Finding the Best Content Marketing Agency – Top 24 Agencies Reviewed

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising disclosure:

Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products or services we review (also where and how those products appear on the site), this in no way affects our recommendations or the advice we offer. Our reviews are based on years of experience and countless hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.

Modern audiences don’t respond well to traditional advertising. Generation Z and Millennials, in particular, disengage at the mere sign of an advertisement. They don’t read traditional newspapers and rarely watch broadcast linear TV, preferring to have control over the content they consume. They suffer from banner blindness and don’t even notice old-style banner advertising. They do, however, consume content online, on news sites, blogs, YouTube, and social media. 

Content marketing involves providing useful and relevant content articles, images, and videos to potential customers, helping them to solve their problems. While you may not be advertising directly to these people, they nonetheless remember who provides them with the content, and are more likely to participate in relevant conversations with these firms.

Creating enough of the right kinds of content can be difficult for a firm that doesn’t specialize in publishing, writing, design, or any of the other tasks needed for creating quality content. It is also highly competitive. There is a considerable quantity of content on the internet, much of it repetitive and of low quality. Therefore, many firms employ content marketing agencies to create and publish content for them. It may cost more to hire an agency than to keep your content marketing in-house, but it is often better value to utilize the expertise of an agency.

Top Content Marketing Agencies for 2022:

1. Rep Cap

Rep Cap

Rep Cap is a decentralized agency, serving a global base of customers. They are based in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles. 

Their goal is to share helpful, interesting, new ideas with your customers and prospects. They help you create content that strengthens your business from the inside out. Their focus is on B2B.

Rep Cap understands the importance of content to your marketing efforts. This includes blogs, reported articles, email newsletters, white papers, guides, books, research, surveys, and lead-generation packages.

CEO, Mary Ellen Slayter, founded Red Cap in 2011, after working as a journalist at The Washington Post and SmartBrief. The agency’s former clients include Bullhorn, Aon, Bloomberg, and Ebix.


Rainmakers is a leading growth hacking and content marketing agency focused on SaaS, Gaming, and eCommerce. The company has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and London, UK. However, being online-focused, they have clients from across the globe, from Sydney to San Francisco.

As Rainmakers is a growth hacking agency, content marketing is just one of the tools they offer to improve your business performance. They have expertise in the technical aspects of digital marketing, describing their team as being a hybrid of marketers and coders. They understand the importance of detail, focusing on factors such as A/B tests, landing pages, viral factors, email deliverability, and Open Graph to improve your results.

Rainmakers includes amongst its clients Kounta, StreetTeam (now Verve), AppInstitute, ezyCollect, Huel, and the Influencer Marketing Hub. (Grew Influencer Marketing Hub, from 0 to 1.6m monthly users within 25 months)

3. Camp Creative

Camp Creative

Camp Creative describes itself as a holistic digital agency from the United States. It is based in San Francisco, California, and has another office in Bend, Oregon. The agency offers a full range of marketing strategies, creative content, and inbound marketing services, including content marketing.

They understand the importance of creating content that showcases your industry knowledge and expertise to help you gain influence over your audience and earn their trust.

They see content marketing as a vital component of an overall inbound marketing strategy. It starts with customer research, customer personas, and business goals. They see content marketing as having four steps: research, identify, publish, and analyze. Camp Creative also recognizes the importance of good content for your SEO efforts.

Camp Creative has a wide range of clients they have worked with, including Adobe, Google, Glassdoor, Nissan, Yahoo!, FireEye, HP, Girl Scouts, Fujitsu, and Chase.

4. Epicosity


Epicosity considers itself an ideas company. The services it offers include strategy, design, web development, experiential marketing, digital, creative, video, public relations, and media planning and buying.

It is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but works globally. Its past clients include Feeding South Dakota, Sprint, American Heart Association, and South Dakota State University.

Epicosity has received several awards since its establishment in 2008. These include a Gold Winner in the 2018 MAC Awards, 19 Telly awards in 2018.  Moreover, the company is a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner.

Epicosity works with clients in a variety of sectors, including outdoor, healthcare, finance, education, communications, and others.

