Instagram Influencer Marketing Agencies You Should Know [UPDATED 2020]

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the popularity and importance of Instagram to promote their products and services. Instagram is no longer a niche social media platform, having reached the milestone of 1 billion monthly users in June 2018.

Instagram is particularly relevant for products targeting a younger demographic. Statista found that 64% of 18-29-year-old internet users in the United States used Instagram during January 2018. There is a slight female bias, with 38% of female internet users of all ages being Instagram users, compared to 26% of male internet users.

With such an explosion of interest in Instagram, is it any surprise to find that there are many influencers using it daily. It is highly visual and an ideal medium for product promotion. Businesses are rapidly learning the advantage of partnering with social media influencers to showcase their brands.

Influencer marketing can be highly lucrative for Instagram influencers. According to the agency, Socialyte, top influencers with a following of 50 million plus can command $100,000 for a single post. Even a middle-tier Instagram-influencer with 400,000 to 1.5 million followers can charge $5,000 per post. Research carried out by Later using lower-tier influencers, suggests that influencers with 100,000 followers could expect to receive $1,000 per Instagram post.

Influencer marketing agencies provide an important service to brands wanting to partner with influencers on Instagram. They provide valuable assistance to busy companies, too time-strapped or inexperienced to run influencer marketing campaigns in-house. They assist brands through every stage of the influencer marketing process, including influencer discovery, influencer management, content creation, and analyzing and reporting a campaign’s success.

We highlight a mix of agencies in this post who see influencer marketing as important, and who have made Instagram an essential component of their campaigns.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Agencies You Should Know [UPDATED 2020]:

1. Viral Nation - Influencer Marketing Agency

Viral Nation is a global influencer marketing and talent agency, representing social media influencers on the most visual social media channels of Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Snapchat. They focus on both halves of influencer marketing, acting both as an agency for companies wanting to engage in influencer marketing, as well as representing the influencers themselves. They claim to have the largest exclusive talent network in the industry.

They include some large, well-known brands in their client lists, including GoPro, Disney, CocaCola, Nestle, and McDonalds.


viralnation interac case study

Interac Case Study by Viral Nation

They are a full-service agency, covering everything from creator contracting, creative development, content creation and paid amplification - using their selected network of influencers. Viral Nation claims to have a staggering 400,000,000 engaged consumers across all of their campaigns and platforms.

An Instagram-focused campaign was for Canadian brand, Interac, which focused on gathering contest submission and brand awareness. It had a total reach of over 8 million with more than 670,000 engagements.

Viral Nation is the premier Influencer Talent Agency connecting brands to influencers on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Snapchat. Influencer Marketing.

2. Kairos Media

Kairos Media is a full-service digital communications agency with content creation, influencer strategy, and media buying at the heart of what they do. They started from a university dorm and garden shed in June of 2015.  They now have long-term relationships with over 14,000 influencers from the gaming, fashion & beauty, lifestyle, travel, fitness, parenting and eSports industries as well as experience partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Kairos Media has offices in London, England, and Los Angeles, California, USA.

Their approach is to create authentic, memorable campaigns powered by insight, data, and creative. They do this through a five-step process:

    1. Creative Review - every project needs (and deserves) a different approach. Kairos Media’s creative team are ready for the challenge.
    2. KPI Alignment – they carefully review key performance indicators, campaign objectives, and the broader marketing strategy to ensure that the most appropriate digital communications service is selected and aligned towards the project.
    3. Strategy Selection – they consider the options. Social Creative? Influencer Marketing? eSports? Video Production or something far more bespoke?
    4. Campaign Execution – they offer a full-service, end-to-end project management solution.
    5. Reporting – Kairos media supplies their clients with a detailed presentation showcasing precisely what they have achieved, highlighting the success of the campaign and the benefit to the brand.

3. August United

August United was launched in 2015 by the executives of digital advertising agency Sitewire. They believed that Influencer marketing is the future of authentic and people-centered marketing that outperforms ads because it draws on the digital footprints of others who build credibility for a brand. According to August United’s General Manager, Tyler Farnsworth, ”August United was formed to unite remarkable brands with remarkable people, resulting in simply better marketing that meets consumers where they are.”

