10 TikTok Shop Agencies to Boost Your Brand + Why You Should Partner Up

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While it's considered "the" app for Gen Z and Millennials, TikTok in 2024 has evolved into a platform that caters to a broader demographic. One masterful way the platform, which is owned by Chinese internet company ByteDance, achieves this feat is through its eCommerce suite. The social media app launched TikTok Shop in the US and the UK in September 2023, although it has been around in several Southeast Asian countries since 2021.

TikTok Shop Agencies to Boost Your Brand + Why You Should Partner Up:

TikTok Shop Agency Partners Worth Your Attention

A TikTok Shop agency has in-depth knowledge of the platform and knows how to optimize its features. To work with a reputable one, choose a TikTok Shop Partner that provides all aspects of TikTok Shop services. To start with, here are ten TSP agencies worth checking out.

tiktok shop agencies

1. Grail Talent

Grail Talent

Location: London, GB

Key Services: social media marketing, audio and video media

Notable Clients: Shein, Netflix, Warner Records, Old Navy, Popeyes, Nintendo, Gucci

Grail Talent is a top-tier TSP with a roster of over 650 creators and over 750 brand collaborations. The agency connects elite creators with premier opportunities globally. It offers an array of services to its creators, including product line development and launch, brand endorsement negotiation, collaboration setup, and assistance with record deals. Grail helps creators unlock possibilities across all mediums, enabling them to establish a sustainable revenue stream. 

Working with Grail means accessing exclusive opportunities unavailable to other creators. This includes direct support from TikTok, enhanced brand collaborations, increased agreed commissions, boosted content, and complimentary samples. Grail has presented over 4000 shoppable videos monthly and conducted over 400 live shopping streams, earning the top spot by sales volume on TikTok.

2. The Snow Agency

The Snow Agency

Location: Miami, FL

Key Services: Social media marketing, UGC marketing, content marketing, paid advertising

Notable Clients: Unilever, Klora, The Vitamin Shoppe, Orajel, Ling New York, Saranghae

The Snow Agency is an award-winning influencer marketing firm with expertise in TikTok Shop. Its services include setup and management, creative development, affiliate marketing, shopping optimization, and collaboration with macro and micro-influencers. 

Among the agency’s successful campaigns is its collaboration with Simply Inked, a temporary tattoo brand. The Snow Agency helped the brand expand its market presence in Canada, Australia, and the UK while simultaneously cutting acquisition costs in the US. The agency used the app’s Value-Based Optimization feature, which applies two unique bidding strategies to help brands identify their most valuable customers. 

Employing this strategy proved highly effective. The campaign significantly increased Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by 19 to 31%, setting TikTok as the brand’s primary paid acquisition channel.



Location: Brighton, UK

Key Services: Social commerce, social media marketing, influencer marketing

Notable Clients: Filter by Molly-Mae, Nature Spell, LuckyTrip

GEN Z MEDIA is a leading Creator Agency Partner in the UK and the US. It provides specialist services using data-driven insights and AI technology. To date, GEN Z MEDIA has collaborated with over 300 brands. The agency helps brands grow exponentially through affiliate marketing, UGC campaigns, influencer marketing, and Spark ads. 

GEN Z MEDIA’s TikTok Shop campaign for Filter by Molly-Mae is a resounding success. The campaign generated over 2 million impressions in just two weeks through careful creator selection and innovative content development.

4. DCT Agency

DCT Agency

Location: Indonesia

Key Services: Social media management, talent management

Notable Clients: Procter & Gamble, Nivea, Cool Vita, Jolly Time

DCT is a multi-awarded agency that helps brands and creators succeed on TikTok Shop. The agency develops effective campaign strategies to improve sales and revenue. DTC Agency also provides clients with experienced hosts and creative teams to work with. It offers professional live stream equipment and round-the-clock customer support as well. 

One of DCT’s notable campaigns involved collaborating with P&G on a four-month contract, which resulted in over 70 premium-quality short videos for the brand.

5. Blue Wheel Media

Blue Wheel Media

Location: Birmingham, MI

Key Services: Social media marketing, content production

Notable Clients: Thermos, Beautyblender, Grande Cosmetics, HoMedics

Blue Wheel is a leading omnichannel marketing agency providing TikTok Shop services. With its expert team, the agency leverages short-form video content to convert audiences to paying customers. Blue Wheel practices a holistic strategy for every aspect of the shopping experience. In addition to delivering top-notch campaigns, Blue Wheel offers resources to enhance its clients’ skills, such as this webinar covering the ins and outs of TikTok Shop.

