50 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts [+ How to Write Your Own Prompts]

Getting nearly 600 million visits per month, ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. As of 2022, ChatGPT has been used for various purposes such as customer service, virtual assistance, marketing, academia, and even as a friend for some individuals.

It is based on the transformer architecture and trained on a large corpus of text data to generate human-like responses to a given prompt. A prompt is an instruction or a command that you provide as input to the chatbot.

For example, ''Generate a poem about nostalgia'' is a prompt. Since ChatGPT has multiple use cases, there's no shortage of prompts you can use to explore its capabilities. In this document, we've compiled a list of ChatGPT prompts for a variety of purposes, from marketing to educational to just plain fun.

50 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts [+ How to Write Your Own Prompts]:

What is a Prompt?

A prompt is any phrase or set of keywords you can input into an AI tool such as ChatGPT. The tool will interpret the prompt and generate a response based on its existing knowledge base.

Because AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can learn from prompts continuously, users can enrich their analytical capabilities with varied prompts. Here are some examples of some simple prompts:

  • Write a short story about a time traveler.
  • Generate a blog post on the future of AI in education.
  • Write an email response to a customer who is unsatisfied with their purchase.
  • Create a table comparing the features of HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Monday.com, and Pipedrive.

As evident, ChatGPT prompts can be used in different cases. They can also be as long or short as you like, and some may even include specific keywords for more accurate responses.

It's best to provide more details if you want specific responses. For example, if you want to create a tagline for your brand, you should provide keywords that reflect your brand's values and input your company's product selection, target audience, etc.

50 ChatGPT Prompt Ideas to Use

There are limitless possibilities when using ChatGPT. Here are our recommended prompts to make your experience entertaining and productive. While at it, read our AI optimization guide to understand how to get better results when prompting. 

Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

Online marketing is nuanced and saturated, which may cause you to feel overwhelmed while creating meaningful content. ChatGPT can be a tool to refresh your creative juices, review social media strategies, and keep your campaigns inspired.

Here are some marketing prompts to get you started.

1. Advertisement Prompt Ideas: 

ChatGPT can generate catchy taglines, slogans, and even pitch ideas for your advertisement campaigns. You can use the tool to generate ideas for both online and offline advertisements.

Create an online ad about our new hyaluronic acid serum targeting women aged between 18 and 40 with dry skin.

ChatGPT online ad generation 

ChatGPT online ad generation

2. Blog Ideas: You can use ChatGPT for content marketing, too. Simply input your niche and product/services, and ChatGPT will generate blog ideas for you to explore.

Generate blog topics related to social media management for small businesses.

3. Email Marketing: ChatGPT can help you write engaging email subject lines and body content for better conversion rates. You can also use it to write call-to-action statements for your email marketing campaigns.

Write an email subject line for our weekly newsletter targeted towards young professionals in the tech industry.

ChatGPT email subject line generation 

ChatGPT email subject line generation

4. Marketing Channels: If you're unsure which marketing channels to focus on, ChatGPT can provide you with insights and ideas.

Which marketing channels should we prioritize for our credit card for college students?

5. SEO: ChatGPT can create meta titles and meta descriptions for your content. These on-page SEO elements can help improve your website's visibility in search engines.

Generate meta titles and descriptions for our blog post about "How to Improve Your Remote Work Productivity".

ChatGPT meta title and meta description generation 

ChatGPT meta title and meta description generation

6. Keyword Research: While ChatGPT isn't a dedicated keyword research tool, it can still provide you with related keywords and search phrases to incorporate into your content for better SEO.

Get a list of relevant keywords and phrases for our blog post titled "How to Improve Your Remote Work Productivity".

7. Guest Posting: Writing guest posts is a great way to build backlinks and increase your website's domain authority. ChatGPT can suggest potential websites or blogs for you to reach out to for guest posting opportunities. It can also write outreach emails for you to send to these websites.

Suggest 5 potential websites for us to write a guest post on about the benefits of online learning.

Write a creative outreach email for a guest post pitch. Include the keyword "plastic-free" in the title. Make sure to come up with 5 title ideas using this keyword.

8. Google Ads: Google's Responsive Search Ads (RSA) tend to be effective since they optimize your ad combinations automatically and can increase click-through rates. ChatGPT can generate RSA ideas for you to use in your campaign.

