16 Social Media Calendar Tools for 2022 (+ Free Template)

Social media calendars are critical to organise your social media efforts and ensure that you create relevant and captivating content. They help you plan ahead for each social network and avoid missed opportunities. So it’s crucial to invest in some kind of social media calendar tool that can help you organise your posting schedule more effectively. Here are 16 excellent options:

16 Social Media Calendar Tools for 2022:

1. Brandwatch (Formerly Falcon.io)

Brandwatch (Formerly Falcon.io)

Brandwatch gives social media professionals access to a structured set of features that help you listen, engage, measure, and publish content. It supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and YouTube. 

Single users and small teams can opt for the Essentials plan, which features a content calendar and campaign planner, along with advanced analytics dashboards and a unified inbox for all your social interactions. Larger companies with multiple teams and markets are more likely to choose the Full Suite, which takes everything from the Essentials plan and adds unlimited use of channels, reports, and teams, social media advertising, and competitor benchmarking.

Your content calendar is one of the most important tools you’ll use in Brandwatch. It shows all your scheduled content. Your posts are scheduled by date, clearly identifiable by social platform. You can plan, schedule, edit, and post across your social networks. With Campaign Planner, you can map, create a brief, roll-out, and collaborate on your campaigns.

Falcon social media software

Image Source: Falcon.io

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite offers a powerful content calendar that lets you view all your organic and paid social media campaigns either in a week view or month view. It also makes it easy to manage all your campaigns in one place. You can use it to view scheduled drafts and ads, keep track of weekly and monthly views, and plan new content. 

If you spot an empty time slot, it’s really straightforward to create a new post. Alternatively, if you want to edit, reschedule, or delete scheduled posts, you can do that too via the Planner. For example, to reschedule a post, it’s as simple as dragging it to the new time slot.  

Thanks to the use of icons and color coding, you can instantly distinguish between drafts, scheduled content, and posts that have already been published. It will also notify you if a particular post couldn’t be published. So, you’ll never miss a marketing opportunity. 

If you sign up for its Business or Enterprise plan, you’ll also be able to see extra approval statuses which are useful if you need to collaborate with other marketers.

3. Sendible

Sendible is a social media monitoring tool that comes with a powerful scheduling and calendar feature. It lets you schedule posts individually or in bulk, which makes social media management much more simplified. It even lets you queue your evergreen content to drive more visibility and engagements.

The Sendible calendar gives you an overview of all the posts you have lined up over the coming days. It even allows you to optimise your posts and images without having to leave the platform. Sendible has also introduced a preview feature that shows you how your posts will look before you publish them. This makes it much easier to make edits and changes that will look great on each platform.

Sendible social media monitoring tool

Image Source: Sendible

4. Loomly

Loomly is a social media content management tool that lets you organise your posting schedule effectively in the form of calendars. The tool is simple to use and is a great option if you’re new to social media marketing. It integrates with the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest so you can manage everything in one place.

Loomly also lets you schedule your posts and provides you with ideas and tips to optimise your posts, so you can get the most out of social media. The efficient approval workflow is one of the key highlights of this tool. It helps ensure that your posts get approval from the right people and that everyone on the team is on board.

Loomly content managment tool

Image Source: Loomly

5. Iconosquare

Although Iconosquare is primarily an in-depth social analytics tool, you can also use it to schedule your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts, as well as monitoring mentions on Facebook and Instagram. Although you can’t schedule your LinkedIn posts yet, you can attach your LinkedIn account to discover valuable analytics.

Iconosquare’s social publishing tool is versatile and easy to use. It leverages drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to order content. You can use it to schedule your Instagram posts, Carousels, and Stories, Facebook statuses, and tweets. 

Iconosquare features a Media Library where you can upload images using Dropbox or OneDrive. You can categorize your content so you can easily search for images. It even tags your used images to stop the risk of you accidentally posting the same content twice.

It lets you preview your Instagram feed, so you can understand what your Instagram feed will look like before you post your content. You can even schedule your first comment in advance, including your hashtags, for improved reach and engagement.

Image Source: Iconosquare

6. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse is a full-featured social media management tool used by businesses and marketing agencies. Its built-in calendar allows all users to see what scheduled and queued posts are ready to be published at a later time, what published posts have already gone live, and what posts are still pending approval. 

For agencies who need client approval on scheduled content, Agorapulse offers a shared calendar add-on. With the shared calendar, clients can view and approve (or reject) scheduled content without having access to other parts of the Agorapulse dashboard.


source: agorapulse

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media marketing platform that comes with a robust calendar feature. The “Compose” window combines all of the advanced publishing tools and intuitive workflows that can help you plan and schedule your posts more efficiently.The platform comes with a visual publishing calendar that lets you view and manage your posts for multiple profiles, campaigns, and social networks. It allows you to queue your posts to automatically schedule them for future delivery. 