August United offers a full suite of services ranging from talent management to conference planning, content creation to campaign integration.

It includes PetSmart, Persil and grocery giant, Raphs, amongst its clients.In the case of Persil, August United created influencer marketing campaigns for both the 2017 and 2018 Super Bowls. In 2018  In this year’s campaign, August United identified and leveraged high-tier celebrity influencers with strong engagement who could share the story of Persil. They worked with influencers to create short-form video content about “stainable moments” that could be washed away with the power of Persil.  The influencers shared their videos via their social networks, including Instagram, of course, and generated more than 20 million impressions.

August United is an award-winning influencer marketing agency that specializes in creating partnerships between brands who dare to be awesome and world-class influencers who share remarkable stories, driving real business outcomes and measurable brand lift. Let's chat.

4. SugarFree

SugarFree creates a seamless influencer marketing experience for its clients, using the talents of their marketing professionals, social media gurus, talented creators, and data analysts. They integrate their team with those of their clients to ensure proactive, real-time communication while creating authentic, data-driven campaigns.

Their strategies tell a story that lives on well after the campaign is over. They infuse their clients’ core messaging into all aspects of the campaigns. They find influencers who fit in with the brand’s aesthetic and culture, distributing content to relevant audiences.

SugarFree believes their years of experience have them left them sitting on a vast network of the best creators whose trust they have earned over time. They work with thoroughly vetted influencers and bloggers with a proven track record of success across traditional, digital, and social media. They handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks, from price negotiations that end in legal contracts, to compliance and payment. Indeed, SugarFree handles all the coordination of content deliverables with influencers, keeping clients’ campaigns on-time and on-budget.

They schedule every post and then stay on top of the campaign as it progresses. Their influencers act as ambassadors, staying engaged with their audience, and keeping their content fresh and relevant for both their followers and their client.

SugarFree provides detailed reports that focus on the metrics that matter most. You can easily use these to identify the influencers who deliver the most impact and the content-type and channels that work best. 

5. Obviously

obviously agency los angeles

Obviously is a global leader in influencer marketing. They are a full-service agency that offers the full gamut of influencer marketing services across virtually every social channel available, including, obviously Instagram.

They have their own influencer platform, that includes a database of over 400,000 influencers by age, gender, location, interests, quality, and aesthetic to build the community that is the perfect fit for you.

Obviously also specializes in influencer relationships.  They know that to give influencers the best experience, you need to be extremely organized.

They offer a white-glove service, where they handle all aspects of your influencer marketing experience, from identifying influencers, all communication, shipping products, and analyzing the results of each campaign. 

Obviously also claims to be experts in building effective influencer marketing and social strategies. They also organize live events, which they believe are a great way to attract influencers to your brand and get their followers to check out your retail locations. Obviously can help you amplify all of your events.

6. HireInfluence

HireInfluence has recognized the benefits of influencer marketing since 2011. They utilize a team of influencers across 12 countries and seven industry verticals, to spread their clients’ messages. They disseminate content across nearly every social media channel - targeting the best channel for any particular brand.

hireinfluence american crime case study

Executive producer, writer and show creator John Ridley, Entertainment Weekly writer Sara Vilkomerson, executive producer Michael MacDonald and actor Timothy Hutton attend the Entertainment Weekly and ABC special screening of "American Crime"

A campaign that included a hand-selected group of Instagram influencers was for ABC's tv drama, American Crime. This elite group of influencers attended an exclusive screening event. They then used their Instagram accounts to share highlights of the event, creating an interest in the drama from their followers.

Full service content creation, influencer marketing strategies and reputation management for Fortune 1000 brands.

7. Openinfluence

Openinfluence focuses on providing data-driven and creative influencer marketing services. They operate from seven offices across four countries, with over 1,000 premium clients. They’re young and passionate and have been recognized in both Forbes 30 under 30 and Inc. 30 under 30.

Openinfluence offers a full-service influencer solution that combines a proprietary technology platform, industry insights, and diligent processes to deliver consistent quality content and ROI. They have a mission to scale the storytelling process through efficiency, quality, and transparency for both advertisers and content creators.

