20 Top YouTube Brand Account Examples (And How They Got There)

Did you know that 93% of brands say they've gotten a customer thanks to their video content on social media (Smart Insights)? Video has long been an effective form of marketing content and is being used more and more by brands and influencers to engage audiences, educate followers about products and services, and share information. And consumers love video content. More than half of consumers say they've engaged with a brand after watching one of their videos on social media.

But it takes more than just recording and sharing a video to leverage this powerful content marketing strategy. You need to be intentional with the content you create and where you share it. That's why we've pulled together this list of the top brand accounts on YouTube. In this article, you'll find a list of YouTube brand accounts that are nailing it on the platform so you can learn from them and bring in loads of subscribers and viewers of your own. But first...

20 Top Brand Accounts on YouTube (And How They Got There):

What Is a YouTube Brand Account?

A YouTube brand account is an account specifically for your brand. Your brand account is different from your personal Google account. By linking a channel to a brand account, multiple people can manage that brand account from their own Google accounts without a separate username or password. Simple enough, right?

To create your own YouTube brand account, you'll need to have a Google profile. You probably already have one of those but if you don't, you can go to Google's account setup page and get one. Once you have your Google account set up, go to YouTube and login with your Google username and password. From there, click on the image in the top right of the screen and choose Creator Studio from the dropdown menu. Click on your image in the top right corner again and choose the Settings icon (gear), then Create a New Channel. Add a name for your YouTube brand account and click Create.

If this is your first YouTube brand account, check out our guide to creating a successful YouTube channel to get it optimized and ready to wow your subscribers.

20 Top Brand Accounts on YouTube

If you're making the leap to YouTube, it takes more than just uploading some videos. Video marketing requires a robust strategy if you want to stand out from the 37 million other YouTube channels on the platform from more than 50 million active content creators who are sharing content. This list of the top brand accounts on YouTube will give you a better insight into what you need to do to create a stronger YouTube marketing strategy that helps your content cut through the noise.

1. Lego

Source: youtube.com

Views: 13.62 billion

Subscribers: 11.1 million

LEGO has millions of subscribers and billions of video views from both children and adult fans of the brand. The brand shares tons of original content designed to keep fans engaged. However, they don't just stop there. LEGO regularly runs campaigns encouraging their followers to share their own content, leveraging user-generated content as the greatest example of social proof. Fans love seeing their own content show up on their favorite brands' social media platforms and it's a great way to draw new and existing fans closer.

2. Vat19

Source: youtube.com

Views: 6.64 billion

Subscribers: 7.63 million

Vat19 is an eCommerce business that focuses on "curiously awesome" gifts. On the brand's YouTube account, they feature candy, toys, puzzles, and games through a number of silly commercials and truly wild product demos. This works for them in a couple of ways. First, the videos are so out there that you almost can't look away. Second, many of the videos highlight the quality and durability of their products without just talking about it, which can be dry and boring.

3. IDJVideos.TV

Source: youtube.com

Views: 5.54 billion

Subscribers: 3.38 million

IDJVideos.TV is a record label and video production company with a popular entertainment channel on YouTube. It was founded in 2011 and is based in Serbia. The brand uses their YouTube channel to promote the artists on their label like Emina, Relja, Teodora, MC Stojan, Nikolija, Coby, Tanja Savić, Cvija, THCF, Corona x Rimski, Connect, Vuk Mob, Marina Visković, Edita, In Vivo and more.

4. Angry Birds

Source: youtube.com

Views: 5.41 billion

Subscribers: 4.44 million

This little game launched an empire. The first Angry Birds game came out in 2009 and since then Angry Birds has been played in every territory in the world and has even been played aboard the International Space Station. Like LEGO, Angry Birds uses a combination of original content and user-generated content to keep viewers engaged.


Source: youtube.com

Views: 4.11 billion

Subscribers: 6.77 million

Dong Tay Promotion is a company that focuses on key services including the production of television programs, project management, and event organization around TV, games, reality television, entertainment programs, music, sporting events, variety shows, and more. They use their brand account on YouTube to share full-length shows, specials, and movies.

6. Coca-Cola

Source: youtube.com

Views: 3.47 billion

Subscribers: 3.56 million

Coca-Cola is another brand that turns to user-generated content to make their YouTube channel stand out. Over the years, the brand has run marketing campaigns around World Kindness Day but their Share A Coke campaign is probably one of the most successful marketing campaigns any brand has had the fortune to come up with. Coca-Cola's YouTube channel is filled with positive and uplifting content, highlighting the commercials they've launched around the world and using poignant moments—both real and scripted—to connect with their subscribers. 

7. Oddbods - Official Channel

Source: youtube.com

Views: 4.84 billion

Subscribers: 6.71 million

The Oddbods Show is a Singaporean-Irish CGI-animated comedy series produced by One Animation The series follows seven characters—Bubbles, Pogo, Newt, Jeff, Slick, Fuse, and Zee—with seven distinct personalities wearing furry suits in different colors. While the characters do make sounds, there's no dialogue, making the series easily translatable and international. On the brand's YouTube account, they share full-length original content and even go live on the platform. This is another brand that includes user-generated content, showing crafts that viewers have created as well as toys and games.

8. My Little Pony Official

Source: youtube.com

Views: 3.35 billion

Subscribers: 2.82 million

My Little Pony's official brand account on YouTube is exactly what you would imagine. There are full-length original episodes, stop-motion videos, toy play, and more. My Little Pony also includes user-generated content, mostly in the format of unboxing videos.