5. Brado


In 2019, Brado acquired Ghergich & Co, founded by A.J. Ghergich in 2012, because they saw the need to integrate SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing in their insight-driven marketing firm. If you want to be successful in the future, you must win with your content. They believe they can help you create compelling, persuasive content that earns your customers attention and earns better rankings.

They offer a full range of content marketing services, including content strategy. They provide long-form articles that include topic research and creation of a mini-infographic with each expert-written in-depth article. They can also produce shorter micrographics articles, of about 600 words, full-size infographics, editorial content, and eBooks, typically 20 to 40 pages in length. 

They recognize the importance of editorial content, that is not advertising-based. It’s the reason a customer came to a website or subscribed to a blog in the first place.

6. Racepoint Global

Racepoint Global

As Racepoint Global’s name indicates, they’re a global communications agency, headquartered in Boston, MA but with 9 offices scattered throughout the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. They’re larger than most of the other agencies listed here, with about 420 employees.

Racepoint Global partners with clients to build channel-agnostic communications strategies that engage their audiences in authentic, meaningful ways. They offer a wide range of services including public relations, strategy & planning, public affairs, influencer marketing, video & content production, marketing, crisis communications, creative strategy, paid media, and measurement and analytics. Although many of their services are centered around traditional and online PR placement, Racepoint Global also offers content marketing and social media marketing.

Their past clients have included Panasonic, Media Tek, Normatec, and Marketo. They focus on working with B2B, technology, and healthcare brands.

7. Digitopia


Although newly named, Carlsbad, CA-based Digitopia has been on the scene for longer than most of the agencies listed here. They offer a full range of digital marketing services, including strategy, paid advertising, SEO, CRO, inbound marketing, social media, HubSpot marketing, marketing automation, and content marketing. 

The current agency is the result of a merger between Elevator Agency and Organik SEO in late 2018. Digitopia works with brands to build their digital marketing ecosystems for long-term sustainable growth.

Their past clients include Toshiba, T Systems, Emmy’s Organics, Suja, and Forager Project.

Digitopia is a certified Benefit Corporation, a global movement of companies using business as a force for good. These are more than 2,400 Certified B Corporations across more than 150 industries in 50 countries.

8. The Digital Elevator

The Digital Elevator

Florida-based, The Digital Elevator, is primarily an SEO agency, with an eye for design. It offers its clients services in SEO, local SEO, content marketing, web design, email marketing, and hosting. 

They use content marketing strategies steeped in research and analysis. They look for opportunities to introduce pictures, videos, infographics, whitepapers, articles, blogs, and press releases into the mix depending on the needs of each client. Each of their content strategies is customized for individual clients, allowing them to focus on their most lucrative offerings and therefore provide the best return on investment.

The Digital Elevator constructs content with two audiences in mind- the people searching for the content and the search engines that bring that content to those people. Their strategy uses elements of keyword research as well as the reverse engineering of industry trends to create content plans that hit the right people at the right time. They also look into what their clients’ competitors are doing to determine how we can one-up them.

9. Editor Group

Editor Group

Editor Group delivers expert writing, proofreading, editing, and related services to business and government clients worldwide. They have offices in Sydney, Australia, Singapore, and New York, USA. 

Editor Group was founded in 1998. They write, research, edit, proofread, advise, and coach to help you use the power of great writing and perfect grammar to grow sales, secure investment, or achieve success in government.

They create almost anything that your organization might need to write or edit, including ads, annual reports, articles & blogs, brochures, case studies, emails & letters, media releases, newsletters, prospectuses, research reports, speeches, tenders & proposals, video & audio scripts, websites, and white papers. 

10. Avalaunch Media

Avalaunch Media

Avalaunch Media is a full-service digital marketing agency from Silicon Slopes, Utah. They handle all facets of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing. They are included in Utah’s top 50 fastest-growing companies, as well as the Inc. 5000 list. 

Their services include video & motion graphics, pitch decks, presentations & webinars, infographics, eBooks & whitepapers, interactive graphics, social video, sales enablement & collateral, branding & identity, graphic design, copywriting, and business proposals.

Avalaunch Media work with brands to craft unique stories in a way that resonates. They go deeper than a simple blog post or article: They breathe life into content through visuals, interactivity, and motion. They then amplify their clients’ content to ensure it is seen by the masses.

