Top 12 Influencer Apps for Brand Collaborations

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Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing tactics brands use to connect to the hearts of their target audience, but one of the challenges most brands face is finding the right influencer for their campaign. Influencers on the other end also have difficulties landing high-paying gigs as the pool of talented creators keeps growing by the day. 

This is where influencer-focused apps for brand collaboration come in handy as they serve as a marketplace for influencers and brands that would like to work with them. If you are a marketer looking for influencers to scale your brand or an influencer looking for platforms that can connect you to your favorite brands, here are over 10 of the top apps you should check out.

Leading Apps for Brand Collaborations:

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1. indaHash


Indahash is an international influencer marketing platform where brands connect with influencers worldwide. So far, IndaHash has linked over 1,000,000 influencers and more than 500 companies in 80 countries. It focuses mainly on three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.  To be an influencer on IndaHash, you must meet specific requirements—some are as follows:                                                                  

  • A minimum of 5,000 followers on any social media platform you work with 
  • At least 40 high-quality pieces of content posted on your page 
  • Your audience must be authentic (no paid followers)
  • Your engagement rate must be high


  • It has a content library where influencers can reuse content across various channels
  • Less hassle as it is fully automated
  • Influencers are paid according to the Cost Per Mile (CPM) model


  • You have lesser control over your campaign as a brand

? Pricing

  • Free trial available
  • Unlimited: 30 days subscription costs $99/month
  • Enterprise: Custom offer

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Influencer Relationship Management, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, White Label Reporting, E-commerce Tools, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Visual Discovery,

Channels: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook

2. SocialBook


Boostinsider, also known as SocialBook, is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers that are most closely associated with their products. Boostinsider is open to everyone, including bloggers, YouTubers, and generally anybody with a relevant social media presence.

You may join the platform as an influencer or a brand owner looking to market your brand. Promotions are vetted daily to guarantee that the most relevant influencers share your campaign.

You can choose any brand and promote it on social media to earn money as an influencer. It is free, and all you need to do is connect your social media accounts with this platform and provide other additional personal information. 

After signing up, the next step is to move to the campaign section and select the ones that suit you. The amount you may earn each day is entirely dependent on your efforts. Thus, there is no set daily income. The minimum withdrawal is $20.


  • It is easy to use
  • You can choose to promote any campaign of your choice
  • You have the option of disabling your account at any point in time


  • How much money you earn depends on how influential you are on social media

? Pricing

  • It is completely free 

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Payment Processing,

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, Twitch

3. ExpertVoice


If you are the type of influencer who likes reviewing products, then ExpertVoice is for you. ExpertVoice has linked over 500 brands with over one million influencers that provide product recommendations and reviews. 

As a new user on ExpertVoice, you can get up to a 60% discount on the products you love, enabling you to get a firsthand user experience. With proper information and knowledge about a particular product, influencers can give an honest review to their audience. The app interface is easy to use, and like collabor8, ExpertVoice also offers a free trial.


  • Great customer support
  • It provides great value for your money
  • Easy to use


  • Mobile app might be slow at times

? Pricing

Not available at the moment—contact the support team through the request a demo option.

4. Octoly


Octoly is another influencer marketing app that has connected more than 300 brands with over 40,000 influencers in various niches, including beauty, lifestyle, and fashion and wellness. 

This app is simple to use, and contacting the customer care staff is fast and hassle-free. Octoly operates only on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and there are specific requirements for each social media platform. 

For Instagram

  • You need to have at least 1,000 followers
  • Post relevant content consistently
  • Have at least 30 posts and an engagement rate of 2% 

For YouTube

  • Influencers need to have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • Consistently post relevant content 
  • A minimum average of 2,000 watch hours for the last five videos posted 

For TikTok 

  • At least 1,000 followers
  • Post relevant content consistently
  • Have a minimum of 500 average views per post, and have an engagement rate of 2%


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It enables you measure your influencer metrics as a brand
  • As an influencer, you get to try out products before promoting without paying for them


  • It might take time to get a reply from an influencer

? Pricing 

  • Subscription based

5. TribeFluence


TribeFluence is a platform that connects brands or advertisers with influencers at a low cost. Brands pay a charge according to the size of the audience they want to reach. The site pairs brands with social media influencers and micro-influencers most suited for a particular product or target demographic. 

TribeFluence makes it possible for brands to reach out to influencers all around the globe in a matter of seconds. It is an excellent platform for influencers to promote what they love and get paid for it. The app is straightforward and works with social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • It’s safe to use
  • Works smoothly on all kinds of mobile phones


  • As a new user, registering might be a bit complicated

? Pricing

Pricing options haven’t been provided, but TribeFluence claims that its platform is affordable.

6. Collabor8


Collabor8 is another top influencer marketing platform. Unlike some apps on this list, it allows direct communication between the influencer and the brand rather than serving as a middleman. 

