Best Link in Bio Apps to Supercharge Your Traffic From All Social Media Networks

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Social media platforms, specifically Instagram, let influencers and brands deliver creative content regularly. There are already over 2 billion Instagram users in 2021 that engage in posts, Stories, and Reels. Marketers understand the potential of capturing audiences on the platform, but there are specific workarounds that they have to do to maximize content promotion. 

Best Link in Bio Apps to Supercharge Your Traffic From All Social Media Networks:

Why Use Link in Bio Apps?

Perhaps the best illustration for link in bio apps being beneficial is on Instagram business profiles. Instagram's single bio link on the profile page has been a sore point for marketers and creatives who want to provide fresh content regularly. Who wants to change links whenever there's a new blog post, product, or ad campaign? The feature limits sharing of these new developments and forces Instagram marketers to be restricted to manual changes.

Indeed, only those with 10,000 followers or more can use the CTA "Swipe up" linking function in their Instagram Stories. That's well and good, but Stories have an expiry period, and even with this many followers, these Insta users still have just a single link on their bio.

The previous solution for this is the "link in bio" advice. Every post will feature this statement to let the reader know that a new link is available regarding that Instagram post. But that did not allow marketers to get previous content for repeat consumption. It only showcased the present content listed on the profile.

But not anymore. The sole bio link that the platform allows can be used for a variety of content now, thanks to link in bio apps. Many of these tools enable the Instagram user to create a custom landing page containing all relevant links. 

Today's Best Link in Bio Apps for Social Media Networks

Here are our recommendations for link in bio apps to hold all your links together in one landing page:

1. Koji


Koji is an excellent platform that enables creators to customize the link for different purposes, such as engagement, ad campaigns, monetization, and more. Koji provides color backgrounds, buttons, and themes to align your Instagram link in bio to the branding assets. There’s even font customization here. 

Koji makes it easy to determine select content for premium members, fulfill paid requests, sell downloadable files, and grow your audience via the link in bio posts. This tool elevates the whole user experience for the often neglected link in bio feature. But not only that, Koji has hundreds of mini apps that serve to optimize and monetize your Instagram landing page bio. The platform also supports TikTok, and Facebook link in bios, respectively. 

Some of the notable mini apps include the Tip Jar, Sell Downloadable Files, Billboard (shows traditional ads), and Locked Photo or Video (to link exclusive content). These apps can keep your followers engaged and excited about what’s offered on your page. 

Koji merges with Stripe for payment setup to guarantee secure transactions every time. The app is free and does not require any premium plans, giving marketers access to all the mini apps. However, some apps for the link in bio enhancement need to be purchased. Social media managers can explore the new platform for useful link in bio upgrades.

4.8 out of 5 stars
Koji is a link-in-bio app. Koji is a smart choice for influencers, but it also offers a different take on what you can do with your profile page. You can use add-ons, buy and sell things, and even communicate directly with fans.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Ease of Use
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
Push notifications
User management
In-app purchases
Backend database
UI Extension
Media Extensions
Price on request
Pros and Cons
Fully customizable profile
Hundreds of apps that help creators monetize and engage their audience
Seamless experience for audiences
Lack of name recognition may scare off people who want to spend with creators
Best for: Content creators, influencers, and small businesses
4.8 out of 5 stars
Koji is a link-in-bio app. Koji is a smart choice for influencers, but it also offers a different take on what you can do with your profile page. You can use add-ons, buy and sell things, and even communicate directly with fans.

2. LinkFolio


LinkFolio is a brainchild of FamePick, an established influencer marketing company. LinkFolio is their solution for extending the link in bio of your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing URL sharing and leveling up monetizing strategies using the bio link.

LinkFolio gives Instagram creatives a landing page that can house unlimited URLs, as well as an interface that can highlight your custom branding design. There is the Folio-lytics feature that analyzes how many visitors click on the LinkFolio URLs and which URLs have the highest engagement. The analytics gathers important demographic info for further analysis and lead generation.

The platform also has Collab Me, an avenue to sell services directly to the audience. Monetizing exclusive content or key products is easy, and you can bill customers within the platform. LinkFolio also has access to over 3,000 brands, and their FP insight feature can use the details from other brands to generate industry reports or inspire creatives on what content works, which influencer to collab with, and how to promote the brand.

You can use LinkFolio for free or opt for paid plans. The Basic Plan starts at $5 per month, while their Business Plan starts at $50 per month.

4.8 out of 5 stars
LinkFolio is a link-in-bio service and digital media kit for influencers and businesses. This platform lets you build a designed portfolio in seconds for your social media accounts.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
Unlimited Links
Contact Form
Page View Analytics
Link Click Analytics
Live Fan Counts
Audience Insights
Automatic Top Social Posts
Custom Domain
Price starting at:$8
Pros and Cons
Deep audience insights, just like the brands see
Brand outreach tool puts you in contact with the right people
Engage with and sell directly to fans
Very limited customisation of the LinkFolio pages
Best for: Bloggers and social media influencers
4.8 out of 5 stars
LinkFolio is a link-in-bio service and digital media kit for influencers and businesses. This platform lets you build a designed portfolio in seconds for your social media accounts.

3. Shorby


Shorby streamlines your link in bio design and monetization. The tool has a SmartPages feature which allows for dynamic content feeds, social media linking, content blocks, and more. You can do practically everything on their SmartPages. Branding can be customized here, and you can add links to your blog, webpage, online store, and video content. The page supports pop animation, GIFs, and videos. 

