Top Influencer Marketing Platforms for Creators

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The influencer marketing market size has grown dramatically, increasing from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $24 billion in 2024. No longer are brands only working with celebrities and mega-famous Internet figures. Now, micro-influencers and nano-influencers are gaining traction due to their niche and engaged audiences.

Whether you work with small creators or larger ones, there's a lot to manage in influencer marketing. From finding the right influencers to managing payments and tracking performance, these tasks can be overwhelming. Fortunately, influencer marketing platforms can streamline these processes and make your campaigns a success.

Members of the creator economy don't need to be celebrities to generate income. One effective way to earn money is through brand partnerships, which involve creating and publishing content online regardless of follower size. This strategy, known as influencer marketing, is facilitated by various platforms. These online solutions allow creators to create business profiles, search for brands or projects that fit their niche and goals, communicate with potential clients, and even receive payments through the portal. Businesses can also directly request content that resonates with their target audience.

Our survey showed that 67% of businesses plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the next 12 months. Influencer marketing spending in the US could reach $6.16 billion in 2023, according to Statista. Choosing the right platform is essential for boosting your earning potential as a creator. This article discusses the best influencer marketing platforms to help you succeed.

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms for Creators

Cold pitching to brands can be tedious and may not get you anywhere. With influencer marketing platforms, content creators at least have the assurance that they're reaching the people actively looking for brand collaborators. Below, we've listed 17 of the most reputable sites to reduce your search time and determine where to start pouring your time and energy.

influencer marketing platforms for creators

1. Upfluence


Best for: Ecommerce businesses of all sizes

Notable clients: Marriott, Universal, Amazon, ASICS, Verizon

Pricing: From $478

Upfluence is a one-stop for your influencer marketing, user-generated content management, brand ambassador management, creator management, and affiliate marketing needs. The platform allows you to select influencers from its selection of creators on all platforms, from Instagram to X and beyond. 

Upfluence content management

Being an Amazon Ads verified partner, Upfluence also helps you drive ecommerce sales through Amazon affiliates. 

Upfluence Amazon Affiliates

Upfluence streamlines the creator workflow through automation and customization. You can see when your creators have submitted their drafts and manage the next steps directly from the platform. The platform also gives you insights into the sales generated and the payments issued to the influencers. 

Upfluence influencer analytics

Since the platform provides contract templates, getting started with a project is a breeze. You also get an AI mailing assistant to optimize your outreach process.

As for payments, you can pay your influencers directly through Stripe-powered Upfluence Pay or connect your PayPal account. Upfluence is great for international influencer collaborations because you can pay in any currency. 

Besides PayPal, you can also integrate Microsoft Outlook, Klaviyo, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other marketing platforms with Upfluence to get a holistic view of your influencer marketing campaigns

Upfluence platform

The platform also has a free Google Chrome extension. So, you can see influencer analytics within the browser as you browse social media. 

Upfluence google chrome extension

Recognition and Awards 

DotCom Magazine reveals an annual list of the Most Impactful Privately Held Companies in America. In 2021, Upfluence won the Impact Company of the Year Award. 

Upfluence DotCom award

The award came just three years after the platform secured $3.6 million in Series A funding from ISAI. Thierry Vandewalle, the venture partner at the company, said the following about Upfluence,

“From pure branding to driving sales, Upfluence’s all-in-one SaaS allows its clients to reach their marketing goals with ease… Upfluence has already turned Influencer Marketing into a highly profitable channel for its clients.” 

In 2021, Upfluence was also named one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in New York City Awards by Growjo

Notable Campaigns 

Farfetch, a leader in luxury fashion and retail, required a tool it could use to manage its affiliate and influencer marketing campaigns. Upfluence rose to the occasion and facilitated the company in campaign creation, email outreach, creator identification, content management, payment, and tracking. 

Farfetch was able to generate an 8.2x return on investment (ROI) with an average order value of $921. The company also acquired 16.8k new customers, 29% of whom became repeat buyers and had an average lifetime value of $1,188. At a customer acquisition cost of just $112, this is a tenfold return on investment. 

Upfluence campaign

In the hospitality industry, Marriott Bonvoy used Upfluence to collaborate with relevant creators and highlight the selection of Marriott hotels and resorts worldwide. The hotel chain posted 489 pieces of content with 27 influencers and reached 2.68 million people.