6. AgencyGMR


Location: Manchester, UK

Key Services: content strategy, creative services

Notable Clients: ASUS, PlayStation, Acer, Cooler Master, LG

AgencyGMR is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in content creation for brands in the tech and gaming sectors. As the team behind By Gamers For Gamers, AGMR collaborates with global clients, offering creative and strategic services. Certified as a TikTok CAP, the agency helps scale and grow your brand through community-led advocacy. AGMRxTikTok services include social strategy, content creation, community management, channel setup and management, TikTok Shop management, API integration, and TikTok Ads.

Recently, LG Electronics UK appointed AgencyGMR to manage its UK social media presence. This partnership will involve AgencyGMR overseeing and creating social media content across all LGE UK social media channels, including TikTok.

7. JGS Live

JGS Live

Location: London, GB

Key Services: content creation, media production

Notable Clients: Auto Vivendi, Wild, Evolve Media Group, YSL, The Fragrance Shop, Skinnydip

JGS LIVE helps companies strategize and implement their creative visions through live selling. The agency provides all LIVE operations: LIVE studio, video production, experienced hosts, content strategy, revenue optimization, and performance analysis. To date, JGS LIVE has hosted over 500 hours of live selling. The agency has been involved with TikTok’s LIVE selling since TikTok Shop launched in the UK.

JGS LIVE’s exceptional live selling hosting skills have been endorsed by past clients. The agency assisted The Fragrance Shop in launching its live selling feature across various channels. Additionally, Skinnydip relied on JGS LIVE’s expertise for its first-ever TikTok LIVE event.

8. Supernova Digital Media

Supernova Digital Media

Location: London, UK

Key Services: Influencer marketing, content creation

Notable Clients: Skyscanner, Samsung, Sotheby’s, Nescafe, IKEA

Supernova, formerly Realway, is a premier TSP agency specializing in TikTok marketing in the UK. With over a decade of experience and expertise, the agency helps brands promote their value on social media. The agency provides tailored services to cater to their client’s specific needs. These services include daily live streams, high-quality content, and ad-hoc consulting. Supernova also has its own state-of-the-art studios to help creators create their best work.

9. TikMarketing


Location: West Sussex, GB

Key Services: Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing

Notable Clients: Mountain Gold, Lion’s Pride, Buzz Natural

TikMarketing employs eCommerce experts and creatives who help brands grow and scale their businesses on TikTok Shop. The agency specializes in brand growth, influencer marketing, and comprehensive support. It equips brands with the tools, techniques, and expertise to thrive.

TikMarketing manages all aspects of live streaming, ensuring brands can effectively engage with their audience. It also oversees TikTok’s entire affiliate marketing process, including product listings, order fulfillment, customer service, and sales optimization.

10. Unsociable Agency

Unsociable Agency

Location: Glasgow, UK

Key Services: TikTok marketing, content creation

Notable Clients: Mullen Automotive, Bill’s Tool Store

Unsociable Agency is not a typical social marketing agency. It positions itself as a brand partner with a unique fixed operating cost and revenue share model. Working closely with brand partners, Unsociable offers a comprehensive outsourced TikTok Shop solution, handling everything from live selling to content creation, TikTok Shop Ads, and affiliate programs. Additionally, the agency can integrate your Shop with existing TikTok tools through ERP and eCommerce integrations for seamless inventory management.

Unsociable Agency practices what it preaches. The firm combined large text with a full-width image in one marketing strategy to highlight important details. This highly successful campaign resulted in unique characters and storylines, nearly 20 thousand new followers, and over 8 million views.

TikTok Shop Overview

TikTok Shop integrates eCommerce within the platform. It lets users discover and buy products directly from TikTok sellers without leaving the app. This integration offers a seamless and enjoyable social commerce experience.

Sellers and creators on TikTok Shop can market their products through:

  • Live Shopping - Directly purchase tagged products via LIVE.
  • Shoppable videos - Directly purchase tagged products via in-feed videos.
  • Product Showcase - Directly browse products, read reviews, and purchase from a brand's business profile.
  • Shop Tab - Easily search and discover sale promotions and manager orders from a single tab.

TikTok Shop allows creators to connect with sellers via its affiliate program, earning commissions through marketing opportunities. Sellers can use Shop Ads to boost their TikTok Shop presence. Like Amazon FBA, TikTok offers its own logistics solution, Fulfilled by TikTok. This service handles storing, picking, packing, and shipping a seller's product directly to customers.

However, not everyone has access to TikTok Shop. It's currently only available in seven countries: the US, the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Buyers must be at least 18 years old and have an updated app. Sellers need to have a business or creator account rather than a personal one.