11. Click Giant

Click Giant

Click Giant is a digital marketing agency based in Charleston, South Carolina. While they offer everything from social media, web development, PPC management, SEO, and content management, they position themselves as a partner to help you improve your brand exposure online. To do this, Click Giant gets to work on a health check of your website, developing a strategy to take your brand to the next level.

Their content marketing services focus on building online authority through high-quality content. This means regular blogging, and offering valuable industry news. They also offer video marketing (important in today’s evolving digital marketing landscape), making sure that you don’t just show up for text-based content but also rank for video. Click Giant is a small firm and was founded in 2008.

12. S&G Content Marketing 

S&G Content Marketing 

S&G Content Marketing offers a buyer-centric approach to digital content marketing. They help their customers create winning content marketing campaigns by focusing on where buyers are and positioning brands as industry-leading influencers. Their process involves research to identify customer behaviors and other important elements like which keywords will help attract your audience. 

With a team of journalists, designers, and social media experts, they develop engaging content designed to deliver results. While research and execution are integral parts of running well-oiled content marketing campaigns, S&G also places emphasis on content distribution. They deploy PPC tactics to help reach more of your ideal customers for maximum impact.

13. Bop Design

Bop Design

Bop Design is a B2B Web design, content marketing and branding agency. Like in-touch firms in the B2B market, they’re very sensitive to the nature of the B2B sale. B2B messaging and content are not the same as B2C, and that’s where Bop Design shines. They’ll help you create a powerful funnel designed to nurture your buyers and turn them from prospects into hot leads. Their content marketing services include social media marketing, powerful copywriting, effective email marketing, and SEO.

Bop Design was founded in 2007. The firm has offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, New York, and is headquartered in San Diego.

14. Savage Global Marketing

Savage Global Marketing

Savage Global Marketing is a digital, branding, advertising, and content marketing agency. They offer a strategic approach to digital marketing, one that dives into the development of effective SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, web design, and content in email marketing. And if your goal is to generate more awareness for your brand, the firm will help you do so through media planning, and dial things up with video.

The agency places strong emphasis on the importance of bridging the content gap between brands and consumers, and what the latter really wants. And we think that’s a smart approach. As brands focus on putting their best feet forward online, they often miss important steps, leading to unrefined messaging and watered-down value propositions. Savage Global Marketing is based in Florida and was founded in 2014.

15. Silverback Strategies

Silverback Strategies

Silverback Strategies offers paid search and media, editorial SEO, content and social media marketing, data analytics, and web design services. Like some of the smartest digital marketing agencies out there, they stress the importance of working closely with clients. In fact, they want all of the clients to see their team as part of in-house teams. Their ethos has served them well, leading to the opportunity to work with large brands. Their clients include Mattress Warehouse, LexusNexis, Strayer University, Moody’s, and Discovery Education.

And when it comes to results, they know how to deliver. Silverback gave Ritz-Carlton’s Residencies a 300% boost in sales through a strategic SEO campaign. They also helped Sitka Salmon, a boat-to-doorstep fresh fish delivery brand, see a 107% increase in year-on-year sales . Silverback Strategy is based in Virginia and responded in 2007. 

16. 3 Media Web

3 Media Web

3 Media Web is a full-service digital marketing agency. They offer strategy and planning, search engine optimization, digital advertising, lead generation, content marketing, social media marketing, and strong reporting and analytics. Like other agencies, their work starts with in-depth research. They establish who your audience is, and what matters to them in the search for solutions your brand offers. They worked tirelessly to create perfect content that’s promoted and distributed through channels where your audience spends their time. Once your content is out in the wild, they begin measuring and reporting on how effective it is.

3 Media Web works with growing organizations and is partnered with brands like Marketo, Salesforce and HubSpot to help businesses that rely on these technologies. The agency was founded in 2001, is headquartered in Central Massachusetts and has an office in Western Michigan.

17. BayCreative


BayCreative is a full-service agency for B2B brands. They’ve been around for over 20 years and worked with hundreds of happy clients. Their services include website design, content creation, inbound lead generation, SEO, user interface and experience design, advertising, video animation, and pay-per-click advertising.