Cecilia Giraud, the director of content marketing at Marriott said,

“We were glad to partner with Upfluence on this campaign, which resulted in a strong impact in the targeted markets.” 

Upfluence work results

In another applause-worthy campaign, Upfluence worked with Universal and exceeded campaign expectations by a staggering 73%. The film production and distribution company generated +553K impressions with a conversion rate of 22%. 

Campaign results

Eric Brodsky, the senior director of digital marketing at Universal, applauded Upfluence by saying,

“What I found particularly impactful about the campaign Upfluence delivered are the influencers they engaged, who each posted multiple pieces of content that resulted in long-term exposure and drove transactions for our brand.”

Key Features: Influencer Search & Discovery, Relationship Management, Campaign Management, Third Party Analytics, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Lifecycle Management, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Campaign Reporting, Audience Analysis, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Payment Processing, Social Listening, Affiliate Management, Affiliate Campaigns,

Channels: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs

2. Brandwatch Influencer Marketing Software

Brandwatch Influencer Marketing Software

Best for: Large businesses

Notable clients: Samsung, Insta360, Glossier, Carlsberg

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request

Brandwatch is one of the best influencer marketing platforms out there, helping brands find the right influencers for their campaigns. The platform has a marketplace of influencers, where you can filter them by followers, engagement, topic, location, language, age, and gender. 

Brandwatch influencers

With a selection of over 30 million influencers from all over the globe, Brandwatch lets you localize your influencer marketing campaigns for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Before you select an influencer, you can see their follower count on all platforms, including Instagram, X, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Brandwatch influencer marketing campaign

Brandwatch also shows you the audience distribution by gender, age, and location in each influencer’s profile. 

After you’ve selected the influencers, you can also manage their assets and performance within the platform. Brandwatch’s dashboard shows you the published posts and reports around them. 

Brandwatch report builder

The reports show the progression of views and impressions over your selected period of time. Even better, you can see the impressions across all platforms within the same platform. 

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with learning how to use the platform yourself. Brandwatch’s team of experts will give you a demo of the platform and discuss your influencer strategy to help you get started. 

Brandwatch also hosts webinars frequently, where you can learn about the latest social media and influencer marketing trends. 

influencer marketing trends

You can also read one of the benchmark reports from Brandwatch, which share insights into digital marketing, consumer sentiment, social strategies, and different industries. 

Recognition and Awards 

Forrester Wave™, a guide for businesses that want to purchase a social listening solution, named Brandwatch as a leader in the space. 

The Forrester wave

Brandwatch scored the highest in the following departments: 

  • User interface 
  • Monitoring 
  • Non-social voice of the customers 
  • Mainstream social networks 
  • Product vision 
  • Data visualization and dashboards 

Brandwatch was also a finalist in the category Content: Data and Insights at The Drum Awards. The brand won the title of the best influencer marketing platform in 2023 in the Digiday Technology Awards

Brandwatch award

In the same year, Brandwatch won the Martech Breakthrough Award for the best influencer marketing management platform and the Sales and Marketing Technology Award in the social media category. 

Notable Campaigns 

Insta360 used Brandwatch to manage its 4,000 influencer partners and speed up its campaign reporting by 90x. Thanks to Brandwatch, Insta360 now runs 60 campaigns per year, with some campaigns having nearly 3,000 social media posts. 

Previously, the team had to manually track each campaign, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. Alex Garcia, the head of partnerships at the company, says,

”Before, it took five hours every time we wanted to do these reports. That’s a minimum of 15 hours of reporting for one product launch. Now, we spend around ten minutes.”

OnePlus also managed its influencer campaigns for introducing the new OnePlus 6 smartphone using Brandwatch. The smartphone company gathered insights about its product using Brandwatch’s social listening features and then used the data to identify and work with relevant influencers. 

Brandwatch influencer interests

Key Features: Influencer Discovery, Influencer directory management, Creation of private influencer network, Campaign management and reporting, Broad platform coverage, Automated reporting,

Channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Shopify


Best for: Small and medium businesses

Notable clients: Walmart, Colgate, Scentuals, Blanka

Pricing: Pricing starts at $391 per month is a platform where both brands and creators can grow and capitalize on the power of influencer marketing. The platform has an extensive database of creators that you can filter by followers, gender, location, engagement rate, and age. 

