10 Best Amazon SEO Agencies for SMBs

Amazon is the undisputed eCommerce giant today. With more than 300 million active customer accounts and over 1.9 million current selling partners globally, thriving on Amazon means having a massive customer base for your brand. The platform has also given way to B2B sales; Amazon Business has around 1 million customer accounts right now, with 150,000 sellers active on the channel.

Best Amazon SEO Agencies for SMBs:

Amazon Sales Stats

Amazon is still and will remain a top eCommerce platform for Small and Medium Business (SMB) sellers and third-party sellers. Here are a few stats and figures that highlight Amazon sellers’ growth:

Amazon Sales Stats

  • The number of third-party sellers continues to rise, with 58% of total sales on the platform coming from them.
  • SMB sellers in the US alone that have earned more than $1 million in sales grew by over 20% during 2019-2020. 
  • Sellers are increasing in their sales worldwide, with over $100,000 in sales earned by 225,000 Amazon sellers. This is an increase from previous years (almost 200,000 sellers back in 2018).

Why Hire an Amazon SEO Agency?

Through Amazon’s search bar, shoppers can input their keywords for what they need to purchase. The process works much like Google's search engine: for every search query, Amazon provides a listing that gives customers different options for what they searched. 

An effective Amazon SEO strategy is one of the essential components of your eCommerce growth. The platform receives more than 126 million unique mobile visits in the US per month, which means your store has to stand out and capture the attention of your target customers. Sellers that can optimize their listings for the Amazon algorithm will get more exposure—and inevitably more clicks—than those who come last on the results page.

SEO is a more long-term strategy than paid advertising because you invest in organic search results that boost your reach for much longer. It may take years to craft the perfect SEO formula to maximize your store's sales. Of course, achieving this requires mastering the best practices that would be effective in an eCommerce platform like Amazon. There are guidelines from Amazon that you can follow to help you improve your search results rankings.

Another solution is to hire a professional Amazon SEO agency that can help eliminate the bottlenecks your small business may encounter when targeting to reach the top of Amazon listings. Outsourcing your SEO efforts, in this case, leaves you more time to enhance your store, conduct proper inventory, and focus on other business matters as your presence on the platform grows. 

Best Amazon SEO Agencies

If you want to get all the complications out of the way and trust the experts for your Amazon growth, here are the top Amazon SEO agencies worth considering:

    1. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is based in Texas. It offers a full suite of digital marketing services, web design and development, and Amazon services. 

    Thrive offers a custom Amazon marketing package, where your business can benefit from the agency’s expertise in marketing, storefront design, PPC, advertising, and SEO. Its SEO service includes seller and brand account setup, auditing, competitor research using best-in-class tools, listing optimization, and review strategies. 

    The company consults with SMB owners regarding the best pricing, deals, store design, and product story that can capture the niche customer and keep the store at the top of search listings. Thrive also has a consulting option for when you want a custom package of services for your Amazon store.

    Thrive is an online marketing agency with a passion to use the power of the Internet to grow your business. Thrive was founded on the conviction that businesses can successfully outshine their comp...

    2. Ignite Visibility

    Ignite Visibility

    Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing company that offers a customized Amazon marketing package according to your brand’s needs. Its team is well-versed in Amazon advertising, DSP, creative services, and of course, Amazon SEO. 

    Ignite Visibility can help your brand attract relevant customers and effectively guide them through your conversion funnel. It can improve your Amazon store’s technical issues, keyword use, product descriptions, internal linking, and photos. The agency applies a structured markup to encourage customer awareness and trust. 

    3. SocialSEO


    SocialSEO is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in content production and strategy, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and eCommerce. It offers a comprehensive Amazon SEO strategy for SMBs to help them generate results, both through organic and paid advertising. 

    The company’s services include producing optimized content for visibility, editing descriptions, increasing product testimonials for social proof, using Google Analytics for better insights on traffic, crafting targeted ad campaigns, and more. SocialSEO can maximize your marketing investment by focusing on what will bring in sales.

    4. Wisitech


    Wisitech has been in the business for over 20 years, with offices in the US, Canada, and India. The digital company offers a range of solutions that help broaden your digital presence and impact. These include responsive design web development, eCommerce services, mobile app development, and web content strategy, to name a few.

    In the Amazon SEO forefront, Wisitech can handle your account launch, provide competitor analysis, conduct intuitive keyword searches, and optimize content (e.g., titles, bullets, product descriptions, and images). Its team can tweak and adjust your brand content to reach better Amazon search results performance. Wisitech also has monthly sales growth tracking and analysis to keep business owners updated on their store’s latest information.

    5. WebFX


    WebFX is a digital company that focuses on Amazon marketing strategies. It offers a wide array of performance and data-driven SEO services using advanced software and experience in the industry. WebFX has premium plans that are all above $1,000—but you get in-depth services that can increase your sales and online visibility with your target audience.

    There are different services included per plan. The first tier lets you optimize the main listing and 15 child ASINs (or related products within a parent listing), one content asset, product page optimization, and price monitoring. WebFX’s top package includes features, such as quarterly competitor analysis, inventory planning and monitoring, and more robust description optimization. 

