Top Affiliate Marketing Agencies to Partner With in 2023

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Advertising disclosure:

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Are you a retailer or service provider looking to improve your affiliate marketing game this year? If you’ve been trying to obtain consistent results from your affiliate program but can’t seem to get the results you want, it might be time to work with top affiliate marketing agencies.

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 Top Affiliate Marketing Agencies to Partner With in 2023:

Top Affiliate Marketing Agencies to Partner With in 2023:

1. Hamster Garage

Hamster Garage

Chicago, IL

Year Founded: 2019

Estimated Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Popular Clients: Airbnb, Truebill, Canva, NoCD, Proper

Barely 3 years old, Hamster Garage is relatively new to the affiliate marketing space, but they’ve already proven they can deliver fantastic results for their clients. 

Leading companies like Airbnb and Canva have chosen this Chicago company as their main partner. The company itself is preferential to what they term as “risk-taking brands.” Focusing on a few they can help grow and nurture instead of on the number of clients they can take on. 

In terms of metrics, Hamster Garage proves they can outshine even veterans in the field, generating over 1.38 million in conversions for their clients while operating at a 300% average program efficiency. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Focused on quality clients instead of quantity 
  • Employs data-driven decisions 
  • Prioritizes brand compliance to ensure a client’s brand name is safe
  • Collaborative effort with the client

2. PartnerCentric


New York, New York

Year Founded: 2006

Estimated Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Popular Clients: Lemonade, Hims, Ergobaby, The Motley Fool, Hamilton Beach, Kindred Bravely, Visible

PartnerCentric is an affiliate agency with a remote team. The company’s members are spread across the United States, creating a unique working environment. They may not have a traditional work setup, but it doesn’t hinder the agency from outperforming traditional office affiliate marketing companies. 

Their strong commitment to bringing fast ROI is a big reason why clients opt for PartnerCentric as an affiliate agency.

In the middle of the pandemic, the company created a return of 627% year-over-year result for a luxury fashion brand. They did this by offering strategic commission increases for top-performing partners when everybody else was cutting back. 

Their expertise in tailoring affiliate marketing strategies to suit different brands, from startups to companies in the Fortune 500, makes PartnerCentric one of the best affiliate marketing agencies to work with in 2022. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Fully Remote and Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise).
  • White glove service for funded startups to enterprise-level brands.
  • Use of PartnerCentric proprietary technology that brings clarity to investments.
  • Innovative compliance technology tools meant to protect brands at every stage.

3. Versa Marketing

Versa Marketing

Boulder, Colorado

Year Founded: 2013

Estimated Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Popular Clients: The Neat Company, Only Natural Pet Store, Colorado Kayak Supply, Rareform

Versa Marketing specializes exclusively in affiliate marketing. Over the past decade, the agency has honed its practices and methodologies to ensure higher sales for its clients. The firm has established expansive relationships with high-quality affiliates across all verticals and marketing channels and leverages the strength of these relationships to promote rapid growth for every program it manages.The agency provides a suite of services that include launching new programs specifically tailored to clients’ goals, resulting in quick results and sustainable growth. They are also adept at rejuvenating existing programs, leveraging their long-standing expertise and robust relationships to generate new and consistent growth for their clients.

Versa Marketing also offers custom services tailored to the unique needs of emerging brands, mid-market brands, and enterprise clients. Whether it’s about launching a high-margin affiliate marketing channel or modernizing an existing affiliate program, the agency promises to deliver impressive results. Their holistic approach towards the affiliate channel and its interaction with other marketing channels and departments ensures a seamless experience for clients.

What to expect from the company?

  1. Develop a results-driven channel strategy
  2. Recruit a high volume of quality affiliates
  3. Negotiate with partners for top placements
  4. Deliver frequent reports and communications to clients

4. Clique Affiliate Marketing

Clique Affiliate Marketing

Park City, UT

Year Founded: 2012

Estimated Annual Revenue: $4 Million Up

Popular Clients:, TheClymb

Established just over a decade ago, Clique Affiliate Marketing has established its presence as a force to be reckoned with in the affiliate marketing landscape.

Founded by Brian Boyd, a pioneer in the affiliate marketing domain, the agency has an impressive track record. Significant milestones include the successful management of’s affiliate program, which generated a staggering $35 million per year in affiliate sales under Brian’s guidance. Furthermore, their effort with saw the company’s affiliate sales soar from under $50,000 to a commendable $2.2 million in less than two years.

Beyond their impressive figures and client success stories, Clique stands out for its unique approach. Specializing exclusively in passion and lifestyle brands, the agency recognizes the immense value in connecting with online influencers within these niche markets. Their mantra is simple:

Longevity and success in affiliate marketing lie in tapping into dedicated online influencers who resonate with the brand’s values.

