12 Leading Influencer Marketing Platforms Based in the USA

We have regularly looked at influencer marketing platforms and how they can make life easier for businesses wanting to engage in influencer marketing. They may come at a cost, compared to organic influencer marketing management, but they certainly make life easier for a busy marketing manager.

Unsurprisingly, the largest, best-known influencer marketing platforms are based in the USA. Here are 12 US-based platforms we have found to be particularly solid offerings when we have carried out platform reviews.

12 Leading Influencer Marketing Platforms Based in the USA:

1. Grin


Grin is one of the more mature influencer marketing platforms, having been established in 2014. They understand that influencers have value because they have cultivated a trusting relationship with their audience, not because that audience is big. People recognize their endorsements as authentic. 

Grin integrates with your entire marketing stack – your social platforms, eCommerce solutions, and communications tools. Indeed, the eCommerce part of that is important, as Grin’s primary target market is eCommerce businesses. Its integration with software like Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce, and Magento means you can manage and ship products to your influencers, create sales tracking links to pay commissions, create exclusive discount codes, and more.

Grin’s communications integration options recognize how young influencers are most likely to operate online. It includes email, of course, but many of Generation Z consider email for “old people.” So, Grin also has integrations with SMS and Slack. Grin brings all your communication options under one roof, so every message between your team and influencers lives in one place. 

Grin incorporates features for every function of influencer marketing: discovery & recruitment, relationship management, reporting & analytics, content management, product seeding, and payments. You can easily search for influencers that align with your brand using multiple methods. Grin’s influencer audience report shows you a credibility score to indicate how genuine an account’s engagement is, along with other key audience metrics. It even features a lookalike tool that allows you to input your current best influencers and find new creators with similar audiences, engagement, demographics, and reach.

Grin makes it easy to find, track, and repurpose all your influencer content. It automatically pulls your influencer content and user-generated content (UGC) into one spot, so it’s only ever a click away. You can view all your influencer campaigns at macro and micro levels and identify your most successful posts by tracking likes, engagements, views, and sales.

2. Klear


Klear was founded in New York in 2012, initially as Twtrland. It is a big data search engine for influencers. They have a database of over 900 Million influencer profiles broken down into over 60K categories. You can use it to search influencers in any niche category, in any language, and any country or city across the globe. It provides detailed information about influencers’ social footprint and the demographics of their followers.

Although the platform clearly had a Twitter focus when it was still known as Twtrland, it has since expanded to cover Instagram and Facebook.

Klear is also a useful tool for analyzing your competitors’ social performance.

The platforms’ primary focus is analytics. With so many influencer profiles indexed, it has a massive amount of data. This makes it very easy for brands to understand who are the best people for them to use in campaigns.

3. Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)

Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)

San Francisco-based Revfluence has made a point of keeping its product up-to-date, adapting itself to meet the demands of the market.

Their platform covers most stages of influencer marketing: influencer discovery, relationship management, campaign management, as well as operating an influencer marketplace.

Revfluence uses a mix of influencer opt-in and an intelligent algorithm to build up an influencer database. Their algorithm crawls the web gathering data on influential social accounts. It adds the best ones it finds to the platform, which currently holds 500,000 profiles. However for an influencer to participate in campaigns via the platform, they first need to set up an account.

Over time, Revfluence has enhanced its research capabilities. You can search for influencers in the usual way, using keywords, hashtags, topics, etc. You can then filter your results by follower counts, average likes per post, and other demographics.

Another way to find influencers is with Revfluence’s “Quickmatch” feature. You begin by listing your preferred characteristics. Revfluence then suggests potential influencers to you in a Tinder-like style. You can select those influencers who interest you and invite them to participate in your campaigns.

When you are ready to set up a campaign, you use their Campaign Creation module, where you set up a description of your campaign and describe the type of people you wish to target.

Once you have set up your campaign and discovered suitable influencers, you use Revfluence’s Campaign Lifecycle Management to work with your influencers as the campaign progresses. There are quite a few automated processes to simplify your campaign management.

It is essential to see how your campaign has progressed. Revfluence provides campaign analytics showing what you got (in terms of an ROI) for the money you spent. This includes detailed statistics about how each influencer performed in your campaign.

You can even handle your payments inside the system and add high performing content to a Favorites list for future use.

4. NeoReach


NeoReach was founded by a team from Stanford University as a venture-backed startup based out of Silicon Valley, California. While, like most influencer marketing platforms, it predominantly lives “in the cloud” it also has offices in Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

NeoReach describes itself as offering cloud-based software for Fortune 1000 brands and their agencies to automate influencer marketing.

NeoReach understands the importance of data to successful influencer marketing. Its influencer database contains over 3 million people,  and there is a treasure trove of information about each of these potential influencers.

