12 of the Best Instagram Management Apps

On Instagram, 39% of accounts with 15,000+ followers belong to influencers. These influencers are vying for the attention of 112.5 million users. Needless to say, the competition among influencers is stiff. 

To stand out in this overcrowded space, you need to post high-quality content. Not only that, you also need to track the performance of your posts 24x7. This is why dynamic influencers install Instagram management apps on their mobile devices.

Instagram management apps help influencers:

  • Design and edit images and videos on-the-go
  • Create stunning collages and graphics
  • Monitor account health
  • Track each post for user engagement

There is no shortage of Instagram management apps in the marketplace. In fact, the choices can be enough to overwhelm you. So, we’ve identified and reviewed 12 great Instagram management apps that are a must for your Instagram marketing strategy. Check them out.

12 of the Best Instagram Management Apps:

1. Iconosquare

Platform: iOS, Android, web

Purpose: Analytics

Price: $49/month

To check the pulse of your audience, you need to have data-driven analytics at your fingertips. Iconosquare is a powerful app that provides detailed reports about multiple social accounts. You can even track your promoted posts in some selected plans.

The dashboard is fully customizable and easy to read. The app lets you publish posts using geolocation and tagging. Your posts get maximum visibility as they’re posted at the best times.

Find out how you stack up to competition. Iconoquare measures industry benchmarks and compares them with your engagement, reach, and community growth. You get a 14-day free full-featured trial after which you can start with their Pro plan for $49 monthly.

Iconosquare social media tool

2. Snapseed

Platform: Android, iOS, macOS

Purpose: Photo editing

Price: Free

Snapseed is a photo editing app that you can download free of cost from the Google or Apple app stores. The power-packed app consumes just 22MB storage and comes in 40+ languages.

The app saves your photos without distorting colors and resolution. It has features such as contrast, crop, and rotate. You can annotate images and add vignettes. To retouch old photos, you can use its Brush, Lens, and White Balance features.

Fashion bloggers will love its Glamour Glow feature. Its Face Enhance capability diminishes facial imperfections. You can save your favorite effects and apply them on new images instantly.

Snapseed photo editing app


Platform: iOS, Android

Purpose: Photo/video editing

Price: Free and Membership 

Instagram filters are passé. You need professional-grade tools to create stunning imagery that your followers will love. VSCO is a reputable photo editing app for Instagram with a full-featured free version. 

The free edition of VSCO comes with 10+ original presets and standard editing tools to modulate contrast, grain, and saturation. You also get to connect with other content creators and learn from their valuable input.

If you need advanced features such as HSL and borders and video editing, you can opt for a VSCO membership, which costs $29.99 a year. For that price, you get 200+ presets and film emulation presets to recreate the vintage look.

VSCO social media tool


4. Life Lapse

Platform: iOS, Android

Purpose: Video editing

Price: Free

If you want to create Boomerang-type videos of longer duration, Life Lapse is the app you should download. From a single interface, you can import or capture videos, add effects, and post to Instagram or queue for later. The icing on the cake is that the app is completely free.

You can create stop videos, which are a series of pictures arranged end to end, to give the look and feel of a video. The app lets you add effects to the pictures, adjust video speed, and even add royalty-free music clips from their gallery. 

Life Lapse is ridiculously simple to operate. Its image overlay technology creates stop videos in a jiffy. You won’t have to spend hours manually arranging pictures, or invest in costly video editing software. 

Life Lapse video editing tool

5. InShot

Platform: iOS, Android

Purpose: Video editing

Price: $3.99

InShot has an edge over other free video editors owing to its remarkable features and user-friendly interface. Its GLITCH video effect was nominated for the #googleplaybestof awards in 2019.

It lets you trim, merge, and splice videos. You can add voice overs to your vlogs or pick free clips from their library. You get a rich lineup of animated stickers that can be added to videos. You can caption and sync text snippets to accompany your video content. 

InShot video editing tool

6. FilmoraGo

Platform: iOS, Android, macOS

Purpose: Video editing

Price: Free + optional in-app purchases

Wondershare’s FilmoraGo app is great for beginners who are testing the waters. It lets you preview edited videos in real time. You can merge videos and stills, apply transitions to frames, and add themes and filters.

It lets you delay or speed up videos, and create videos that run in reverse. It gives you the option of adjusting the screen ratio to 1:1 (suitable for Instagram) or 16:9. Without spending a penny, you can download several transitions, overlays, music, and elements.

Their support center has comprehensive step-by-step tutorials in multiple languages. You can also hobnob with the community and learn new editing hacks.

FilmoraGo video editing app

7. Layout from Instagram

Platform: iOS, Android

Purpose: Layout designing

Price: Free

If you’re in the mood for making collages, Layout from Instagram lets you make some cool ones. You can combine up to 9 pictures from your gallery and arrange them in innovative grid layouts. You can capture varied moods by clicking the Phone Booth feature.