Creator search

You can also use advanced filters like topic tags, keywords, bio, and niche. If you find a relevant influencer, can help you find similar creators without running multiple searches. 

creator multiple search

The built-in analytics dashboard shows you all you need to know about your influencer campaign’s performance. You can also add widgets for quick viewing. Some examples of these widgets include total campaigns, total payouts, creator stats, audience brand affinity, total ROI, content engagement snapshot, and more. 


The campaign management tab shows you an overview of all your influencer campaigns. You can view metrics, active campaigns, content assets, payment status, and canceled campaigns from this dashboard. also gives you a comprehensive view of your audience data. Some of the insights you can expect include audience reachability, languages spoken, countries, ages, and genders. 

Audience data

Paying your influencers is also a breeze as you can simply add funds to your wallet. Enter the monthly amount you’ve agreed with your influencer, and the platform will automatically deduct it from your wallet throughout the duration of the campaign. 

Add funds

If you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself, you can work with an expert account manager from The industry expert will help you build a strategy, recruit creators for you, and then report back on the performance. 

Recognition and Awards has a 4.1-star rating on Glassdoor, where 71% of respondents say they would recommend the company to a friend. reviews

The platform also has a 5-start Google Business rating. According to one of the Google reviews for the company,

”The platform is easy to use, it’s helpful in managing creators and campaigns all in one place. The best part about is having the option to work with an account rep who will take any aspect of campaign and creator engagement process for your brand.” 

Notable Campaigns 

Hex, a household cleaning product company, partnered with for its influencer marketing campaign. In just a few months of this partnership, Hex generated over a million impressions. The company also saved 100+ hours and managed 95 creators within the same platform. 

HEX campaign

Scentuals, a natural skincare brand, wanted to increase its in-store sales across Canada. The brand worked with and saved 200+ hours by using the fully automated platform instead of manually managing creators. 

The result? A 71% increase in retail sell-through. 

Aura is a personalized haircare brand that used’s creator dashboard to manage its influencer marketing campaign. The company worked with 20 influencers and reached 275.9k people, generating an 8.2% engagement rate. 

Aura campaign

In all these campaigns, it’s evident that doesn’t only provide a platform for influencer marketing, but it also helps companies save time that they can spend on other aspects of their business.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Payment Processing, Social Listening, Competitor Research, Creator Marketplace,

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

4. LTK (formerly rewardStyle)

LTK (formerly rewardStyle)

Best for: Ecommerce businesses of all sizes

Notable clients: Urban Decay, MATCHESFASHION

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request

LTK, previously known as rewardStyle, is an influencer marketing platform that drives over $4 billion annually in online sales by connecting creators with brands. With over 7,000 retailers and 1 million brands, the influencer marketing platform provides strategic guidance and data insights to help businesses reach their target audiences by working with influencers in over 160 countries. 

LTK platform

The platform’s LTK 360 acts as a reporting tool, enabling brands to understand how their influencer investments are performing at different stages of the funnel. 

LTK also runs a podcast called the Influencer Radio, where the platform’s founder sits with different industry experts to provide influencer marketing and general industry insights. influencer radio

Plus, LTK Soiree is the platform’s event-building vertical that facilitates in-person relationships between brands and creators. You can participate in exclusive events. For example, the LTK Con is an international influencer conference for top-performing creators and brands on the platform. 

LTK Soiree

Brands can create their suites at LTK’s Soirees to interact with the creators who are attending and discover partnership opportunities. 

Similarly, LTK Connect is a feature for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to connect with the platform’s curated creators and reach over 40 million shoppers. The feature provides brands with the ability to communicate with 30 influencers per month, get advanced analytics, manage payments, and access LTK AI. 


With LTK Boost, brands can magnify their campaigns on TikTok and Instagram with a combination of social media ads and influencer marketing. You can use this feature with existing or new content to amplify your brand’s reach. 

The LTK AI optimizes campaign investments by using insights to match the right influencers with your brand and target audience. Also, the platform is now integrated with Shopify, so you can explore another channel to reach new customers.

Recognition and Awards 

LTK has become such a huge name in the marketing industry that it hosts awards for top-performing influencer creators and brands at the LTK Con. For example, the Brand of the Year award is given to a company that has the best-performing campaigns and long-term creator relationships. 