It even helps you find the best times to post on various social networks so you can optimise your social media calendar for better engagement.

Image Source: Sprout Social

8. CoSchedule

If you’re looking for a tool to organise both your blog and social media calendars in one place, CoSchedule is an excellent option. This makes it much easier to plan ahead, even for blog posts that you haven’t yet published. It also lets you create social templates that you can reuse multiple times for creating promotional messages in just a few clicks.

The ReQueue feature is perfect for maintaining a consistent social media presence. It automatically reshares your top-performing content at the right times to drive engagement.

Image Source: CoSchedule

9. Buffer

Buffer is a pioneer when it comes to social media management tools. It comes with a robust planning and scheduling feature. If you’re managing multiple social media accounts, you can create a unique publishing schedule for each account. This makes Buffer an excellent tool for marketers or agencies that have to manage multiple client accounts.

You can draft your posts, customise them for each social network, send them for approvals, and manage it all using a single dashboard. The calendar feature makes it easier to visualise the posts you have lined up and make changes or optimisations as necessary.

Image Source: Buffer

10. ContentCal

ContentCal is a social media tool that provides you with a visual content calendar so you can effectively plan for multiple social networks. The easy-to-use interface makes this tool a great option for beginners right through to the most advanced social media managers out there. . Aside from planning your social media content, the tool also lets you publish and analyse your posts, collaborate with multiple teams, centralise the approval process and store content for future use..

ContentCal is an excellent tool for team collaboration, Not only does it integrate with tools like Slack and Trello – its inbuilt collaboration feature lets you extend ideation and feedback as far out of the marketing team and into the wider business as you wish. This enables team members to create, view, and approve posts in one place, as well as discuss ongoing projects.

ContentCal social media tool

Image Source: ContentCal

11. Meet Edgar

If you’ve been looking for a tool to automate your social media publishing, Meet Edgar is the perfect solution for you. This tool makes social media automation to the next level with the ability to write and publish posts on your behalf. It can extract the most engaging sections of your articles or blog posts so you can use them as social media captions.

Meet Edgar lets you create a content schedule based on category so you can evenly distribute different types of posts throughout the week. Each category is colour-coded so you can easily organise them in your calendar. The best part is that even after you’ve reached the end of your queue, the tool will automatically reshare content to maintain a consistent publishing schedule.

Image Source: Meet Edgar

12. SocialPilot

The social media calendar from SocialPilot comes with a robust set of features that aren’t always available with similar tools. It has all the basics down pat – from monthly, weekly, and daily views to content rescheduling. You can easily visualise your posting strategy and make changes or adjustments to it based on what you need.

It also comes with a feature that lets you filter your calendar according to group or account. So if you’re managing multiple social media accounts, this is an extremely useful feature to easily manage the specific calendars for each account.

Image Source: SocialPilot

13. Monday.com

Monday.com SMM platform

Monday.com doesn’t have such a clear connection with social media management as something like Buffer or Hootsuite. However, it is a handy tool for social marketers (indeed any marketers), particularly those who operate in teams. You can tell at a glance the status of any social campaign you are operating, along with those you intend to run soon.

Monday.com includes numerous templates to give you a starting point. One of these templates is specifically designed for social media management.  This template builds two boards:

  1. Campaign ideas and requests
  2. Campaign progress and status

However, Monday.com is useful for far more than just social campaigns. You can incorporate your entire marketing activity into the platform. It helps you see the big picture immediately. You can display data in ways that are easy to digest and understand and gain critical insights across multiple boards from your projects, teams, and processes.

14. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular organisational tools that brands and agencies have been using to manage projects. You can also use its flexible features to create a social media calendar that supports team collaboration. The Trello boards are easy to customise so you can use them to plan a campaign and map out your publishing schedule.

You can add assignment cards to these boards for each social media platform and create to-do lists for each team member. This makes it extremely easy to keep track of your publishing schedule and individual tasks to keep everything on track.

Image Source: Trello

15. Percolate

Percolate is an all-in-one content marketing platform that lets you manage every aspect of your marketing in one place. It comes with a content production workflow so every team member can keep track of how your campaigns are progressing. This means that social media teams can also keep an eye out for upcoming content to add to their posting calendars. It also integrates with popular publishing tools so you can easily schedule social posts for future delivery.