They use a four-stage process:

  • Creative strategy
  • Influencer identification
  • Influencer outreach and campaign management
  • Campaign reporting

Openinfluence aims to create and deliver quality content at scale.

They have built a powerful influencer marketing suite to help businesses who want to step into the world of influencer marketing. It includes intelligent A.I. to help select the best influencers to meet your goals. The software analyzes every piece of influencer content allowing you to search for influencers by what’s in their content. It includes extensive content analytics, demographic data, management tools, and performance forecasting.

8. Zorka.Mobi - Influencer Agency

Zorka.Mobi is an app and influencer marketing agency. They offer a full range of marketing services – from strategy development to its execution with tools like Influencer Marketing and Performance Based Advertising.

One of their specialist services is influencer marketing, with a particular emphasis on working with app developers and brands. They coordinate influencer marketing activities across YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and Vkontakte.

Zorka.Mobi ran its first influencer campaign in December 2016, and by January 2019, they had orchestrated thousands of successful campaigns for more than 50 clients and created an in-house project management platform. They have more than 300,000 influencers in their database, operating across 90 countries.

Their campaigns are full service- from influencer selection to post analysis. Zorka.Mobi splits campaigns into three main stages:

  1. Preparation – briefing, media planning, media plan approval, and final TOR approval
  2. Production – script editing, tracking links preparation, and video release
  3. Analysis – primary results analysis within a week of a video’s release, and reports with campaign results at campaign conclusion

Exclusive influencer marketing for brands and developers

9. Mediakix

Mediakix describes itself as working with top YouTubers, Instagrammers, and social influencers. They work with channels in the fashion, home, design, lifestyle, men’s, travel, photography and tech niches. They are influencer marketing specialists.

It is clear that Mediakix loves Instagram and clearly sees its strengths as a social media channel. They have an infographic on their site comparing the advantages of Instagram over Snapchat. A very telling statistic is that has a 92% brand adoption rate, compared to Snapchat's 40% rate. They declare Instagram to be the most popular channel among trendsetting teens.

Mediakix’s client roster includes Nordstrom, Jarden, Shiseido, Indiegogo, and Hallmark.

One of their clients is Blue Apron. They created a year-long campaign, using top social media influencers, to showcase Blue Apron’s food subscription service. Food can be mouthwateringly visual, and therefore Instagram is the perfect channel for a food-based social media campaign. Matt Salzberg, CEO of Blue Apron explains, “Customers hear about us from other customers or from social media. One of their friends who cooked a Blue Apron meal shares it on Facebook or Instagram because they are really proud of what they’ve created. Then others go to our website and sign up”.

10. The Amplify

As its name indicates, The Amplify aims to amplify their partners’ messages across social media channels, including Instagram. They describe himself as being a “trusted partner of the top creators and top brands across social.” This works two ways. As with all of these agencies, The Amplify use the most influential social media creators to distribute their content. However, unlike some of the other firms who will happily accept clients of any size, The Amplify is only interested in partnering with A-List brands.

This means that they can claim to have represented brands like Pepsi, the NFL, 20th Century Fox, and Infiniti.

The Amplify is both an agency and an influencer platform. In an interview with Ivy magazine, the firm’s founder, Justin Rezvani, admits that from a business point of view they have no huge views comparing one platform with another. However, despite that, he believes that “...Instagram is still the most powerful social network right now. With Instagram, you’re really, really able to engage with an audience, and you’re also able to communicate with them through comments and through conversations”.

One of The Amplify’s campaigns was for Goosebumps. They created Instagram videos in-house within the artificial reality of Goosebumps, with the main character racing through town trying to avoid the clutches of a giant praying mantis. This resulted in 163,705 engagements and 1,465,075 full video views.

11. Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA)

As IMA’s full name suggests, the firm specializes in assisting brands to tell their story with the help of influencers. It is a full-service digital agency, with Instagram being one of the platforms they use to get their clients’ messages across.