One of the significant benefits of collabor8 is that it offers a free trial for both brands and influencers, which allows you to test out the platform to determine if it is a good fit for you. But if you want to explore all the features available on collabor8, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan. 

Another desirable feature of collabor8 is that it accepts influencers of all sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a micro-influencer with as few as 2,000 followers or a mega influencer with a million followers or more. What matters most is how engaging your audience is, as the platform gives every influencer a fair chance. 


  • Assurance of user safety
  • Ability to filter choices
  • Good support for its users
  • Easy communication


  • Response to chat requests can be slow

? Pricing

Free Trial

  • Become a member and connect immediately after signing up for an account
  • Collaborate with brands for free, but there’s a limit
  • Improve your visibility through reviews

Standard Membership

  • Allows brands and influencers to collaborate often
  • Costs $4.99/month

Gold Membership

  • This is an excellent plan for brands that want to connect with other brands for co-branding
  • This feature also enables brands to collaborate with numerous influencers on their projects
  • You can navigate several accounts quickly inside the app while managing numerous accounts
  • Costs $9.99/month

7. SocialLadder


If you are an influencer after brand partnerships, then SocialLadder is for you. SocialLadder connects brands looking for brand ambassadors with interested influencers. 

SocialLadder helps you manage your influencers effectively with every tool you need just at the tip of your fingers. As a brand, you may use the SocialLadder platform to expedite communication, assign digital and real-world tasks, track engagement, and award successful brand ambassadors for their efforts. SocialLadder works on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.


  • In-app experience that is completely mobile and branded
  • Brands can integrate referral marketing into their campaign


  • May not be suitable for a B2B brand 

? Pricing 

Contact SocialLadder.



IZEA is an influencer and content marketing platform that started before the influencer marketing industry came into the spotlight. They help brands connect with the right influencer to scale their influencer marketing campaign. 

Influencers on IZEA have the opportunity to connect with the biggest brands in their industry. You can easily create a free profile with a few easy-to-follow steps. 

IZEA is more than just the third party between the influencer and the brands. Its excellent services, born from years of experience, make it unique. It offers all the tools and services you will need in an influencer marketplace, such as finding social media influencers, collaboration, payments, distribution, and campaign management.

When it comes to complexity, IZEA might be a slightly complex software to use, but you can find your way around easily with time. As a brand, all you need to do is sign up for an account, choose your preferred monthly subscription, which starts from $149, and search for influencers related to your industry. 

Influencers who are interested in your campaign will then send you a proposal. IZEA has a fantastic feature called ContentMine, which stores all the content created in your last campaign.


  • It’s easy to use
  • The go-live process is automated by scheduling and publishing systems
  • In order to keep track of who you’re targeting for certain campaigns, you may build lists on the platform


  • It requires a steep learning curve

? Pricing 

  • IZEAx Discovery:  $149/month 
  • IZEAx Unity: custom pricing

Managed Service: custom pricing

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Visual Discovery, Influencer Content Amplification,

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, Wordpress and other Blogs

9. Ainfluencer


Ainfluencer is an Instagram-based influencer marketplace where brands can find Instagram influencers for collaboration. No matter how big or small your audience is, Ainfluencer can help you take advantage of the power of Instagram marketing. 

The Ainfluencer app comes with great features such as Offer Chat, enabling communication between the brand and influencer who wants to collaborate and promote content. Also, the built-in notification and easy workflow feature make it easier for brands to accept offers.

So how does it work? The first step is to create a free account either as a brand or an influencer and set up your profile. After creating your account as a brand, the next step is to follow the in-app instructions to create your ad. 

There, you can upload all the details of your marketing campaign, like specific campaign goals and instructions. After creating your ad, Ainfluencer will show you a list of influencers fit for that campaign based on your preference. You can then select your preferred influencer with a click, and Ainfluencer will notify the influencers you have selected via the app or email. Once they accept your invite, collaboration starts.


  • It’s fully automated
  • An extra layer of security regarding payments between the brand and the influencer
  • It’s fast and easy to use


  • Less control over the system since it is highly controlled by AI

? Pricing 

  • No sign-up cost

10. Intellifluence


Intellifluence is one of the top influencer marketplaces that connects influencers with brands. Aside from connecting with brands, with the help of this influencer marketing network, you may connect with influencers in the same niche to increase your exposure.

Intellifluence works with major social media networks like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands may control the entire influencer marketing process inside the platform, eliminating the need to acquire extra software or services for campaign management at Intellifluence. 

Every aspect of your influencer marketing campaign is streamlined with Intellifluence’s influencer marketing solution. Aside from the obvious benefit of saving time, running numerous campaigns at once is much more straightforward. 

The pricing for Intellifluence starts at $99 per month, making it one of the most cost-effective options. As a marketer, if you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily connect with an extensive network of influencers, then the Intellifluence marketplace is a must-visit if you want a hassle-free experience with influencer marketing.