You can refine your influencer searches in great detail relating to conversation topics, social channels, social metrics per channel, and audience demographic and psychographic data.

The platform uses Ai to improve its influencer suggestions. The more you use NeoReach in your influencer search, the better its recommendations will be.

NeoReach includes all the campaign management tools you need to succeed in your marketing efforts. This includes a centralized communications hub.

NeoReach’s reporting drills down into the demographics of your reach and calculates ROI. It has developed its own performance metric – Influencer Media Value (IMV).

5. Mavrck


Mavrck has its headquarters in Boston MA, and also operates a Denver CO office. They offer a full influencer marketing service, covering all facets of influencer marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs.

Their website includes a page where they list their perceived points of difference from the opposition. Of course, the difference is also evident on their About Page, where they have demonstrated their “maverick” nature. Their large team includes five canine staff in the roles of  Chief Kibble Officer, Chief CorresPawndent, Barketing Manager, Chief Security Pawfficer, Pawgramming Intern, and Pawduct Manager.

Mavrck makes its difference clear from their first interaction with a potential customer. You begin the influencer discovery process by connecting with your existing digital presences. You then set up a standalone site (or a dedicated area of your existing site) for your customers to log in. Mavrck grabs your social data, and if they appear to be active and influential enough, Mavrck encourages these people to act as your brand ambassadors.

Customers who meet the criteria Mavrck sets for any particular campaigns are invited to participate. Mavrck offers selected customers and other stakeholders rewards for their participation.

This system has apparently worked for Mavrck and its clients. The Mavrck database now includes over 10 million micro- influencers and 102 million social profiles.

The Influencer Marketing Hub reviewer once described Mavrck as being “influencer marketing, where your influencers don’t know they’re your influencers.” To the influencers, working for Mavrck’s customers is like being in an advanced loyalty program.

6. Mavrck


Mavrck has its headquarters in Boston along with an office in Denver. They formally launched out of TechStars Demo Day in November 2014, enabling brands to white-label influencer marketing technology to discover and activate influencers within their existing customer base. By 2016, Mavrck had discovered that influencer content was outperforming brand-generated content and introduced their All-In-One positioning and influencer marketing platform capabilities in 2017.

The platform provides excellent versatility for brands wanting to work with influencers. It can quickly examine the social authority of your customers and employees and find those who are at least micro-influencers. However, Mavrck also offers conventional influencer search capabilities, and you can search through millions of influencers in the Mavrck Influencer Index. So, you can recruit and leverage your existing customer base, search by social network (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogs), or find influencers by their audience demographics like age, gender, and location.

When you’ve found influencers who interest you, either from your existing stakeholders or elsewhere in your niche, you can activate them to create high-quality original content like photos, videos, or blog posts. You can even integrate influencers into your market research and product development process.

You can incentivize influencers’ participation by paying them via PayPal within the platform in more than 25 currencies or offering them gift cards and prepaid cards with Tango Cards integration. In addition, you can use Mavrck to ship products and add and track order numbers and shipping lists. Mavrck will ensure you never go over budget. Indeed, you can use Mavrck to manage your entire influencer campaign.

7. Traackr


Traackr is one of the more venerable influencer marketing companies and has been part of the industry from its early days – 2008. Like many technology companies, Traackr is San Francisco based. It has expanded across America and added New York and Boston offices. More recently, Traackr has developed globally, and now includes offices in London and Paris.

Traackr places much emphasis on influencer relationship. It includes a complex influencer discovery engine, to help you search for influencers in many ways. You can search and filter by topic keyword, locations, languages, influencer age and gender, brand affinities, and social channel.

Traackr uses a hybrid between an automated influencer network and an opt-in one. Humans are involved in selecting relevant influencers, and then AI is used to gather relevant data.

You can track and group influencers in a dizzying number of ways. One unique method is to group influencers by relationship stage. This means you can group influencers by how close you are to them, e.g., Aware, Engaged, or Advocate. As you build up a relationship with an influencer, you can move them further along the Relationship Scale.

Traackr includes all of the usual relationship management, campaign management, analytics, and reporting modules. These are thorough and robust, as you would expect from such a mature influencer marketing product.

8. Upfluence


New York bases Upfluence was founded in 2013. It has since established a European presence with offices now also in Paris, Lyon, and Geneva.

The key to Upfluence’s success is its massive database of more than 1.2 million influencers who collectively reach 82 billion followers. Clients can search through this database to find suitable influencers, using a wide range of criteria. You can drill down through keywords to narrow your potential influencers to the best for your niche. Upfluence features more than 20 filters to help your influencer selection.

There are complex social listening capabilities, where you can monitor influencers of your choice, as well as your competitors.