What to expect from the company? 

  • Deep roots in the affiliate space with unmatched industry experience
  • Custom program solutions tailored to individual brand needs and goals
  • Dedication to connecting passionate brands with equally passionate individuals
  • A team that doesn’t just work, but immerses itself in the brand, becoming experts in diverse industries
  • A commitment to maintaining the highest standards and best practices for all the brands they represent.

5. AffiliateManager


Orlando, Florida

Year Founded: 2002

Estimated Annual Revenue: $4 Million Up

Popular Clients: Tony Robbins, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Precious Moments, Magoosh, Hansen, Mother Dirt, Ript, Foster Grant, Just So Posh

AffiliateManager has 15-year experience when it comes to running and managing affiliate campaigns for big brand names. Among their most famous clients? None other than entrepreneur and self-help guru extraordinaire Tony Robbins.  

The main goal for the company is to drive business for their client by using a comprehensive affiliate management program with proprietary data tools and expert market knowledge.  

They also emphasize ethical affiliate marketing management services by informing clients of all the marketing processes done by their affiliates. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Free consultation 
  • Extensive 15-year experience
  • Data-driven processes with the aim of generating results
  • Ethical affiliate marketing practices
  • Comprehensive affiliate marketing management 

6. OAK Digital

OAK Digital

New York, New York

Year Founded: 2015

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2 Million Up

Popular Clients: Detroit Pistons, UFC Store, Bearaby, Angie’s List, Freshly, Paravel, Airweave, Apollo

Considered among the best affiliate marketing agencies in the United States, OAK Digital has a 95% client retention rate and delivers an almost perfect 100% result in their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Their collaboration with popular brand Angie’s List in 2015 (now known as, Angi) served as a hallmark campaign for the agency. Despite acquiring the brand as a client in November 2015, the New York-based affiliate agency managed to secure strategic placements with large publishers resulting in a successful campaign for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that same year. According to the company case studies, this resulted in an 89% increase in orders with a 66% improvement in the brand’s conversion rates. 

It’s these kinds of results that make OAK Digital among the top-tier affiliate marketing agencies to consider if you’re ready to work with an affiliate firm.  

What to expect from the company? 

  • Extensive program auditing
  • Strong competitive analysis including publisher recruitment and promotions
  • Weekly reports and monitoring 
  • Extensive analysis of program profitability and new vs. returning customers

7. Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners

Boston, Massachusetts

Year Founded: 2007

Estimated Annual Revenue: $56.9 Million

Popular Clients: Target, Crocs, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Wacoal Outlet, Helly Hansen

Acceleration Partners is an award-winning global affiliate and partner marketing agency. They help brands expand into new countries and markets through high-touch consultative approach, tailored strategies, and partnership optimization.

The agency is for anyone looking to build a traditional affiliate program. Their in-house Partner Development Team is dedicated to finding unique and innovative content partners for their clients. Whether you’re looking for influencers or mass media partners, they cater to all main partnership areas in any specialized market.

Acceleration Partners provides solutions to over 170 brands in 40 countries. They have an average year-on-year program growth of almost 60%. In 2021, they drove 75 million conversions and $5.5 billion in revenue for their clients.

What to expect from the company?

  • Strategized mix of traditional and non-traditional partners
  • Outcomes-based partnership marketing program
  • Deep relationship with clients
  • Reputation for global expansion
  • Experienced and data-driven accounts team

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners specializes in helping brands scale and finding innovative solutions to accelerate their performance. As the industry leader in partnership marketing, AP delivers integrated and strategic influencer program management for outcom...



United States

Best for:

Enterprises and Large brands

Minimum Campaign Size: On Request
Full Influencer Program Management
Partnership Marketing Program Management
Global Regional Management
Program Design
Partnership Optimization
Partner Recruitment Compliance & Fraud Monitoring
Data & Analytics
Grovia by Acceleration Partners
Minimum Campaign Size: On Request

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners specializes in helping brands scale and finding innovative solutions to accelerate their performance. As the industry leader in partnership marketing, AP delivers integrated and strategic influencer program management for outcom...

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8. MonsterClaw LLC

MonsterClaw LLC

Dhaka, Bangladesh (with remote workers)

Year Founded: 2007

Estimated Annual Revenue:  Undisclosed

Popular Clients: ScraperAPI, Moda Express, Global Grasshopper, Freelancer Masterclass, Tetra Noodle, Tag Crazy

MonsterClaw LLC began as a startup company offering marketing services on popular listing site oDesk (now UpWork) back in 2007. By 2021, they were ranked as among the top ten affiliate marketing agencies of the world by leading reviewer, It’s an amazing feat considering their clientele is over 90% enterprise-level clients. 