LTK awards

Similarly, the LTK Connect Visionary of the Year award is for DTC businesses that have shown outstanding growth and innovation through their use of the LTK Connect feature. 

The LTK Creator Awards are given in different categories, such as fashion, beauty, home, wellness, and family. These awards are a testament to LTK’s expansive influence and recognition in the influencer marketing industry

The platform itself also receives positive reviews from renowned brands. Kelly Reilly, the digital marketing manager at Urban Outfitters, says,

“We expanded our creator marketing strategy beyond our core apparel categories into our home, lifestyle, and beauty assortment, using Creator as an authentic and honest resource.”

Similarly, Farah Maloof, the director of strategic partnerships and business development at Walmart, said,

“LTK Brand has helped us to grow our program not just in sales but in sentiment and perception for key Walmart categories.”

LTK’s president and co-founder, Amber Venz Box, was also listed on the Inc’s 2024 Female Founders List. The company’s founders have also made it to Inc.’s Most Influential Millennial Entrepreneurs. 

They also appear regularly in popular publications and media outlets, such as Forbes Talks, Bloomberg, and Fox Business

LTK was also the Gold Winner at the 2024 Partnership Awards for the most innovative technology. 

LTK gold winner

The platform was ranked as the #1 influencer marketing platform according to Martech’s Record Market Presence Index Survey. Needless to say, LTK has a lot of jewels in its crown, and it continues to shine brighter with each passing day. 

Notable Campaigns 

Oaks Apparel, a company that makes children’s clothing, uses LTK Connect to partner with influencers. Jennifer Kennedy, the founder, says,

“We saw early on that partnering with influencers was the way to build our brand. LTK has really helped contribute to the success of our business.”

Naked Cashmere is another brand that used LTK’s platform to launch its products. It’s due to LTK’s reach that Naked Cashmere has 110k followers on Instagram and continues to drive sales.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Content Review, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Product/Gifting Tools, Forms and Compliance, Payment Processing,

Channels: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs, LTK App

5. Ubiquitous


Best for: Small brands

Notable Clients: Netflix, Amazon, Target, Spotify, Lyft, McDonald’s, DoorDash, Adobe

Pricing: Free

Influencer marketing platforms that promise to streamline operations and enhance effectiveness are always in the spotlight. Ubiquitous emerges as a noteworthy contender, presenting a suite of tools designed to cater specifically to the needs of brands seeking to harness the power of influencer collaborations without straining their budgets. 

First and foremost, the platform offers a robust creator search tool that stands out in the crowded market of influencer databases. With access to over 100 million creators across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, the platform ensures you can identify influencers that not only align with your brand’s identity but also possess genuinely engaged followings. This vast database is enhanced with powerful filtering options, making the search process both efficient and effective.

PLatform creators

One of the platform’s most compelling features is its real-time campaign monitoring and performance tracking. Ubiquitous allows you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, providing real-time insights into each campaign’s performance. 

The platform is particularly beneficial for marketers who need to make quick, data-driven decisions. The ability to export this data with a single click further adds to the convenience, offering you a seamless way to report and analyze your campaign results.


The competitive brand analysis tool is another feature that makes Ubiquitous particularly appealing as an influencer marketing platform. It gives a detailed look at what your competitors are doing, including how many influencers they work with and the engagement rates they achieve. This insight is invaluable for looking to stay competitive in a fast-paced market. 


Recognition and Awards

The Ubiquitous influencer marketing platform has a 4.1-star rating on Trustpilot, with one reviewer saying

“10/10 Would Recommend! I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Ubiquitous, specifically Bree! She was on top of the program every step of the way and made sure to provide active updates, making my job 10x easier! I hope to work with this team again in the near future.”

Notable Campaigns

CASETiFy, a company creating high-end and durable phone cases, looked to increase their brand awareness and reach hundreds of thousands of Millennials. Settling on a strategy to leverage influencers, CASETiFy used the Ubiquitous influencer marketing platform to recruit 84 influencers and create 168 videos. The campaign was a massive success, with CASETiFy hitting 9.5 million impressions and expanding its target audience through TikTok. 

In another collaboration, Bloom Nutrition utilized the exact same approach as CASETiFy. Bloom Nutrition, a wellness brand offering high-quality greens and superfoods, leveraged the Ubiquitous influencer marketing platform to look for the perfect creator to help them boost brand awareness and maximize the potential visibility that comes from being featured on Amazon’s landing page.