Create three Google Ads in a Responsive Search Ad (RSA) format, featuring multiple headlines and descriptions, for an A/B test promoting our project management tool.

ChatGPT RSA creation 

ChatGPT RSA creation

9. Marketing Ideas: If you're in need of ideas for any marketing aspect, be it social media or content, ChatGPT can provide a ton of ideas for you to try. You can customize the prompts based on the specific type of marketing you're looking for.

Suggest five ways to use Instagram Reels to promote our app that helps college students find short-term gigs.

Generate three innovative ways for us to make our TikTok influencer campaigns more effective.

Provide ideas on how to use social commerce in our digital marketing strategy. 

Web Development ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can also write code for certain web development tasks, making it a valuable tool for web developers and designers. It can generate HTML or CSS code based on your instructions. Alternatively, you can use it to generate ideas for website design and structure.

The following prompts can be helpful when using ChatGPT for web development.

10. Website Architecture: ChatGPT can assist in brainstorming and organizing the structure of your website, from navigation menus to page layout. Even better, it can write the code for your website using JavaScript.

Write the code for the About page of my outdoor adventure website, including a header and footer. 

ChatGPT code writing 

ChatGPT code writing

11. Website Structuring: As a web developer, you can use ChatGPT to get ideas on structuring the websites you create for your clients.

I'm developing a personal website for a photographer who covers weddings and intimate events based in Tampa, Florida. Provide ideas on structuring the portfolio section of the website.

12. Job Application: ChatGPT is used two-way in this regard. For employers, it can help write job descriptions and requirements that would attract qualified candidates. Job seekers can use it to write cover letters and resumes.

Write a job description for a web developer with expertise in front-end and back-end development for an eCommerce company.

Write a cover letter for this job description for a web developer (paste the job description here).

13. Form Generation: Websites usually require some sort of forms, like contact forms and signup forms. ChatGPT can generate the code for these forms, too.

Generate an HTML form for a subscription signup that includes fields for name, email, and company name.

14. Keyboard Shortcuts: Developers often use keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity. ChatGPT can create a table of shortcuts for you to use, saving you time that you'd otherwise have to spend digging for your required shortcuts.

Create a table of keyboard shortcuts for Python programming language, including shortcuts for editing, running code and debugging.

ChatGPT keyboard shortcut generation 

ChatGPT keyboard shortcut generation

Education ChatGPT Prompts

Teachers and students can both benefit from using ChatGPT in the classroom. Be it for lesson planning or generating study resources, ChatGPT can save educators a lot of time. You can use the following prompts to get the most out of ChatGPT for education purposes.

15. Essay Topic Ideas: ChatGPT can generate interesting essay topics for students to choose from. Educators can specify which category or subject they want the topic to be from, and ChatGPT will comply.

Generate 10 essay topics for a high school English class, focusing on the theme of identity and self-discovery.

ChatGPT essay topic generation 

ChatGPT essay topic generation

16. Lesson Plan Generation: Educators can use ChatGPT to generate lesson plans based on specific learning objectives. The ChatGPT Plus plan also lets you create visuals, such as charts and graphs. So you can use it to enhance your lessons further.

Generate a lesson plan for a 7th-grade science class focused on teaching the water cycle.

17. Study Resource Creation: Students often have trouble creating study resources like flashcards or quizzes. They can input the required information in ChatGPT and let it generate study resources for them.

Create 5 flashcards on vocabulary words related to ancient civilizations, suitable for a middle school social studies class.

ChatGPT flash card generation 

ChatGPT flash card generation

18. Classroom Discussion Topics: Teachers can use ChatGPT to generate discussion topics for classroom debates or discussions to promote critical thinking and student engagement.

Generate 3 debate topics related to social media usage for a high school civics class.

19. Topic Summaries: ChatGPT can replace the need for lengthy and time-consuming topic summaries. Students or teachers can use the tool to create summaries for books, articles, topics, events, or courses.

Generate a summary of the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, which is suitable for a high school literature class.

20. Presentation Assistance: OpenAI now has a GPT store where you can find pre-trained models for pretty much any use case, including PPT presentation generation. One such example is Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak. It can generate slides in real time based on the speaker's speech or text inputs. You can then download the slides as PPTX or PDF.

Create a PowerPoint presentation showing the stages of the water cycle.

