Promoted post

A promoted post is an advertising option from Facebook that enables you to make sure the posts you want to market get seen in the News Feeds of more people. 

Promoted posts are an easy way to get more people to see your posts in your Facebook News Feed. You can think of promoted posts as the native ads or sponsored content of the social media world. 

A promoted post looks just like any other post that might appear in a person’s newsfeed. Per the FTC’s guidelines, a promoted post should be labeled as “sponsored,” so that people can quickly tell that it’s an ad, even though it looks like other posts on their newsfeed.

Benefits of Promoted Posts

Brands can utilize promoted posts into their digital marketing strategies in two ways. 

First, they can promote the posts the brand produces for Facebook and Instagram. Doing this allows branded content to reach new audiences, exercise creative freedom, test out different content ideas for different target audiences, generate leads, and even increase the possibility of achieving brand awareness and recognition. Secondly, they can take advantage of user-generated content by sharing them on their social media platforms and promoting the posts that way. User-generated content tends to generate higher engagement rates compared to promoting your own brand’s posts. 

Promoted posts make it easy for brands to optimize their content and use social media marketing to increase their organic reach. It’s a way around the decline in organic reach on Facebook and Instagram. They also make it more convenient for brands to reach the size of their target audience without having to pay a lot of money for advertising. 

Promoted posts also allow you to extend a marketing campaign without busting your budget. You can establish your budget based on what you have available to spend. You can fine-tune your promotion, explore and research different posts that perform the best and even choose the exact audience you want to see it. 

How to Make Promoted Posts Work for Your Brand

Here are some things to consider when using promoted posts for your brand’s advantage: 

  • Pick a popular post. Pick a post on your page or profile that has been performing significantly well. 
  • Choose your target audience with care. Who do you want to promote your post to? You can choose the age of your audience, its gender, its location, and its interests or other demographic information. Specifying details about your audience shows you its expected daily reach or size.
  • Set a budget. How much can you afford to spend to promote a post? You can set a daily budget of just a few dollars or as much as thousands of dollars. Your budget also plays a role in determining how many people end up seeing the promoted post.
  • Measure your results. Was your promoted post a success or a flop? Tracking how many comments, likes, or shares the post received will let you know if it worked out. Choosing a post that has a history of success provides reassurance that it will be popular when promoted. 
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