flaws should all be disclosed for the sake of transparency. By including all these details, you reduce the risk of customers returning the items since they already knew what they were buying. It also helps you avoid payment delays and customer disappointment. 

In the following listing for a Wii controller, the seller has included information about all the other items included such as two Wii remotes with wrist straps. They make sure to mention a stain on the bottom of one of the wrist straps. Although this might seem like a minor detail, including the info significantly reduces the risk of the buyer coming back to raise an issue because it “wasn’t as expected.”



8. Use Competitive Pricing

Pricing is one of the trickiest parts of selling on Poshmark. You don’t want to price it too high that the item sits for months without being sold. At the same time, you don’t want to price it too low that you don’t get any profit from it. So you have to be very strategic about how to price the items that you’re selling on the platform.

Go through different listings to see how similar items are being priced. Additionally, do a Google search to understand how much the item is selling for across various platforms. Based on this, you can get a better idea of how to set your prices so that it’s competitive enough while still generating some profit.

9. Provide Exceptional Service

No one wants to buy from a seller that delivers a poor customer experience; at least not in the long run. Make sure you offer exceptional service so buyers feel comfortable buying from you and might even feel compelled to make a repeat purchase. Be responsive to their questions and provide any additional info they might need to finalize their buying decision.

Ready to Sell on Poshmark?

Now that you know the essential steps to sell on Poshmark, you’re all ready to get started. Go through your closet or take a trip to your favorite local thrift store to source the right items to list on the platform. Then create your Poshmark account and start selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell on Poshmark?

Listing items on Poshmark is free. For sales lower than $15, there’s a flat commission fee of $2.95. Any sale of over $15 has a 20% commission fee.

How do you sell on Poshmark for beginners?

You can start selling on Poshmark by creating your account and listing the item you want to sell.

Is it worth it to sell on Poshmark?

Poshmark is one of the best places to sell secondhand and used items with free listings and low commission fees.

Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?

By default, the buyer is responsible for shipping fees on Poshmark.

Does Poshmark pay the seller?

Poshmark doesn’t pay the seller directly as the payment comes from the buyer. Poshmark only holds the payment and releases it once the item has been delivered and accepted.

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