Unlike many of the other agencies here, IMA is European-based, and its list of clients reflect this. These include L'Oréal, Farfetch, Diesel, and Unilever. However, they also have well-known American brands, such as Calvin Klein and DKNY on their books.

imagency hm case study

H&M Case Study by IMA (Influencer Marketing Agency)

Their client base indicates that big-name companies clearly understand the importance of social media influencer marketing. All of these clients have an Instagram presence. Calvin Klein, for instance, has 7.5 million followers. The Calvin Klein hashtag (#calvinklein) currently appears in 2.2 million posts.

One of the brands they use Instagram extensively with is Italian-based clothing firm, Diesel. They worked with 77 influencers across Instagram and other social platforms, highlighting the hashtag #DieselPeople. These influencers had an average Instagram following of 140 thousand. They ultimately achieved 977,000 likes, comments and shares on the #DieselPeople content

12. Infinite

Infinite is a Texas-based full-service agency, covering the full gamut of advertising media, even “old” media such as tv and radio. So why have we included them in a round-up on Instagram? They have moved with the times, calling themselves “digital trailblazers” and they realize that social media marketing is a vital part of the marketing process for many brands.

Infinite look sat their brands through three lenses: creative, interactive and motive- based marketing. They use these lenses to uncover the “why” behind each brand. It is the Interactive lens that is most relevant to social media marketing. They ask each client, “How do customers view your brand?” and then use platforms such as Instagram to give the brands a personality.


Featuring @vesscooks! #instadfw // Sundance Square

Una foto pubblicata da INSTADFW (@instadfw)

For instance, they recently created an Instagram campaign for Downtown Dallas - the principal advocate, champion and steward of the downtown Dallas area. Infinite wished to connect Downtown Dallas with the local Instagram community, @InstaDFW, with the aim of mobilizing the local Instagrammers to be advocates for the downtown Dallas neighborhood communities. They created One by One, an art exhibit showcasing the Instagram photographers’ work. What could be more suited to Instagram’s visual medium and sharing than an art exhibit! The artists managed to reach over six million Instagram followers, and build up foot traffic to the exhibition.

13. Agency Entourage

Another Texas-based agency that recognizes the benefits of using Instagram as a way to generate interest in brands is Agency Entourage. They offer a full range of advertising services, including social media marketing and integration services. They see social media as being all about discovery and recognize the importance of creating content that users want to share.


Instagram campaign for Arlington Highlands by Agency Entourage

They created an Instagram-specific campaign for Arlington Highlands, a shopping center in Arlington, Texas. The aim was to encourage shoppers to donate to a DFW Toys for Tots toy drive. The shopping center promoted that it would donate $1 to the toy drive for every Instagram upload with the hashtag #AHGive. The Instagram public tookj to this campaign, seeing it as an easy way to help a worthy charity.

14. Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital was founded in 2005 and has spent over a decade performing Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Website Design & Development, and Paid Advertising services for their clients. They have now added influencer marketing to their services offered.

They work with some of the largest brands, franchises, and CEOs but also help fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses with their digital marketing needs. They strive to be data-driven and stay a step ahead of what is occurring in the digital landscape.

They see influencer marketing as a four-step process:

    1. Develop influencer marketing strategy
    2. Coordinate the influencer collaboration
    3. Guide the creative process
    4. Report on campaign

Go Fish Digital creates customized influencer strategies to help their clients reach their marketing goals. They also actively seek ambitious and creative influencers, looking to be the next brand champion for their clients.

Go Fish Digital focuses on building strong relationships with influencers by promoting trust and transparency. Let them create a customized influencer strategy to reach your marketing goals today.

15. StarGazer

StarGazer describes itself as doing growth marketing using social influencers and focuses on high performing influencer campaigns - not just brand awareness.

They run direct response influencer marketing campaigns. They work with performance-focused apps and e-commerce brands to drive users, maintain low CPAs, and build positive brand associations through influencer marketing. They have access to influencer audience demographics, topics, and engagement data that allows them to quickly hone in on the influencer pool uniquely suited to promote every brand and provide the best ROI.

StarGazer handles everything from identification to logistics, management, tracking, and reporting. The agency builds its clients’ campaigns with its own Influencer performance prediction tool. They use their platform to identify and vet authentic influencers with the ideal target audience for a brand. This includes more than 5 million influencers refined by metrics such as industry, content, location, interests, audience demographics, audience engagement.