Once you have selected your influencers, you can use Upfluence to help you manage your campaigns. You can set your budget and campaign goals, create a customized brief and start working with influencers. You then use Upfluence to manage your influencer relationships and ensure that your campaigns run smoothly. You can even organize payments to your influencers directly from within the Upfluence software.

Upfluence’s Analytics module then allows you to track the success of your campaigns. Did you meet your campaign goals? They provide campaign reporting with comprehensive KPIs such as Clicks, Impressions, and Conversions.

9. Ivvi


Ivvi stands for Influencer & Viral Video Insights. Unusually their website URL Influencerstrategies.com  isn’t the company’s name, but a description of what they do. They are New York and Los Angeles-based and have a third office over the border in Toronto.

Ivvi uses YouTube as its playground. They create “higher impact video strategies with science,” which means they provide influencer strategies with the aim of bringing you success on YouTube.

They provide a detailed step-by-step process for you to build a YouTube influencer campaign. They recognize that this is a gradual process. It takes 12 weeks before you reach the point where you make contact with influencers to publish your content.

Ivvi takes a different approach to influencer discovery compared to the other platforms. Rather than carrying out a traditional influencer search you wait for Ivvi to identify each day the influential movers and shakers from the previous day.

When you see videos that appeal to you, you can drill down to find information about the creator. Over time you will build up a list of favorites, and Ivvi’s recommendation engine will learn, becoming more personalized.

Once you have built a list, Ivvi provides you insight tools to compare potential influencers with each other. The platform gives each influencer an Ivvi League score, indicating their level of influence.

10. Tapinfluence


Tapinfluence started life as Blog Frog but changed to their current name in 2013. Their home base is in Mountain View CA.

It has been on the scene long enough to sort out any wrinkles and has evolved its software to meet their clients’ demands. It provides influencer search, influencer outreach, analytics, and campaign management, for campaigns involving influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs.

Tapinfluence boasts that their campaigns can result in an 11x increase in ROI.

Tapinfluence features a robust influencer search engine. You can quickly search for influencers using demographics and interests. The search results show influencers’ performances in past campaigns and even provides an estimated “cost per engagement.”

This opt-in platform claims to have 100,000 influencers in their database. Everyone has been vetted and validated before being added.

Their campaign management tools are Tapinfluence’s greatest strength. You can carry out the entire influencer marketing process from within Tapinfluence’s software. They even provide you with a visual calendar showing you every content item shared as part of one of your campaigns. You can drill down to each post to access data related to it.

Tapinfluence likewise has built up a robust and though reporting system. It even helps you calculate a Media Value for your influencer posts.

11. Sideqik

Sideqik is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that has its headquarters in Atlanta GA. Their software is a fully fleshed-out automated influencer marketing platform, aimed at growing and engaging audiences for brands in gaming, e-sports, sporting goods, lifestyle, and entertainment.

It includes most typical influencer marketing platform features, including influencer management, campaign creation and management, payments, automation, and in-depth reporting.

It takes a different approach to influencer discovery to most platforms. It begins by analyzing your social followers and evaluating each of them for their influence. You can use the influencer dashboard to gain deeper insights into the people it identifies as having influence. You can manually add people you consider influential to this list, too. Influencers are assigned scores on a scale out of 100.

You can then narrow your results down and segment according to reach, topics, location, and other categories.

Once you have identified influencers of interest, Sideqik sends each an email with an invitation to apply to participate in your social campaigns for rewards.

Sideqik provides users with “blueprints” for more than a dozen different campaign types, each with different goals and actions. You can easily customize each campaign and launch it.

Sideqik also makes it effortless to integrate your account with Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads so you can repurpose your influencer content. Sideqik does this automatically, so it’s easy to keep track of everything that’s going on.

12. Tagger Media

Tagger Media

Tagger Media, from Santa Monica, offers influencer discovery, campaign management, an influencer marketplace, and third-party analytics. It operates via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It offers a robust system, with a substantial amount of data. As such, it focuses more on large companies and enterprises, than on small businesses.

Tagger Media includes all the features you would expect of an influencer marketplace. However, it goes further than many of the other influencer platforms based in the USA, because it places a greater emphasis than many on data. The tech that powers Tagger Media is built on a social listening feature that analyzes what people are talking about to understand their interests and affinities.

This makes it easy for the platform’s clients to discover the kinds of content that drive engagement with the most appropriate audiences. The Affinity Engine can dissect audience interests and find where they overlap.

You can search for influencers using a combination of over 50 filters. This makes it extremely easy to narrow down potential influencers to those who target a particular audience. You can even use it to find “lookalike” audiences, helping you discover other potential influencers.

This detail follows through to the influencer management section. You can organize your management efforts in virtually every way imaginable.

Tagger Media also features a robust reporting function, where you can dive deep into the statistics relating to your campaigns.

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