Handling everything from affiliate management down to fighting fraud, MonsterClaw LLC employs expert workers ready to offer support, guidance, and expertise every step of the way. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy plan 
  • Assistance in finding and setting up affiliate tracking software and tools
  • Expert hiring of affiliate influencers to generate sales and conversions
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Handles affiliate payouts for client while providing detailed reports

9. Station Entertainment

Station Entertainment

Year Founded: 2021

Estimated Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Popular Clients: Beyond Paint, Skillshare, HelloFresh, Grocery Outlet, Nord VPN, Home Depot, DIY Wife,

Adrenaline Addiction, HomeWithStefani, RadDadsBuilds

Station Entertainment is a fresh and dynamic affiliate agency that began with a vision to revolutionize the industry. Founded by Trenton and Brandon, two friends with an entrepreneurial spirit, the agency prioritizes people over profits, creating a unique and people-centric approach to affiliate marketing.

Their commitment to creating a win-win-win scenario for the brand, influencer, and audience sets them apart from traditional affiliate marketing agencies. This approach, coupled with their hard work and dedication, has led to partnerships with top brands and influencers worldwide within just over a year of operation.

Station Entertainment’s team of 30 members, with diverse backgrounds in sales, contracts, negotiations, marketing strategy, and analytics, ensures that every campaign is meticulously planned and executed. They have a no-retainer, no long-term contract policy, allowing them to prove their worth through results.

Their process includes a collaborative campaign strategy, comprehensive project management, influencer matching, creative execution, and results tracking. This end-to-end service ensures that brands and influencers can focus on what they do best while Station Entertainment takes care of the rest.

What to expect from the company?

  • A people-first approach to affiliate marketing.
  • A dedicated team of creatives with diverse backgrounds.
  • Comprehensive influencer campaigns from A-Z.
  • No long-term contracts or retainers, results-driven service.
  • Proven track record with top brands and influencers.
  • Recognition as a top player in Influencer Marketing by several publications.
  • A unique process that ensures a win-win-win scenario for all parties involved.

Station Entertainment

Station Entertainment is a leading Influencer Agency, bringing memorable campaigns to both top dogs and emerging brands. Using a unique system focused on data and brand core values, Station pairs the two to create effective influencer campaigns that ...


10 - 50

United States

Best for:

Small and Medium-sized companies

Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+
YouTube Advertising
Influencer Marketing
Influencer Campaigns
Affiliate Campaigns
Influencer Marketing Consulting
Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+

Station Entertainment

Station Entertainment is a leading Influencer Agency, bringing memorable campaigns to both top dogs and emerging brands. Using a unique system focused on data and brand core values, Station pairs the two to create effective influencer campaigns that ...

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10. Gen3 Marketing LLC

Gen3 Marketing LLC

Blue Bell, PA

Year Founded: 2012

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3 Million Up

Popular Clients: Motorola, Peapod, Motorola, New Balance, Guess, Rockport, Crocs, Sur la Table

With a decade’s worth of experience, Gen3 Marketing LLC shows off a strong portfolio to potential customers. They count brands like Guess and New Balance as part of their clientele. Overall, they’ve served over 300 clients, providing services from paid search, SEO, and Amazon PPC on top of their affiliate marketing services. 

As if that’s not enough, they’ve received 40 industry awards while boasting a client retention rate of 90%. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Creates a deep, trusted relationship with their clients
  • Offers insightful affiliate marketing strategies designed to produce results
  • Customized solutions to fit every brand’s need

11. Optimus PM

Optimus PM

London, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2006

Estimated Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Popular Clients: Crew Clothing, Chemist Direct, Clintons, The Jewel Hut

Optimus PM was recently named as the Most Effective Agency in 2020 at the Performance Marketing Awards. The only affiliate marketing agency from the UK on this list, the company is trusted by its clients for offering custom-tailored affiliate strategies. 

The company admits to being number obsessed, so everything they do is backed by data. This approach led one of their clients, a giant UK online clothing website, to earn a 188% year-on-year revenue growth. The initial client target was only 10%. 

Currently based in London, the company is looking to expand to the United States and Canada in the next few years. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Offers clients reporting and recruitment tools
  • Provides a dedicated affiliate manager
  • Flexible, customized affiliate marketing strategies to match client’s business

12. Blue Cherry Group

Blue Cherry Group

New York, New York

Year Founded: 2007

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3 Million Up

Popular Clients: Vaughan Premier, Ltd., FullBeauty Brands

You can consider the Blue Cherry Group among the veterans in the digital and affiliate marketing field. While they are among the top affiliate marketing agencies around today, they also offer services like Amazon Optimization and Paid Search. 