Stargazer is the only performance agency that connects brands and creators. We offer full-service campaign management and guarantee results.

16. 6 Degrees

6 Degrees is a boutique influencer marketing agency. They’re based in Copenhagen, Denmark and have satellite offices in London and New York. They leverage the world’s most effective and authentic social influencers.

They view their clients’ marketing as the story a client want to tell audiences; a story that 6 Degrees will help write. They work closely with their clients to understand the background and personality of their business. They work towards meeting their clients’ marketing objectives. They see their role is to bridge the gap between now (the beginning) and when their goals are met (the end). They assemble the cast of characters—the influencers—and create a narrative that’s authentic and relatable.

6 Degrees uses a mix of software and the human touch. Their proprietary technology solutions form the foundation of their search and analytics efforts. However, they recognize the need to add a human overview to the automated data.

6 Degrees offers the following services:

  • Influencer Identification
  • Relationship Management
  • Influencer Campaign Management
  • Influencer Campaign Measurement
  • Campaign Reporting

17. HelloSociety

Hello Society

HelloSociety, which is a New York Times Company, describes itself as a full-service social storytelling agency. They claim that their campaigns deliver a 54% higher average engagement rate compared to the industry average. Their influencers also garner a 25% higher average engagement rate on content created in partnership with HelloSociety versus their other #sponsored posts.

HelloSociety offers storytelling solutions for its clients by merging proven influencer expertise and their full-service, in-house creative studio, HelloStudio. HelloStudio delivers engaging social-first assets tailored to a brand’s visual style, audience, and objectives.

HelloSociety uses Capture as a targeting solution to drive conversions for brands by leveraging historical proprietary data to reach influencers’ most engaged audiences across social. They also use audience retargeting to reach engaged consumers at scale, by retargeting an influencer's top followers and lookalike audiences.

HelloSociety also uses Sentiment Analysis to give brands a deep-dive analysis of positive, neutral, and negative follower sentiment. This helps brands better understand followers’ intent to purchase, brand perception, sharing behavior, and more.

18. Audiencly

Audiencly connects brands with influencers in every industry. They work with both sides of the influencer equation, both brands, and influencers. They provide a variety of advertising services for companies: influencer marketing, campaign planning, lead generation, product integration, and both offline and online events. For influencers, they are involved with sponsoring, channel management, creative studio, event management, and merchandise and products.

Their big focus is on gaming on YouTube, Twitch, and of course, Instagram. They work with over 5000 influencers, with a combined reach of over 250 million people.

Audiencly offers its Creative Studio to influencers to help produce their content. They help in all areas around graphic design, video editing, voice-over, animations, special effects and much more.

To date, Audiencly has organized more than 1000 successful influencer campaigns and experiences. They have been able to ensure a successful return on marketing investment for their brand clients.

19. PMYB

UK-based PMYB has many years of working with influencers. Indeed they have isolated the 46 factors they believe make influencers most successful and have highlighted the influencers they believe best meet these criteria, calling them Chromo-influencers. PMYB matches the best Chromo-influencers to the most suitable campaigns for their talents.

PMYB delivers disruptive influencer marketing campaigns for many of the world’s top brands, from their London and Nottingham offices.

The agency focuses on providing its clients with an improved ROI or smashing their KPIs by translating large genuine, engaged audiences into consumers. They undertake both influencer marketing and social amplification campaigns.

PMYB has deep connections with over 9,500 digital influencers worldwide, and also offer demographically targeted campaigns using their high-performing Chromo-Influencers.

20. Carusele

carusele influencer marketing agency

Carusele proudly displays that they have received over 40 awards for their client work. They provide real-time optimized influencer marketing campaigns for consumer brands and retailers.

They use real-time data to optimize programs daily to generate the most efficient results. Because of this, they believe their programs are competitive with pay-per-click advertising and drive guaranteed results for their clients. Carusele campaigns focus on metrics like sales lift, e-commerce conversions, qualified web traffic, audience attention, and viewable impressions.