Through their platform, Bloom found Gabbie Egen. The creator then made a few TikTok videos, reaching tens of thousands of views and achieving a CPM of $3.57.

Key Features: Influencer Search & Discovery, Campaign Management, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Full Campaign Design,

Channels: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

6. Influencity


Best for: Businesses of all sizes as well as agencies

Notable clients: Samsung, Kellogg’s, Air France, Dentsu

Pricing: Starts at $168 per month when paid monthly (or $134 per month

Influencity is an all-in-one platform for brands that want to recruit influencers, communicate with them, and analyze their performance in the same place. 


Think of the platform as a search engine for influencers. 

You can search for influencers based on their location, audience demographics, and engagement rates. With more than 200 million influencer profiles and data, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your brand. 

While most other platforms only allow you to filter by engagement and audience demographics, Influencity also takes aesthetics into consideration. You can filter influencers by their product displays, storytelling, and content style. 

The Campaign Management feature allows you to track influencer outreach, note progress, assign tasks, pay influencers, and integrate your CRM. 

Influencity CRM

Once your campaign is up and running, you can use the platform’s built-in reporting and analytics tools to measure influencer marketing outcomes. You can also define which posts you want to measure, and the platform will conduct market research to examine their effectiveness on a social network, profile, and post level. 

Influencity profile

Influencity is not merely an influencer management platform. It’s also a learning hub where you can take courses to boost your influencer marketing skills. 

Influencity marketing skills

The platform also hosts webinars that discuss upcoming trends, mistakes to avoid, and other insights that aid you in your influencer marketing journey. 


Recognition and Awards 

In 2019, Influencity was among the top four winners at the South Summit, which is the largest competition in Europe for startups. The platform won the awards for the Best Marketing Solution and Most Scalable Product, beating 3,800 competitors. 

Influencity award

In 2020, Influencity was the finalist at the Influencer Marketing Awards for the Best Influencer Discovery Tool. The platform won the Silver award for the Best Relationship Management Tool and the Bronze for the Industry Choice of Technology or SaaS. 

Influencity award

Notable Campaigns 

Powder Peaks started its first influencer seeding strategy with Influencity. The ski and snowboarding company struggled with low customer lifetime value and wanted to expand its reach. 

Influencity helped the brand improve customer loyalty and influencer quality. The brand received requests from 64% of influencers to participate in the seeding program, and 40% of these influencers uploaded 2 to 3 posts for the company. 

Influencity campaign results

Alkimiads, a digital marketing agency, wanted to use Influencity to make influencer search a breeze and estimate the ROI for influencer campaigns. The company managed to get 142.7 million impressions by working with 30 influencers through Influencity.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Influencer Lifecycle Management, Influencer Relationship Management, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Exportable reports, Team/Collaboration Tools,

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

7. #paid


#paid believes in the power of user-generated content, promoting “only authentic collaborations” to ensure creators get paid based on their “true value on quick and consistent payment cycles.” Over 80,000 creators and 250 brands collaborate on the platform.

Through creator licensing, you can create social content that a brand can use as an ad for their product. #paid also has a centralized communication system called the Brand Direct campaign where brands can reach and interact with you directly for proposals and campaign creation. In other instances, the #paid team coordinates with you on the brand’s behalf (Managed by #paid campaign). 

You can get remunerated for organic (the paid content appears on your and the brand’s feeds) or “Just Content” (only on the brand’s channels) collaborations. Go to Post Insights to view and report how your post performed.  You’ll discover your reach (number of people who saw your post) and impressions (number of times your post was displayed on a screen) stats using this feature. Meanwhile, your “client” has access to #paid’s Creator Lift Measurement Suite to examine the content’s performance.

Key Features: Influencer Marketplace, Automated Recruiting, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Payment Processing, Influencer Whitelisting, Creator Marketplace,

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok

8. Favikon


Favikon revolutionizes the way creators elevate their social media presence and engage in influencer marketing. Designed with content creators at its core, Favikon offers an unparalleled suite of tools and insights to help you navigate and thrive in the competitive social media landscape. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing strategy, Favikon provides a comprehensive platform that caters to your needs.

Creating an account with Favikon gives you instant access to a treasure trove of data on what over 10 million competitors across 8 platforms in your industry are doing. This information acts as your roadmap, guiding you through content creation strategies that work, trends that click, and, ultimately, how to climb up the social media ranks. 