TikTok Shop's fusion of online shopping and social media advertising benefits sellers. About 40% of Gen Zs have purchased at least one product or service from watching a live selling on social media. And with a projection of nearly a billion global users by 2025, leveraging TikTok Shop is a lucrative endeavor. 

However, success on this eCommerce platform hinges on several factors, such as engaging content, compelling campaign ads, positive customer engagement, optimizing trends, and working with influencers. You can do all these independently, but just running a good TikTok ad can be expensive and time-consuming. A better solution is to work with a TikTok Shop agency. 

Benefits of Working with a TikTok Shop Agency Partner

The fight for social commerce dominance is heating up, with TikTok Shop joining the crowd. As a seller or creator, you must juggle your business's many practical and creative aspects. Outsourcing help from a reputable TikTok Shop Partner is a smart business decision. There are many benefits to partnering with a TSP agency, including:

1. Expertise and Guidance

TSP agencies know everything about TikTok Shop. Their core principle is to master the platform to offer their clients the best solutions. Besides digital agencies, there are many resources, like LinkedIn and Fiverr, from which you can find TikTok Shop experts. Make a shortlist of agencies you're interested in and compare their LinkedIn profiles. For example, Florida-based The Snow Agency, with 9700 LinkedIn followers, offers marketing solutions linking brands and consumers. Jonathan Snow, the founder, often shares market trends and industry updates, such as this:

On platforms like Fiverr, you'll also find freelancers or smaller agencies specializing in TikTok Shop. Whatever expertise or platform you choose, due diligence is important.

2. Operational Efficiency

Certified TikTok Shop agencies provide seamless and systematic onboarding and setup of your TikTok shop. Working with one means freeing yourself from the platform's technical aspects. Global eCommerce, which includes platforms like TikTok Shop, is projected to grow to over $8 trillion by 2027. This signals several opportunities to develop and scale your TikTok business–but only if you delegate operations. GrowMojo Marketing offers to handle various TikTok tasks for your shop, allowing you to focus on your main business. Its expert team oversees your TikTok Shop integration, manages product feeds, and assists in recruiting top TikTok affiliate partners. The team also crafts effective TikTok Shop ads to boost sales and optimize ad campaigns for better conversions. Additionally, GrowMojo aids in getting your account verified, enabling the TikTok Shop button on your organic TikToks to increase sales. 

GrowMojo TikTok Shop Partner Agency

Source: growmojo.com

3. Access to Exclusive Features and Resources

TikTok Shop Partner agencies have a direct line of communication with the app. This means you'll also have a direct line for problem-solving and accessing exclusive features. The TikTok Shop Partner Program showcases agencies with a proven history of running successful campaigns, showing their efficiency. Badge agency partners use both media and creative solutions to boost advertiser success on TikTok. For example, Power Digital, a tech-enabled growth firm, has a specialized TikTok team. It focuses on building brand recognition and increasing revenue through organic strategies, creative performance, and media buying skills. What sets Power Digital apart is its proprietary machine-learning platform, Nova. It can analyze a business's growth opportunities and provide a roadmap for execution and tracking progress across all marketing channels.

4. Amplified Growth and Performance

TSP agencies use data-driven insights to create, launch, run, and measure campaigns. They tailor strategies and modify campaigns based on facts. For instance, Tinuiti is a leading independent performance marketing agency in the US, known for its success on TikTok. It excels in driving performance through expertise in media buying, influencers, video, and creativity. Instead of traditional methods, they use the Clarity Loop, a continuous process to measure progress at every consumer touchpoint in close to real-time. This loop has six stages: brief, define, design, create, deploy, and optimize. Tinuiti's unique approach led to a successful TikTok influencer campaign, partnering Revlon with Megan Thee Stallion, resulting in over 220K likes, 5% ad recall lift, and 10 million Amazon store visits.

Final Thoughts

TikTok Shop agencies are niche-based. You can always work with prominent social media marketing agencies that handle various social platforms like TikTok. However, working with a TikTok marketing agency specializing in TikTok Shop is a much better way to start, sustain, or scale your TikTok Shop. The ten TSP agencies above provide services and features specific to TikTok Shop. Explore each to see which will work best for your next TikTok campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TikTok Shop Partner?

A TikTok Shop Partner is a certified agency that helps sellers and creators grow their businesses and get the most out of the eCommerce platform.

What are the available TikTok Shop formats sellers use to showcase their products?

There are four native ways to promote and sell products on TikTok Shop: LIVE Shopping, shoppable videos, product showcase, and Shop tab.

What's the biggest advantage of shopping on TikTok Shop?

The biggest advantage is completing your online shopping—from click to ship—without leaving the app.

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