Carusele’s targeting goes beyond finding influencers who match their client’s audience profile. From choosing influencers whose audiences match their client’s to building custom and look-a-like audience segments for media boosting, their programs ensure the best content is seen by the people their client wants to reach.

Their past clients include Revlon (in a campaign that resulted in a 205% sales lift), Jared (generating 110 million minutes of consumer attention), Tyson (leading to 48% better sales), and Vera Bradley (giving a 2.5:1 ROI).

Amplify your influencer marketing with constant optimizations that leverage real-time data to drive measurable, guaranteed results. Our unique, award-winning approach identifies the best performing campaign assets and gets them in front of your exact target audience. Learn more about our full-service influencer marketing solutions by contacting us today.

21. The Outloud Group

The Outloud Group partners with brands and influencers to deliver highly effective and authentic marketing campaigns. They consider they live and breathe digital media but are grounded in old-fashioned relationships.

They are a growing team that has carved out a strong niche in the influencer marketing world. They embrace their Midwestern roots and believe that a straightforward approach sets them apart in a world of glitz, glam, pomp, and circumstance. Headquartered in Detroit, it's common for them to be in Los Angeles, New York, and abroad.

The Outloud Group has worked with brands on influencer campaigns since 2008. On behalf of their brand partners, they find the right influencers to achieve marketing goals. Their bread and butter is direct response and branded content campaigns, but they are not afraid of trying something creative.

They drive customer acquisition through trackable targeted ads delivered by a trusted source. Their influencers advocate for a brand using their creative minds, loyal audience, and an agreed-upon set of talking points. While brands are actively involved in crafting the message, creative control ultimately rests with the influencer to ensure authenticity.

Influencer Marketing. Done Right. We are a full-service influencer marketing agency that makes things happen for some of the biggest disruptors and challenger brands. When you're ready to move from talk to results, we're your partner.

22. Sway Group

sway influencer marketing agency

Sway Group proudly declares that its influencer storytelling and media yields 3x the industry engagement rate. They also announce that they are a 2019 Marcom Gold Winner, and one of the Chieflso Marketer 200 Top Marketing Agencies of 2020.

They are a 100% self-financed, woman-owned company, based in the Bay Area of California.

They split their core capabilities into Strategy & Planning, Content & Creative, and Management & Optimization.

Their thousands-strong network of influencers, The Sway, encompasses many platforms and verticals, giving them access to a great variety of deeply engaged audiences. They are closely connected with their influencers and can custom query to find the precise socio or geographic demographics clients are looking for. Their ongoing collaborative efforts allow them to continually improve content strategies and stay current with evolving technologies and platform trends.

The Sway is their highly-engaged, diverse community of influencers who are experts in creating content that drives engagement around brand messaging. This network not only allows the agency to connect brands with the online publishers they’re looking for, it means they can target and gather feedback from any demographic. Dedicated team members continually recruit new creators to join the network, bringing a continually evolving — and always growing — pool of influencers for their clients.

At Sway Group, we’re more than an influencer marketing agency, we’re part of your team: a full-service partner and veteran in the space that delivers influencer and content marketing programs with measurable, guaranteed results - every time.

23. Leaders

LEADERS describes themselves as a technology-driven influencer marketing agency and platform. They believe they are leaders in their field.

They were established in 2009, making them a year older than Instagram. They realize that social media personas have just as much influence as traditional media.

LEADERS have established and nurtured a network of over 1 million influencers.

Their headquarters are in Tel Aviv, but they also have offices in Prague, New York, Copenhagen, Boulogne, Barcelona, Milan, Los Angeles, and Berlin.

LEADERS has developed influencer discovery software to help you discover the influencers best suited for your brand. Their technology also permits you to review and approve the content influencers create and monitor your campaign’s performance in real time. LEADERS believes their data management platform gives accurate and in-depth information that ensures successful influencer marketing campaigns with positive ROIs.

24. Bastion Elevate

Bastion Elevate is a full-service social media marketing and public relations agency. Their full spectrum of services includes PR, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and Content Production. They work with brands and top tier individuals who are looking to expand their audience awareness, strategically capture market share, and expand their digital sales strategy with modern techniques.