SmartPages is also where you can integrate different platforms that generate an RSS feed—Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Shopify, and YouTube, to name a few. Marketers and influencers can schedule these posts or do flash sales to tantalize the audience. Most importantly, you can cross-promote by linking your other socials.

Shorby sets itself apart by allowing messenger links. These can be used on their own and harness your brand’s lead generation or customer service response. Shorby is also interoperable with ad tracking tools if your brand needs analytics. The tool has a free trial, and their paid Plan starts at $15 per month.

4. Woorise


Woorise is another fantastic tool for growing your link in bio landing page. It optimizes the link by allowing unlimited links to be arranged on your landing page. The tool has an easy drag-and-drop builder that even beginners can play around with and link to social sites, blog posts, online stores, and more.

Woorise helps share links on other social sites like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, to name a few—keeping your content front and center of your audiences. You can automatically show the latest Woorise campaigns in a list or grid format for easy access. The tool has an array of custom colors, sizes, button styles, backgrounds, and design options to suit every brand. 

Aside from the link in bio landing page, Woorise has templates for giveaways, surveys and quizzes, and other engagement tactics for your followers. You can target engagement by using Woorise’s free plan.

5. Linktree


Linktree is among the most popular linking tools, as it has remained a reliable option for creating enhanced landing pages containing your links. Not only that, Linktree has a function that allows sharing of links on other socials like Facebook and Twitch.

Linktree lets Instagram users optimize the bio link by adding unlimited links, customizing colors, button styles, fonts, and overall design, and linking easily to your store and other social profiles. 

Its winning features monetize and popularize your content. For example, it allows Facebook Pixel, which retargets visitors on Facebook and Instagram to drive returns consistently. The tool also provides a breakdown info of your link traffic. You can store signups directly to Mailchimp or Google Sheets and do some scheduling within their platform. 

Linktree is efficient and affordable—starting at $6 per month, you have an array of link in bio features, and you can use the brand logo instead of Linktree’s when using their tool. Their premium plan will provide more robust retargeting and customization capabilities. Linktree PRO adds the socials to your profile, including email contact links. It also adds an email opt-in form and SMS subscription feature on the landing page.

6. Pallyy


Pallyy is lauded as a great value-for-money tool for bio link optimization. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter users will appreciate its simplicity and robust analytics features.

With Pallyy, you can create two distinct types of link in bio page: one is a grid that replicates what you have on your profile, while another is a link page you can customize to include all of your priority links. Their options allow Instagram marketers to customize what type of link in bio landing page works best for the audiences.

Pallyy has a comprehensive design feature—colors, branding assets, fonts, images, videos, and more are all editable. You can link content from other social networks and your online sites. Pallyy also has a Canva integration feature to facilitate fast design and caption rendering.

Aside from the creative support, Pallyy gives you the opportunity to manage and reply to user comments. You can keep customer service and engagement pretty high with this tool.

Pallyy also offers rich analytics. The tool provides customizable, detailed reports. Instagram analytics through a dashboard will inform marketers on which content works. There’s competitor access, and you can curate content from other users. 

Price-wise, Pallyy starts at $15 with all the in-app features available. You will have to pay more if you want your other social profiles to be included in the app.

7. ShortStack


ShortStack isn’t solely a link in bio tool; it’s a trusted landing page builder that captures email marketing, social media marketing, and web optimization. When you use ShortStack for the Instagram bio link, you gain a plethora of options for monetizing and boosting engagement among your followers. 

The tool has a convenient drag-and-drop editor to manage your link in bio landing page. Over 60 templates in design and custom styles add personality to the page. But ShortStack offers more than that. It’s a tool that specializes in marketing campaigns.

Personality quizzes, product name contests for new launches, and more – your brand can successfully highlight these activities on your bio link. For example, ShortStack helps launch contests. You veer away from the usual humdrum promos and instead create photo or Reel contests that your audience can enter and vote in. 

ShortStack also has email marketing features where you can create specific landing pages for contact forms. The tool provides analytics on which link garners the most engagement, what data the users have, and more. 

ShortStack has a free option for those who are interested in trying it. Meanwhile, their Premium plans start at $99 per month.

8. Elink


Elink is another fantastic platform that makes responsive layouts for your landing page bio link. With the tool, you can make the Instagram profile link truly stand out for your followers.

Elink enables product links, blogs, YouTube videos, brand pages, and music to be on your custom landing page. They even include CTA buttons for each link. But that’s not the best part: creatives have a multitude of options in making the page appealing, with images, buttons, headers, and fonts to showcase the branding.

The tool lets you embed the elink on your website or online store or send it in your newsletter. Another great feature is that Elink comes with a Chrome extension, which helps with edits and updates directly on the browser. 

Regarding the price, Elink has a free option, and the Pro version is affordable at $12 per month.


These top link in bio tools breaks away the barriers that the infamous Instagram single profile link allows. Instead of having to change the link whenever you have a brand new promotion, you can keep them nice and intuitively displayed in your custom landing page. With these tools, you can launch several longstanding campaigns and keep your social media followers interested on your different content.

Link in bio tools are game changers for influencers and marketers. These broaden your content's longevity and reach, and at the same time, you can integrate your other social media profiles into the landing page.   

Whether you're targeting engagement, constantly promoting new products through contests, you want to showcase UI, or require robust analytics for engagement, these are the best tools at the moment. Each one optimizes your link landing page while also balancing cost and usability.

Consider using a link in bio tool and see how it can strengthen your content reach and impact.

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