ChatGPT presentation creation 

ChatGPT presentation creation

21. Activity Ideas: Teachers can often run out of ideas for fun and engaging activities to do in the classroom. ChatGPT can help generate ideas that cater to specific age groups or learning objectives.

Generate 3 activity ideas for a creative writing class for middle school students.

22. Study Tips: Students can use ChatGPT to generate study tips for various subjects, especially during the exam season. ChatGPT can also explain time management methods like the Pomodoro Technique for students to incorporate into their study routines. For example, Pomodoro Planner is a GPT that creates tailored schedules based on your tasks.

Create a study routine to cover 12 science chapters in two weeks, leaving time for revision and lab sessions. 

Gaming ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT will easily provide users with facts and reliable information, but it can also be prompted to facilitate games. Here are some prompt examples if you want to have a leisurely time.

23. Playing Traditional Games: If you don't have a friend to play with you, ChatGPT can be a replacement.

Pretend you are my friend who will play chess with me. e4 is my first turn. Write your next turn.

Playing chess with ChatGPT 

Playing chess with ChatGPT

24. Game Explanation: Let's say you want to play Dungeon and Dragons, but you don't have a game master. ChatGPT can help by explaining the rules and providing prompts for your adventure.

Explain to me how to play Dungeon and Dragons and provide a prompt for my first adventure.

25. Game Ideas: You can also ask ChatGPT for some game ideas for your next party or game night.

Provide me with three game ideas that I can play with my friends at a party.

ChatGPT game ideas

ChatGPT game ideas

26. Strategy Guide: ChatGPT can also generate strategy guides for various games, helping players come up with winning strategies.

Generate a strategy guide for Chess, including tips and tricks for beginners.

27. Online Gaming Guide: Like traditional games, ChatGPT can teach you how to play online games and provide tips for success.

Teach me how to play League of Legends, and give me some tips for winning.

Content Writing ChatGPT Prompts

Nearly 48% of marketers use AI to generate content for their websites. You can do the same.

Even if you don't have a website or business, you can use ChatGPT to write other things, like a poem for a loved one or a short story for your creative writing class. Here are some prompts to get you started.

28. Blog Post Writing: ChatGPT can write a full-fledged blog post for you. However, you should tweak the content, add your own touch and include some figures and quotes.

Write a blog post on the benefits of using AI in marketing and its impact on businesses.

29. Script Writing: ChatGPT can write scripts for your videos, podcasts, ads, and short films.

Write a script for a 30-second video informing the listeners about our upcoming podcast episode on the subject of mental health issues among teenagers.

ChatGPT script writing 

ChatGPT script writing

30. Case Study Writing: GPT4, which is offered for a limited number of prompts in the free plan and for unlimited prompts in the paid plan, allows you to upload files, too. You can upload a client's data and ask ChatGPT to create a case study around it. 

Analyze the sales data of XYZ company and write a case study on their successful marketing strategy using our influencer marketing software.

31. Outline Generation: Even if you don't want it to write the full content for you, ChatGPT can generate an outline based on your input.

Generate a detailed outline for a presentation on the future of virtual reality technology and its impact on various industries.

32. Poem Writing: It's no Keats or Shakespeare, but ChatGPT can write a poem that's sure to impress your loved ones.

Write a short love poem for my wife for our 10th anniversary. Include the mention of our first meeting, which was at a cafe on a rainy day.

ChatGPT poem writing 

ChatGPT poem writing

Interview Preparation ChatGPT Prompts

Got an interview coming up, and you don't have a friend to prepare with? ChatGPT has got your back! Here are some prompts to help you practice your interview skills with ChatGPT.

33. Interview Questions: You can use ChatGPT to generate a list of potential interview questions based on your job title, industry, and experience level.

Generate a list of interview questions for a senior software engineer position in the tech industry with 5 years of experience.

ChatGPT interview guide 

ChatGPT interview guide

34. Mock Interview: ChatGPT can also act as an interviewer and conduct a mock interview with you. It will ask you questions and provide feedback.

Conduct a mock interview for a marketing manager position in the fashion industry. Ask me common behavioral and situational questions. Also, provide feedback for my answers.

35. Strategy Generation: If you're unsure how to approach the interview, ChatGPT can help you come up with a strategy.

Generate a strategic plan for acing an interview for a project manager role in the construction industry. Include tips for showcasing leadership and teamwork skills.