9. MundoBitaVEVO

Source: youtube.com

Views: 3.68 billion

Subscribers: 2.58 million

Mundo Bita is a children's entertainment project created by musician and designer Chaps Melo. Since the creation of the project, Melo has released dozens of musical singles that have earned several gold, platinum, diamond, and double diamond certifications with millions of singles sold. The YouTube channel includes animated music videos and not much else.

10. Disney

Source: youtube.com

Views: 2.99 billion

Subscribers: 5.02 million

Everyone knows Disney, right? While the brand doesn't share its movies and animations on YouTube for obvious reasons, they do share tons of behind-the-scenes, tutorials, and even retellings of classic stories using emojis. They also use channels to create content collections for specific interests.

11. BMW

Source: youtube.com

Views: 156.89 million

Subscribers: 1.15 million

BMW's brand account on YouTube illustrates the power of knowing your audience. Everything on BMW's YouTube account is created for people who love cars. They include original content like official launch films and even web series, using their entire channel as a vital part of their marketing funnel to retain existing customers and bring in new ones.

12. Google

Source: youtube.com

Views: 2.78 billion

Subscribers: 9.67 million

Google owns YouTube, so if any brand is going to have a stellar brand account on the platform, it had better be them. Google uses YouTube to represent their brand and engage with their audience through original content like their documentary series "Search On" which shares the stories of people using Google technology to solve difficult problems around the world.

13. GoPro

Source: youtube.com

Views: 2.84 billion

Subscribers: 10 million

GoPro has built their brand on the idea that this camera is the best way for users to immortalize their experiences. As you can probably guess, GoPro's brand account on YouTube relies heavily on user-generated content, making it easy for GoPro users to share their videos through online challenges and keeping both existing and potential customers engaged... and probably feeling a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), too.

14. Nike

Source: youtube.com

Views: 458.77 million

Subscribers: 1.57 million

Nike is one of the most well-known brands in the world with their logo alone enough to invoke vivid imagery and emotion in their fans. On their YouTube channel, Nike brings elite athletes closer to the everyday people who buy Nike's products. They're also great at finding just the right collaborations with influencers, as evidenced by a series of sponsored videos that Nike created with Dan and Lincoln Markham of YouTube show "What's Inside?"

15. Redbull

Source: youtube.com

Views: 2.37 billion

Subscribers: 9.78 million

Similar to GoPro, Redbull's brand account on YouTube focuses on excitement and adrenaline. What makes Redbull one of the top brand accounts on YouTube is their willingness to forgo putting their product front and center in everything they do. Instead, the brand shares lifestyle content that reaches the 18–34 demographic that is the brand's bread and butter. Even in their actual commercials, Redbull highlights the effects, rather than the product.

16. Victoria's Secret

Source: youtube.com

Views: 200.38 million

Subscribers: 1.9 million

Victoria's Secret is one of the top brand accounts on YouTube because they're just so good at giving subscribers and fans ways to interact. On their YouTube channel, Victoria's Secret showcases their models, naturally, but fortunately doesn't just put them on display. Instead, you can go behind the scenes with the models, learn more about their workout routines and products they love, and even find out how some of your favorite Victoria's Secret products are made.

17. Chanel

Source: youtube.com

Views: 556.47 million

Subscribers: 1.71 million

Chanel is a luxury fashion brand that has amassed a large following on YouTube, far outperforming their top competitor, Dior, in terms of both followers and video views. The brand shares make-up tutorials and videos showing off their new products. As any beauty influencer knows, this is the type of content that rakes in the views.

18. WWE

Source: youtube.com

Views: 53 billion

Subscribers: 71.2 million

Just a glance at the video content on WWE's YouTube channel will show you why they're one of the top brand accounts on YouTube. It's full to the brim with original series, taking viewers behind the scenes to increase engagement and let fans get to know the WWE superstars they watch on TV every week. They also include posts of full matches, "best of" countdowns, and interviews with the superstars.

19. Nintendo

Source: youtube.com

Views: 2.5 billion

Subscribers: 7.43 million

Nintendo's YouTube channel includes tons of news and content about Nintendo games and gaming consoles including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and more. Viewers can watch short gameplay videos, behind the scenes with game creators, and more.

20. Monster High

Source: youtube.com

Views: 1.55 billion

Subscribers: 2.17 million

Monster High is a brand from the toy franchise Mattel (creators of Barbie). The channel includes original webisodes, songs, product how-tos, and more. The webisodes range in length from a few minutes to half an hour, so there's plenty of content to meet the attention span of any viewer. There are even some episodes translated to languages other than English to reach a global audience.

What Makes a Brand's YouTube Channel Pop?

As you can see from our list of the top brand accounts on YouTube, the number of subscribers doesn't always translate to video views. Focus on what makes your brand unique and build your YouTube brand account around that. Nike features elite athletes, LEGO tells stories, GoPro uses extreme sports and excitement. What does your brand do? Share that story and make a real connection with your audience.

In addition to sharing the kind of content your customers are interested in, you'll want to take the time to develop native content for the platform—don't just recycle content you've shared elsewhere. And never, ever underestimate the power of a great influencer. As you can see from the subscriber numbers, brands tend to have much fewer subscribers than your favorite YouTube influencers earn. To gain more traction and get more subscribers for your brand account on YouTube, consider joining forces with a YouTube influencer whose audience looks just like yours.

Follow in the Footsteps of the Top Brands on YouTube

It's always helpful to look at what others have done to achieve success and this list of the top brand accounts on YouTube provides insights into the video content strategies used by those brands to drive results on the platform. Explore your favorite brands to find video content ideas ranging from product demos to how-tos to original programming, and more!

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