To search pictures quickly, you can use the Faces tab. Mirror, duplicate, resize, flip, replace, and zoom images as you need. To up your editing game, add Instagram’s filters to your collage. Save the collage in your gallery and upload to your account.

Layout designing from instagram

8. Spark Post

Platform: iOS, Android

Purpose: Graphics designing

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Adobe’s Spark Post is a feature-rich app you can use for creating crazy layouts and animated pictures. It’s replete with amazing design filters and typography styles. Auto recolor and resize can transform the look of your images instantly.

Render your photos with cut-out, outline, shadow effects to make them even more breathtaking. If you run out of post ideas, go through the tons of professionally-designed design templates. You can also access their free stock pictures and curated fonts and shapes. 

You can brand your designs if you buy Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription. All your artwork is auto backed up on the cloud so that you can edit across devices. Their Starter pack is free and offers limited features. They also have a paid plan that costs $19.99 monthly.

Spark Post graphic designing app

9. SproutSocial

Platform: iOS, Android, web

Purpose: Analytics

Price: $99/user/month

While Instagram has a number of free analytics tools, you won’t have access to them unless you have a Business account. SproutSocial has no such constraints. It can schedule your posts in optimal periods and track each post’s performance.

It also monitors your hashtags and comments. If you own multiple accounts, SproutSocial provides you a unified inbox from where you can respond to comments. You can even publish via the app and line up posts for the future.

In the high-end plans, you get a social CRM toolset where you get a panoramic view of each contact’s engagement. Its smart monitoring never lets you miss any comment or @mention. You can repost your followers’ content and strengthen your relationships.

SproutSocial analytics app

10. Command for Instagram 

Platform: iOS

Purpose: Analytics

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

To survive and thrive in the competition-ridden influencer domain, you need to keep an eye on your work as well as of your competitors. Command for Instagram offers insightful reports about other influencers on your radar.

It gives hourly stats about your latest posts. It also scans the network for like-minded influencers with whom you can collaborate. You can get report cards about your account’s health and intelligent suggestions for improvement.

Command for Instagram  analytics tool

11. Repost for Instagram

Platform: Android

Purpose: Reposting

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

If you want to repost content shared by your followers and credit them for the post, Repost for Instagram is the app for you. The posts it generates are free from watermarks. You can save them to your mobile devices and schedule for posting later.

Reposting has never been easier. You’ll just need to click the three dots below the comments section and you’ll get a URL to the reposted post. You can post instantly or queue up for later. You can even share the URL with other apps or networks.

You can add preset signatures and watermarks as needed. The app keeps the appearance and content of posts intact. This helps consolidate your authenticity among your followers.

Repost for Instagram reposting app

12. Panoramiq Insights

Platform: iOS and Android

Purpose: Analytics

Price: $7.99/month

Panoramiq Insights is an Instagram analytics tool from Hootsuite. It works only with Business accounts. Its social listening capability keeps you abreast of trending topics in your niche. It analyses your follower demographics and highlights areas where you have a strong foothold.

The app scans the performance of all your posts and identifies the best ones. Then, you can derive algorithms for what’s clicking with your community and replicate the same approach.

It even analyses your Instagram Stories and gives detailed reports that you can export to CSV or PDF formats. For such a robust platform, Panoramiq Insights is reasonably priced.

Panoramiq Insights analytics app

Over to You

With these tools in your phones and tablets, you can manage your Instagram account anytime, anywhere. Most of these apps have no-obligation trial periods and pocket-friendly prices. They will help you stay on top of the game and establish your influence in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Instagram management app?

There is no shortage of Instagram management apps in the marketplace. Here are some of the best Instagram management apps:
1. Iconosquare
2. Snapseed
4. Life Lapse
5 InShot
6. FilmoraGo
7. Layout from Instagram
8. Spark Post
9. SproutSocial
10. Command for Instagram
11. Panoramiq Insights
12. Repost for Instagram

What apps do Instagrammers use?

Instagrammers use a number of different apps for their businesses. Many Instagrammers use VSCO, Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Layout, and Square Sized.

Is Buffer for Instagram free?

Buffer for Instagram has both free and paid plans. You can schedule both single image and single video posts through Buffer. On the free plan, which costs $0, you can plan out your marketing strategy for Instagram for a maximum of three plans. If you plan to connect more Instagram accounts, or if you need analytics, you will need to upgrade to the next buffer plan.

What is the best free Instagram scheduling app?

Here are the best free Instagram scheduling apps:
Combin Scheduler

Who is the highest paid Instagrammer?

According to social media planner Hopper HQ, Dwayne Johnson is the highest-paid celebrity on Instagram in 2022. The actor reportedly earns more than $1,000,000 per paid post on Instagram.

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