    6. Vertical Rail

    Vertical Rail

    Vertical Rail is an Amazon marketing firm that helps develop custom strategies for businesses and keeps their operations managed and optimized. The company has experienced marketers well-versed in fundamental marketing and the evolving Amazon algorithm and standards.

    Vertical Rail’s Amazon account management services include everything that a seller needs to make a healthy profit from their Amazon store. Whether you need help with account setup, product listing management, brand registry, keyword use for content and photos, or performance tracking, Vertical Rail takes care of all the necessary Amazon marketing legwork vendors need to make things uncomplicated but effective for their bottom line.

    7. Buy Box Experts

    Buy Box Experts

    Buy Box Experts is another company you can trust for Amazon marketing solutions. Its team recognizes that a well-engineered SEO strategy for your Amazon store will be more beneficial in the long run than spending it all on paid Amazon ads.

    Buy Box Experts provides specific strategies for your brand to thrive under the A9 algorithm that Amazon uses. The goal is to not only be relevant to the customer’s query but also convert to sales—because Amazon prioritizes that in its algorithm. 

    Buy Box Experts charges $375 per parent listing, which includes keyword research and optimization of the product description, titles, bullets, photos, and videos. Unlike other companies with steeper rates, Buy Box Experts’ affordable package allows SMBs to start with one parent listing immediately.

    8. Orca Pacific

    Orca Pacific

    Orca Pacific is a one-stop agency for all your Amazon vendor needs. It offers account management and optimization solutions for first-party and third-party sellers. Orca Pacific manages Amazon accounts, from catalog setup, SEO, sales reports, and inventory forecast to operational adjustments and other consulting work.

    When it comes to SEO, the agency has specialized tools to determine which keywords to rank for, how to find highly relevant long-tail keywords, and how to optimize meta descriptions. Orca Pacific will also study competitive trends to help you stay on top of a niche demand. Its team’s expertise in Amazon inventory will also guide sellers in showing an updated product listing that will give customers what they want. Pricing may be high, but with these comprehensive, Amazon marketing strategies, sellers will reap the benefits in their bottom line.

    9. JumpFly


    JumpFly is a digital marketing agency that helps its clients achieve a strong online presence in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and Amazon. JumpFly has been operating since 2003, with a team of experienced digital marketers to manage and improve Amazon vendors’ sales.

    The company has a comprehensive SEO strategy, from mining relevant keywords and resolving any technical issue in the store itself to the careful planning and execution of catalog, content, and images. The agency also helps with link-building, enabling you to get backlinks from other sites.

    JumpFly is a digital advertising agency specializing in PPC account setup and management for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook & Amazon. ...

    10. Net Focus Media

    Net Focus Media

    Net Focus Media is an agency specializing in inbound marketing and SEO. It has experience in customer-focused marketing like PPC, email marketing, and SEO for web content.

    Net Focus Media enables a seamless end-to-end ordering experience. It helps vendors scale their Amazon stores and inventory. It offers custom packages, depending on your business needs and monthly budget. Net Focus Media helps clients improve their keywords, product titles and descriptions, traffic to product pages, conversion rates, and overall revenue.

    What an Amazon SEO Agency Can Do

    If you are hiring an Amazon SEO agency, you can inquire about these valuable services:

    • Effective Keyword Usage 

    Keywords are a primary component of SEO, as customers type the specific words they are looking for and scour the results from that. With Amazon's A9 algorithm, the keywords inputted by Amazon users differ from those inputted by users on social media or Google. Keywords in the Amazon platform tend to be more focused on the products themselves.

    Various factors can influence the relevance and performance of your Amazon listings. Relevance is when the listed product matches common search queries, and performance is all about the product's sales history. An effective SEO agency should be able to determine which keywords to rank for and will give a high conversion rate.

    • Optimized Product Listing 

    By using the right keywords, your agency will enhance your product title, descriptions, meta content, and most importantly, the bullet points that are the easiest to browse when customers check out a product. Aside from the keywords included in your content, agencies can also input meta keywords—those that aren't necessarily visible in your product listings. Your SEO consultant can advise on which keyword variations (e.g., colloquial or misspelled keywords) should still be included in your strategy.

    • Optimized Images

    Hiring an Amazon SEO agency allows you to optimize your descriptions and other content, make your images stand out, and improve your click-through and conversion rates. Amazon has image requirements to guide vendors on the standards in sizing and quality. You can place up to nine images, so your SEO agency should provide high-quality photos that show different angles. 

    • Competitor Analysis

    While you may be enjoying a healthy revenue on Amazon, it pays to still be aware of what competitors are doing. Amazon has a steady rate of new vendors, and it'll be easier to keep your products at the forefront with an expert SEO agency to guide you. Insights into what type of images and video they use, how the titles are written, and what keywords are used, to name a few—the agency can automate research and interpretation of these types of data.


    With 75% of Amazon users visiting the site for product searches, the need to keep your products at the forefront of these search results can’t be overstated. Nowadays, competition is stiffer than ever. But even with millions of sellers, Amazon is still projected to be a platform that can deliver huge revenue.   

    Hiring an Amazon SEO agency will give you access to sophisticated software and experienced marketers. They eliminate guesswork and keep vendors up-to-date with the practices that can generate organic traffic—which will increase your likelihood of conversions. From content and design to industry trends, Amazon SEO agencies can help you create an effective strategy for your Amazon online store.  

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