By subscribing to Favikon, you’re not just gaining access to tools and data; you’re joining an exclusive community where creativity meets opportunity. The platform’s emphasis on customization, trend analysis, and community engagement makes it an essential tool for creators aiming to refine their content strategy and explore new collaboration avenues.

Favikon’s platform empowers you to benchmark your success, understand your standing in the industry, and identify areas for growth.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Content Review, Content Library, Influencer Analysis,

Channels: Linkedin, X, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok



Register on IZEA to become part of its Creator Marketplace, which has generated over 3.9 million brand collaborations. Its Casting Calls page displays the various work opportunities for creators. Thumbnails indicate the collaboration type (influencer marketing, work for hire, job listing), the “buyer’s” name or the company that posted it, and when the company wants the job done. You’ll find a more detailed work scope, supporting files, compensation information, and questions for the interested collaborator when you click on the project “card.”

You automatically get a free plan when you sign up with IZEA, which makes you eligible to place five bids within every 30-day billing cycle. You must sign up for a Basic or Pro Plan to enjoy unlimited bidding opportunities, a vanity URL, and access to standard support via its community forums.

At the same time, creators can receive a direct offer, which will include the tasks, deadline, payout amount, and publishing window. IZEA creators run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Visual Discovery, Influencer Content Amplification,

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, Wordpress and other Blogs

10. Klear


Klear helps creators work with brands that match their interests by giving them tools to nurture authentic relationships with these companies. The platform helps you build your media kit, highlighting your portfolio, your performance metrics, and audience insights. 

Klear also uses proprietary technology to provide an Influence Score for its over 500 million influencers, with each one categorized into their top skills (60,000 skills in all). Its algorithm helps calculate influence across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and blogs. This feature also predicts the amount of real views an influencer’s post will receive based on patterns, from the number of likes to long-lasting relationships. G2 named this Meltwater subsidiary among the top 10 influencer marketing platform leaders in its Enterprise Grid, which includes several tools in this article like Impact and Mavrck.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Forms and Compliance, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Payment Processing, Social Listening, Competitor Research, Visual Discovery,

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

11. Webfluential


Consider Webfluential as your virtual agent once you register on the platform, which has 15,000 influencers and 5,000 marketers under its wing. You must have over 1,000 Twitter followers to get accepted to their network. However, you can still sign up if you have larger audiences on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or your blog, and Webfluential’s team will review your details. Once you’re approved, you must connect your social channels to the platform to create your profile. Webfluential recommends the price you can charge brands on each social account based on your follower count. The platform also benchmarks you against other influencer rates with similar reach.

Once you have a validated account, you can view your campaign’s metrics on every platform. Webfluential has an Influence Estimator where you can discover your value by entering your Twitter handle on the page.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Influencer Marketplace, Content Review, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis,

Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Wordpress

12. describes itself as a LinkedIn for influencers and social media experts, as you can interact with its online community of almost 200,000 creators and businesses through its Answers forum once you sign up. You can share posts from Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or your blog. makes it easy for you to create your media kit by providing the sections that matter to brands. These include your bio where you describe your passions, your geographical location and industry, certifications, social influence (reach and engagement rate), examples of your branded content, brands you’ve worked with, and your current minimum rates per post. The platform also has a unique Influencer Rate Map, where you can determine how much you can charge based on your Instagram follower count, engagement rate, country of origin (or state and city if within America), category/niche, age range, and gender.’s free version allows influencers to send five applications to campaigns and five messages per week. But if you’re gunning for more collaborations, sign up for its PRO plan, which allows you to send 30 applications and 30 messages monthly. The PRO package also allows you to track the number of your and other influencers’ profile views and the entities or individuals who viewed them.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis,

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Patreon, Snapchat, Tiktok, Amazon


Impact considers itself the world’s top influencer marketplace with its 300,000 opt-in vetted influencers, a figure it achieved following its 2020 acquisition of Activate. The platform’s brand and campaign discovery feature lets you filter results by compensation type, vertical, and location. You can then send proposals directly to campaigns that fit your niche and motivation. 

You can manage your workflow, store and submit your deliverables, get feedback to optimize content, view your analytics, and automate social metric reports to brands within your dashboard. Also, you can add your assets from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, and TikTok to your Impact account. The platform also has settings to help you negotiate your compensation terms with brands (from flat fees to performance-based payouts or commissions), receive payment in your local currency, and automate tax compliance.