36. Personal Branding: ChatGPT can also assist you in branding yourself and crafting your personal pitch.

Help me come up with a personal brand statement for a sales manager position in the automotive industry.

ChatGPT personal branding 

ChatGPT personal branding

37. Questions for the Interviewer: Most interviewers will ask if you have any questions for them. ChatGPT can suggest some insightful questions to ask based on the company and role.

Suggest some questions to ask during an interview for a customer service representative position at a startup in the tech industry.

Business ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can help you in many aspects of your business, from market research to social media management. Here are some prompts for using ChatGPT to enhance your business.

38. Market Research: Before you launch a new product or service, it's important to conduct market research to understand your target audience and their needs. ChatGPT can help generate survey questions for your research.

Generate a questionnaire to gather customer feedback on what they look for in an air fryer.

39. Industry Trends: ChatGPT can also provide insights into what's popular in your field.

List the current fashion trends among Gen Z.

ChatGPT for industry insights 

ChatGPT for industry insights

40. Meeting Agendas: All you have to do is give some meeting information, and ChatGPT can generate a complete agenda for you.

Create an agenda for a team meeting discussing the launch of a new product, including time estimates for each agenda item.

41. Investor Pitch: While we won't recommend writing your whole pitch with ChatGPT, it can certainly help you create an outline or summarize key points for investors.

Prepare an outline for a pitch to potential investors, highlighting the unique features and benefits of our product. (Add product info here)

42. Business Plan: ChatGPT can also assist in brainstorming ideas for your business plan. As you get the outputs from the tool, you can provide it with more information to generate a more detailed plan.

Help me develop a solid plan for improving my eCommerce site that sells hypoallergenic jewelry.

ChatGPT business plan development 

ChatGPT business plan development

Entertainment ChatGPT Prompts

Who says ChatGPT is just for business use cases? You can surely use it to have some fun, too. Here are some prompts to try.

43. Diss Tracks: Want to flex your rap skills but struggle to come up with clever insults? ChatGPT can help you write diss tracks.

Write a diss track targeting a boastful friend.

44. Jokes: ChatGPT has a sense of humor, too. Give it a try.

Tell me a joke about programmers.

ChatGPT jokes 

ChatGPT jokes

45. Fun Scenarios: There's no limit to the fun scenarios you can come up with using ChatGPT. You can ask the tool to act like a certain character or create imaginative situations.

Create a conversation between a cop and a driver he pulled over, but they can only converse using Miley Cyrus's song lyrics. 

Health and Medicine ChatGPT Prompts

With a myriad of topics and scientific findings surrounding health and wellness, ChatGPT can enlighten users on what is fact vs. what is fiction. However, we won't recommend using ChatGPT for medical advice. You may use it to get information but don't use it as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Use these prompts to learn more about your health.

46. Workout Generation: You can input your fitness goals, and ChatGPT can generate a workout plan for you.

Generate a 4-week workout plan for weight loss that includes both cardio and strength training exercises.

47. Healthy Recipes: ChatGPT can also offer healthy recipes based on your dietary preferences and restrictions. If you cannot eat certain ingredients for health or personal reasons, ChatGPT can suggest alternatives.

Suggest three breakfast recipes that do contain dairy for someone with a lactose intolerance.

ChatGPT recipe generation 

ChatGPT recipe generation

48. Health Effects: If you want to learn about the effect of certain activities or habits on your health, ChatGPT can provide insight based on scientific evidence. Again, we'd recommend double-checking the sources since ChatGPT can make mistakes in this regard.

What are the potential long-term effects of excessive screen time on mental health? Provide sources to support your answer.

Designer Chat GPT Prompts

Whether you're working as a freelance creative or busy with a personal project, ChatGPT can generate fresh ideas, share technical processes, give suggestions on aesthetics and typography, and make your artistic activities more productive overall. Here are some prompts to use.

49. Logo Generation: You can either ask for a specific style or give ChatGPT some keywords related to your brand, and it will generate logo concepts for you. Logo Creator is a GPT specifically made for this task.

Generate three logo concepts for a sustainable fashion brand, highlighting sustainability.

50. Color Palette and Typography: Be it for a website, poster or branding materials, ChatGPT can help you come up with color palettes that fit your desired aesthetic. Similarly, you can ask for typography suggestions and fonts, too.

Generate a color palette inspired by natural elements, such as earthy tones and shades of green and blue.

Suggest two modern sans-serif fonts for a minimalist brand.