  • Good customer support
  • A wide range of price options
  • It’s very easy to use


  • Payouts do take longer to process sometimes

? Pricing

  • Free plan
  • Starter: $99/month
  • Regular: $249/month
  • Advanced: 599/month

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Campaign Management, Product/Gifting Tools, Payment Processing,

Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, TikTok, Reddit

11. Kitly


Kitly offers tools for both influencers and brands. To date, they’ve created more than 3,000 collaborations and have grown their database to over 16,000 active users. 

For influencers and creators, it has created a comprehensive business management platform to help them pitch their ideas, attract new brand collaborations, and manage these collabs. Included in its feature list are weekly performance reports, a live media kit builder that can be customized with links, videos, rates, etc., and a personal campaign manager. While influencers don’t have to sign up for one of its two paid plans to get their profile listed in their creator network, if they want to be highlighted they need to be a paid Kitly user. 

Once an influencer has completed a collab successfully, it also lets them invoice their client directly via the platform. Plus, thanks to its integrations with accounting tools such as QuickBooks, you can reconcile payments directly. 

For brands, it offers Kitly Business. Included in this product are tools to simplify talent management. It, for example, offers a campaign manager that lists deliverables chronologically and post-campaign reports to make sure you have the necessary insights when tackling your next collaboration. As Kitly Business integrates with the Kitly platform used by influencers, communication is also a breeze. 

✔ Pros

  • A comprehensive set of features
  • Reporting includes live data that gets updated in real time


  • Interface is difficult to understand and follow
  • In addition to the payment processor’s fee, the app also charges payment fees


  • Free plan
  • Starter: $9/month
  • Creator: $19/month
4.3 out of 5 stars
Kitly is a leading business platform designed for influencers and professional creators to manage brand collaborations.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
Influencer Marketing
Campaign Management
Streamline Communications
Live Reporting
Media Kit
Collaboration Management
Predictive Insights
Price starting at:$9
Pros and Cons
All the things a creator would need to manage the business end of things in one app
Content reports include live data, updated in real time
Can make multiple media kits and tailor them to clients
Clunky interface with little guidance provided
The app charges fees for payments even though you’re already paying Stripe, which actually takes the payments
Best for: Influencers and content creators
4.3 out of 5 stars
Kitly is a leading business platform designed for influencers and professional creators to manage brand collaborations.
Visit Website View Profile

12. Klear


Trusted by global names like Huawei, Adidas, and Microsoft, Klear is an intuitive influencer marketing platform that brands can use for collaborations on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. From influencer identification to campaign measurement and everything in between, it offers a long list of powerful features. 

What makes it such a great tool for brand collabs is that you can search for influencers by category or location. Then, using advanced filters like niche topics and audience demographics, you can refine your search until you’ve found the best candidates for your next campaign. You can then screen influencers further using data-driven insights. 

As for the management side of things, it offers an integrated CRM, called Klear Connect. This way, you can streamline all communication and collaboration. After inviting your chosen influencers, you can share briefs, keep both parties on the same page with its in-app messaging tool, and prioritize tasks to ensure all deadlines are met.  

✔ Pros

  • Very useful reporting
  • It includes a solution for TikTok too

❌ Cons 

  • Pricing lacks transparency (you’ll have to request a demo to get more info)

? Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Forms and Compliance, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Payment Processing, Social Listening, Competitor Research, Visual Discovery,

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

Tips for Finding the Best Influencer Platforms

The first step to implementing influencer marketing for your company is to choose the best influencer marketing platform for you. Many platforms are on the market, but they all have pros and cons. To help you decide which platform is best for you, we have created a list of tips to guide you.

  • Communication 

Creating and launching a campaign with an influencer isn't in black and white and it involves signing up on a platform. There is still a need to create a relationship that would likely lead to a long-term partnership. A good influencer platform should have features that enable you to communicate directly with influencers. 

  • Algorithms and analytics

An effective analytics dashboard is one of the features you should watch out for while choosing an influencer marketing platform. A good platform should have an accessible and easy-to-read algorithm to calculate the impact of your influencer, revenues, and sales. 

  • Payments

Checking how payments are made in any platform you choose is essential as this can lead to disputes that would reflect poorly on your brand's reputation. Can you pay the influencers through the platform? Is there a fixed fee for each influencer, or do you have to negotiate according to your campaign? 

Build Great Partnerships With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that has been around for years. It has quickly become an essential part of any marketing campaign. The idea is to partner with influencers who have large followings on social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The hope is that these influencers will promote your product or service to their followers.

Building great partnerships is all about finding the perfect partner for marketing and collaborations. Selecting influencers based on their expertise and the audiences they can sway is an effective way to develop connections that benefit both parties. Brands can utilize influencers' connections with their audience to scale profit. 

On the other hand, influencers monetizing their social media presence is a great way to pull in some side income. Before choosing any of the apps we have reviewed above, either as an influencer or a brand, ensure you carry out your additional research to know the platform that best suits your needs.

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