Bastion Elevate is a part of Bastion Collective, the largest independent communications agency in Australia, with locations in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, New York, and London.

The agency believes the primary struggle with influencer marketing is due to the over-flooding of fake followers, ghost accounts, traffic scamming via bots, and audiences that engage less than they used to. For that reason, they leverage bleeding-edge technology that can sift through millions of influencers and seek out those who have the most effective follower base, and ensure that they are the right fit for your brand.

25. Heron Agency

Heron Agency describes itself as an award-winning lifestyle communications agency. Their comprehensive results-driven campaigns are ROI-proven and help garner attention that leads to real bottom-line results. One of their areas of focus is social media and influencer relations.

With a hand-crafted combination of apps and social media platforms for each account, Heron Agency knows how to reach the right people, the right way, at the right time. They understand that a successful campaign is one that reaches consumers from every angle, which is why they have adapted to include social influencers in their strategy and outreach.

Heron Agency is proud to form long-term relationships with clients who rely on their unwavering tenacity to get the job done, and done right. They live by core values of integrity, communication, and consistently exceeding expectations, and bring these beliefs to every client relationship they have.

26. The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global influencer marketing agency that creates the most authentic, scalable, and ROI-oriented social media influencer campaigns for amazing brands on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They support their clients from A-Z, creating influencer marketing campaigns that are effective.

Based on your company goals, they create a tailored and optimal strategy for your brand. This includes influencer identification, KPIs setup, authentic and native storytelling, management, contracting, and detailed reporting and analytics. 

The Influencer Marketing Factory believes  Instagram to be one of the best social media channels for influencer marketing. This is because it combines the power of catchy videos and photos for brand awareness and the possibility to drive traffic to a specific landing page or eCommerce thanks to Instagram Stories and Swipe Ups. 

They focus on your target audience, asking you who your current and potential customers are. Only after that do they match your audience with the relevant influencers on Instagram. Their clients have full access to the influencers’ target demographics and can see which ones are the perfect ones for their campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram influencer marketing agency?

Instagram is now a highly popular social platform, with more than 1 billion monthly users. It is particularly relevant for firms targeting a younger demographic. Many influencers use it daily. Its visual nature makes it perfect for product promotions. Brands can partner with Instagram influencers to showcase their products. Influencer marketing agencies can provide a valuable service to these brands. They assist brands with influencer discovery, influencer management, content creation, and analyzing and reporting the success of a campaign.

What is an Instagram agent?

There are two types of Instagram agents, depending on whether you are an influencer or a brand. An Instagram talent agent often works with influencers, to help them find suitable brands to represent, and then help manage the campaign from the influencer's point of view. An Instagram advertising agency helps businesses create and manage Instagram advertising campaigns. Both types of Instagram agents help to facilitate the influencer marketing process for their clients.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer on Instagram?

You do not need a massive following for people to consider you an influencer on Instagram. The main criteria are to establish yourself as an expert in some niche and build a dedicated group of followers who love your posts. One of the most popular types of influencers on Instagram is a micro-influencer, with between 1,000 and 50-100,000 followers. You do not have to have a massive following to be recognized by marketing agencies either – you simply need the right followers for their clients' products.

Who is the highest-paid influencer on Instagram?

Kylie Jenner is the highest-paid influencer on Instagram. She has received $1.2 million for a single post. Ms. Jenner is, of course, a celebrity influencer, who mostly endorses luxury fashion and beauty brands. Of course, she can be highly selective when it comes to influencer marketing through her Instagram account. Any firm wanting to work with her would probably have to use a top Instagram advertising agency, sell a product that attracts her attention, and have deep pockets.

How do I become an influencer agent?

There are several steps you should do before you set up as an influencer agent:
1. Learn as much as you can about the influencer marketing industry – start by reading all the posts on the Influencer Marketing Hub
2. Focus initially on one niche. Communicate with everybody you know in that niche with more than 2,000 followers. Over time, you can expand to other niches
3. Build your network
4. Consider working with an influencer platform to help you discover additional influencers for future clients

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