The company first started as a data feed agency before adopting other services to be the premier source for online sellers and brands. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • Detailed goal discovery process using historical data
  • Guaranteed brand safe practices
  • Focuses on generating revenue and profit for clients

13. Grovia


Seattle, WA

Year Founded: 2019

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3 Million Up

Popular Clients: Ledger, FlexJobs, FloSports, Gorgias, Aircall 

Grovia is a tech-enabled affiliate agency that specializes in partner recruitment. Powered by their proprietary partner development technology, Grovia acquires incremental revenue-driving partners at scale through affiliate discovery, engagement, and activation. 

SaaS, Ecommerce, and FinTech businesses that need help recruiting and/or managing partners, Grovia offers a recruitment solution that pairs businesses with a team of certified partner developers for scalable outreach campaigns and partner onboarding services. For brands that want a more self-service solution, Grovia offers a powerful suite of partner recruitment tools that enable automated affiliate discovery, scalable partner engagement, and streamlined pipeline management. Grovia provides recruitment solutions for over 200+ brands, including venture-backed companies like Ledger, Flexjobs, and Gorgias. 

What to expect from the company? 

  • World-class partner recruitment strategy and execution.
  • Industry-leading partner development technology
  • Honesty, integrity, and transparency. 
  • Fewer coupons, more content.
  • A great group of people that care deeply about your success.

3 Reasons an Affiliate Marketing Agency Is the Right Move for Your Business

1. They can improve sales, increase customer engagement, and raise your brand’s value. 

Professional affiliate marketing agencies know how to generate results. Most sellers may have a good idea of how affiliate marketing works. But it may not be enough to create strong and consistent conversions in 2023. 

The basics of affiliate marketing involve both the seller (you) and the promoter (influencer) working together to generate commissions and revenues. 

Standing in between is the affiliate marketing agency. They connect both parties and handle the marketing campaign from top to bottom, so it runs smoothly and results in revenues for all parties involved. 

2. They have established ties with key influencers and partner brands.

There are strict dos and don’ts in finding influencers to work with. Trawling hundreds of social media profiles and diving deep into niche hashtags can become overwhelming for entrepreneurs. 

With the assistance of an affiliate marketing agency, you can skip this step and let the experts handle it. Established agencies already have a repository of influencers and ambassadors they can reach. These aren’t random influencers who happen to have a large audience—they are selected to fit your brand’s reputation. Most importantly, top affiliate marketing agencies handpick these influencers based on your niche and target market. 

3. They have access to data you may not have access to.

Data is king when it comes to running a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Top affiliate marketing agencies focus on data to run a successful affiliate campaign. Data-driven promotions often decide how and when to conduct the campaign to produce the best ROI for their clients.  

Are You Ready to Work with Affiliate Marketing Agencies? 

Affiliate companies have their unique criteria when determining whether they can work with a client or pass on them. To find out if your company is ready to work with a top affiliate agency, here are some simple questions you can answer. 


  • Are you a fully established business with a strong brand presence and business model?
  • Do you want to scale your company’s sales and growth in the next few months and years? 
  • Are you launching a new product and need help to make the campaign successful? 
  • Are you prepared to invest both time and money in your affiliate marketing campaign? 


  • Are you a new company still figuring out your brand and business model?
  • Do you intend to run a private affiliate marketing program with a limited number of partners only? 
  • Are you determined to just keep your platform or business small so you can handle it better? 
  •  Do you have little to no budget for your affiliate marketing program? 

How to Identify Top Affiliate Marketing Companies  

If you answered yes, to most of the questions above, your brand is probably ready to work with a top affiliate marketing agency. But how do you know you’ll be working with the best? 

You can also refer to the agencies mentioned above, but if you want to decide for yourself, the best affiliate marketing agencies showcase the following criteria:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate marketing agency?

An affiliate marketing agency is an agency that curates social media influencers, content creators, and other creatives for partnerships with clients. These affiliate marketing agencies will cater solutions to your business and its needs.

Which company is best for affiliate marketing?

These are the best companies for affiliate marketing in 2023:
1. Grovia
2. OAK Digital
3. AffiliateManager
4. PartnerCentric
5. MonsterClaw LLC
6. Acceleration Partners
7. Hamster Garage
8. Gen3 Marketing LLC
9. Optimus PM
10. Blue Cherry Group

What companies can I do affiliate marketing for?

These are some of the many companies that you can do affiliate marketing for:
eBay partner network
Amazon associates

What is the average commission for affiliate marketing?

Most affiliate marketing commissions are percentage commissions. The most common average affiliate marketing commission is between 5% to 30%. If you only sell a specific set of products with a set price, there may be a fixed-amount commission.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

Affiliate marketing isn’t always easy. Many influencers start their career by going the affiliate route, but building enough traffic to make a meaningful income from affiliate sales isn’t always quick or easy.