Image Source: Percolate

16. Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is a social media planning tool for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The calendar planner simplifies the process of planning your social media posts for the coming weeks or months. You can easily manage your scheduled posts in one place and reorder them to make adjustments.The tool also gives you a preview of how your posts will look on mobile. This is an excellent feature if you’re creating content on desktop, so you can see whether it fits as desired into your feed. 

It even comes with an image editor that lets you add filters, borders, and text overlays as well as change the orientation or other aspects of your images.

Image Source: Hopper HQ

Free Social Media Calendar Template

Not every business will have the resources to invest in a social media calendar tool. However, you can use Excel sheets to maintain an organised calendar for your social media posts. 

For this, following a template will help you ensure that you keep everything uniform for every team member to understand and follow.

You can use this sample template from Small Business Trends for free and customise it per your unique requirement:

Social Media Calendar
Post blog post link with short update
Invite people to join your mailing list + explain benefits
Share content from your community
Share a special offer or freebie
Engage your community with an interesting question
Publish original graphic
Share fun content (videos, memes, cartoons, etc.)
Retweet community posts
Share a special offer or freebie
Share blog post link with relevant image
Share industry blog posts from other publishers
Share blog post link with relevant image
Create a #ThrowbackThursday post
Retweet community posts
Participate in #FollowFriday
Publish original graphic
Share employee stories
Repost content from your community
Create a #ThrowbackThursday post
Share a special offer or freebie
Participate in LinkedIn Groups
Share blog post link
Share industry blog posts from other publishers
Adapt content from your blog and publish a long-form post with a link to the original post
Participate in LinkedIn Groups
All Platforms
Monitor and respond to mentions, comments, replies, and messages
Monitor and respond to mentions, comments, replies, and messages
Monitor and respond to mentions, comments, replies, and messages
Monitor and respond to mentions, comments, replies, and messages
Check for new followers and follow back influential and interesting accounts
Monitor and respond to mentions, comments, replies, and messages

Final Thoughts

These social media calendar tools will help you organise your social media efforts more effectively and plan your content ahead of time. Check out the detailed features and pricing of each platform to find one that works for you. Even if you have limited resources, you can still create a social media calendar using the template given above and maintain it in an Excel sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best social media calendar tools?

Social media calendars are critical to organize your social media efforts and ensure that you create relevant and captivating content. They help you plan ahead for each social network and avoid missed opportunities. We examine 13 such tools in this post. In no particular order:
1. Loomly
2. Agorapulse
3. Sendible
4. Sprout Social
5. ContentCal
6. CoSchedule
7. Buffer
8. Edgar
9. SocialPilot
10. Hootsuite
11. Trello
12. Percolate
13. Hopper HQ

What is the best social media calendar?

It is impossible to declare which is the best social media calendar. They all vary in some way, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. We have previously reviewed some, although not all, of these tools. We gave AgoraPulse a 5-star rating, but it is expensive and overkill for those on a limited budget. All the tools in this list that we have reviewed to date scored 4-stars or better. Buffer and Hootsuite are both excellent for those with simple needs.

What is the best social media planning tool?

As we have said, it is impossible to declare a single best social media planning tool. They all target people and firms with different needs. However, it is crucial to invest in some kind of social media calendar tool. Large organizations may consider AgoraPulse or Sprout Social. Both of these are full-featured social media management tools that include extra features like social listening. CoSchedule is excellent if you run a blog, and you can schedule both your blog posts and social messages to promote them.

What is a social media content calendar?

At its heart, a social media content calendar is a schedule for your upcoming blog posts. However, many of these tools have additional capabilities to help businesses (and determined individuals) keep their social accounts organized. This is particularly useful when you have a team working on your social accounts. It ensures everybody knows what they have to do and can set a working timeline. The calendar also means that you can plan in advance and meet the demands of your social audience.

What is better than Hootsuite?

In many ways, views on which social media content calendar is the best are highly subjective. You will find many Hootsuite users who swear by the product and don’t consider anything better. Hootsuite’s use of streams is still beloved by many users, although disliked by others. We gave it a 4.8-star rating, only beaten by the more expensive corporate-focused Agorapulse and Sprout Social. However, if Hootsuite is not to your taste, try any of the other products we have listed. Most offer free trials.

Is there a free alternative to Hootsuite?

Many of these products, including Hootsuite, offer limited free plans. However, these usually give much-reduced functionality to the paid versions of these social media calendar tools. Buffer, for instance, gives a free account but limits you to 3 social channels and 10 scheduled posts per month. Their cheapest paid plan is only $15/mo, however. ContentCal offers its Hobbyist plan that permits 4 social profiles, 1 calendar, and 10 posts per month. Most of the others offer a free trial.

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