ChatGPT color palette generation 

How to Design Your Own ChatGPT Prompts

Designing effective ChatGPT prompts is crucial to getting the most relevant and valuable responses from the AI. A well-crafted prompt provides clear, specific instructions and context, guiding ChatGPT to generate accurate and useful content. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you design your own prompts:

Step 1: Tell GPT Who It Is

Start by defining who you want ChatGPT to be. Providing the AI with an identity helps narrow its focus and tailor its responses. 

For instance, you could specify, “You are a seasoned marketing executive providing insights on current trends,” or “You are a third-grade teacher creating engaging lesson plans for your students.” This perspective allows ChatGPT to generate more relevant and context-specific responses.

Step 2: Set the Tone

The tone of your prompt can significantly impact the response. Whether you want a formal, professional tone or a casual, playful one, make sure to specify this. 

For example, “Write a blog post in a friendly and approachable tone about the benefits of remote work,” or “Draft a formal email to a potential business partner.” ChatGPT will emulate the tone you set, making the output more aligned with your expectations.

Step 3: Provide Detailed Background Information

Don’t hesitate to provide as much context as possible. Detailed background information helps ChatGPT understand your needs better. 

For example, if you’re asking it to write an email, you could include examples of past emails, the purpose of the email, and any specific points you want to cover. You might say, “We’re writing a newsletter about digital marketing trends; here are some sample newsletters we’ve sent recently.”

Step 4: Specify the Desired Length

Clearly indicate the length of the response you need. Whether you want a brief summary, a few paragraphs, or an in-depth report, providing this direction ensures the response is the right length. 

For instance, “Summarize the benefits of AI in healthcare in 200 words,” or “Write a 2,000-word detailed guide on social media marketing strategies.”

Step 5: Encourage Questions for Clarification

A great way to enhance the effectiveness of your prompts is by inviting ChatGPT to ask you clarifying questions. This interaction can help refine the prompt and ensure the AI understands your needs fully. 

For example, you might say, “What additional information do you need from me to create an effective marketing plan?”

Examples of Effective Prompts

With these steps in mind, let's look at a few examples demonstrating how to implement these guidelines:

  • General Prompt: “Generate a story.”
  • Enhanced Prompt: “You are a science fiction author. Write a short story about a time traveler who visits ancient Rome and discovers a hidden treasure. The tone should be adventurous and thrilling.”
ChatGPT story example

ChatGPT story example

  • General Prompt: “Give me some productivity tips.”
  • Enhanced Prompt: “You are a productivity coach. Provide five tips for improving team productivity in a remote work environment. The tone should be motivational and supportive.”
ChatGPT productivity tips example

ChatGPT productivity tips example

  • General Prompt: “Write an email.”
  • Enhanced Prompt: “You are a customer service representative. Write an email responding to a customer complaint about a delayed shipment. Use a formal and empathetic tone. Here’s an example of a previous email for reference.”
ChatGPT email writing example

ChatGPT email writing example


These ChatGPT prompts are a testament to the fact that you can use the AI tool for pretty much anything you want. From a business point of view, this could mean increased productivity and efficiency.

Even if you use ChatGPT for personal use, it can help you advance your career, pass your free time, learn new things, create new art, and so much more. However, it is important to remember that, like any other tool or technology, ChatGPT should be used responsibly.

The content generated by AI should not replace the value of human creativity and critical thinking. You should always have human input and supervision when using ChatGPT, especially for professional and commercial tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ChatGPT prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are suggestions or commands given to the language model, which generates human-like text as a response. These prompts can be used for various purposes, such as writing articles, creating logos, writing scripts, creating business proposals, and even generating music.

How do I write a ChatGPT prompt?

Be specific about your prompt and provide clear instructions or context for the AI to work with. Include the tone, style, structure, and length of the output you want. You can also specify if you want the output to be in a tabular or visual format.

How to train ChatGPT to write like a human?

Feed your human-written content to ChatGPT that reflects your desired tone and style. Then, ask the chatbot to analyze the text and try to mimic the language, structure, and patterns in its output. You can also fine-tune the model by continuously providing feedback and correcting any errors or inconsistencies.

Is it safe to use ChatGPT for commercial purposes?

While ChatGPT can greatly benefit businesses in terms of productivity and efficiency, it is important to have human supervision and input when using it for professional tasks. 

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