Key Features: Influencer Content Amplification, Search/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Influencer Marketplace, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Forms and Compliance, Payment Processing,

14. Later Influence

Later Influence

Mavrck is another mega-network of creators, having activated over 3 million of them since 2014. Its merger with Later in 2022 also helped propel its user base growth and widen options for over 500 brands worldwide relying on its services. Create an account by connecting your Facebook or Instagram account with Mavrck and appear on the platform’s Influencer Index so businesses can discover you soon. 

Brands use over 20 demographic and psychographic criteria or search filters to look for creators and influencers that match their goals. Creators can also opt to join Mavrck’s Ambassador Program. When you sign up as a program “copilot,” you can broaden your exposure through invites to industry events, research sessions, brand campaign brainstorming, and more.

Key Features: Search/Discovery, Influencer Relationship Management, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, E-commerce Tools,

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Blogs

15. GetBlogged


GetBlogged is “the ultimate blogger outreach platform” where over 15,000 bloggers create various written content for brands. Projects include sponsored and guest posts, link placements, and social media mentions.

Once you sign up, GetBlogged’s Domain Authority (DA) by measures your blog site’s trustworthiness and authority. Your score—preferably at least DA 5+—will help you apply and pitch for listings or projects that brands post in the Blogger Marketplace. A built-in pitch builder will guide you through the steps to show off your blog’s personality and why it’s worth investing in your blog.

Although DA is the platform’s top benchmark, the platform also considers other metrics indicating your backlink’s profile strength—including trust flow and ratio, citation flow, domain rating, and organic traffic—using Google Analytics and Majestic.

16. The Blogger Programme

The Blogger Programme

The Blogger Programme (TBP) has over 42,000 vetted influencers who use the TBP platform to serve the influencer marketing needs of around 3,000 clients. Interested brands can send you proposals, give feedback, and grant approvals directly through the portal. Projects include Shopify and Amazon reviews, branded social posts, and iOS and Android app reviews, to name a few—all geared toward providing high-quality, mobile-first content for brands.

To open your TBP account, type your email address on the form. You may also register through one of your social accounts by clicking the corresponding button—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter—on the form. Unlike GetBlogged, you don’t need to own a blog site to register. However, the agency recommends having at least 3,000 genuine social followers to improve your collaboration opportunities.

17. BrandBacker


BrandBacker helps you showcase your creativity by displaying various potential projects from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and food brands on your dashboard when you sign up. The platform lets you register using your blog site URL or YouTube and Instagram channels. BrandBacker recommends that you sign up using the channel you update most frequently.

Over 30,000 creators and influencers belonging to BrandBacker’s community have produced over 100,000 content pieces for their over two billion followers since they joined. After your account’s confirmation, your dashboard lists campaigns you can apply for. The platform’s real-time analytics track the reach, engagement, and media value of each campaign, which become the basis of reports and scores supplied to brands. Payments come in the form of paid posts, discounts, free products, and early access to the brand’s new offers.

Let Influencer Marketing Platforms Help Grow Your Career 

When content creation becomes your full-time career, signing up on an influencer marketing platform goes a long way in professionalizing your services. Our list of 17 platforms above hopes to give you a head start in finding the community that won't only provide the most lucrative deals but also an environment where network members can grow and learn from one another. To discover more platforms that brands refer to for their content collaborator searches, you can also read "Top Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost Your Campaigns."

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should content creators look for in an influencer marketing platform?

Platforms with these features can aid your success in working with brands:

  • A user-friendly interface for signing up, searching for campaigns, sending your marketing pitch, and communicating with a brand throughout the project
  • Content performance tracking/analytics
  • Transparent pricing
  • Secure and efficient payment/gifting process
  • Online user guides or help center
  • Responsive customer support from the platform

Most importantly, ask yourself if the platform allows you to find projects that suit your market, experience, and values. It may take a bit of time before you find a platform that really works for you, but your patience will pay off.

How much can a content creator earn monthly?

Mavrck's 2023 Creator Compensation Report, which surveyed 680 U.S.-based creators, showed that full-time creators can make between $2,000 and $4,000 monthly. Meanwhile, part-timers are more likely to make less than $500 monthly (more than 50%).

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