These services come together with strategy to help grow your brand. BayCreative drives awareness by creating the right digital experiences for your buyers. They believe in automation, making technology do the heavy lifting to generate results faster. BayCreative’s main office is in San Francisco. They also have a South Bay, Bay, and Los Angeles branches.

18. Vendilli Digital Group

Vendilli Digital Group

Vendilli Digital Group wants to be known as your one-stop web presence shop. They offer inbound marketing, web design, and local is SEO services. They believe in creating the ideal buyer’s journey, helping your customers move from being strangers to visitors, becoming leads, customers, and later promoters. To help your brand grow, they deploy sales enablement strategies, content marketing tactics, and ensure that all creative work is backed by strategy and important elements like CRM integration, reporting and analysis. 

They are also a HubSpot partner, making it easy to work with them on highly strategic initiatives, should your brand use the content marketing platform. Vendilli Digital Group was founded in 2007 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

19. Cosmitto


Cosmitto is all about strategy. And today, that’s a crucial part of being online. Their services include digital advertising, website design and development, email marketing and automation, social media management, search engine optimization, and content strategy and creation. Cosmitto prides itself in offering highly customizable services that connect each other like pieces of a puzzle. What you get is a well-designed and well-oiled marketing machine made to generate results.

Cosmitto has worked with popular brands like the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to help grow their social media filling to over hundred and 138,000 and drove 239,000 pledges as part of their Dignity and Respect campaign. The agency also helped Rinovum Women’s Health generate more awareness and boosted their monthly blog traffic by 31% while giving the brand a 23% jump in website traffic. Cosmitto is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 2010.

20. Brolik


Brolik is a growth strategy agency. They offer digital marketing, web design, branding, and video production services. As a growth agency, Brolik uses their services as integrated solutions that blend together to help brands reach the right audience and convert more leads into sales. Their approach to helping brands grow delivers results. The agency helped real estate startup Houwzer generate a 137% in annual growth through strategic content marketing and web design campaigns. Brolik was founded in 2004 and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

21. Codeless


Codeless prides itself on producing “SERP-topping content” that generates “server-crashing” traffic for its clients. The Colorado-based company creates various content (including audio, video, and images) at volume with a larger team across different channels simultaneously, which founder Brad Smith describes as content production, and not mere long-form/blog creation. Its partnership with project management tool resulted in over 380 top three new ranking positions and more than 820 first-page rankings.

The customized workflow for each of their clients involves: strategy (keyword search, topic listing, ranking plan), production (style guide creation, content outlines, draft analysis), and optimization (editing, plagiarism checks, CMS formatting, on-page search optimization).

Codeless is upfront about its services, listing three types of plans each for 1) SEO + content and 2) SEO, content + PR. Its sister company, which specializes on digital PR and link-building thrust, provides support for the second service. 

  • Startup ($7,500): a minimum of five pieces of 2k-word content/mo, site audit and content-driven SEO strategy, custom illustration, secondary research (statistics, graphs, and others), SERP and SEO analysis, headline writing and draft reviews, monthly reporting, quarterly strategy calls.

The Startup plan that includes PR services ($20,000) covers outreach minimums of DR 60+ with 25k traffic.

  • Scale ($12,500): a minimum of 10 pieces of 2k-word content/mo. The plan includes everything in startup plus primary research (interviews, expert quotes, and more), writer replacements and rewrites, cost/piece volume discount, conversion optimization strategy, and monthly status calls.

The Scale plan that includes PR services ($30,000) covers outreach minimums of DR 65+ with 50k traffic.

  • Volume ($20,000): a minimum of 20 pieces of 2k-word content/mo. The plan includes output provided in the Scale package plus weekly status calls, dedicated writer sourcing and editing as well as a dedicated editor and account manager.

The Volume plan that includes PR services ($40,000) covers outreach minimums of DR 70+ with 50k traffic.

22. Content Allies

Content Allies

Content Allies helps you maximize your podcasts from pre-production to post-production. Its pre-show support covers strategy (topic ideas and guest sourcing), guest coordination (weekly interviews with ideal prospects and strategic partners), show prep, scheduling, artwork, and directory submissions. After your show, Content Allies repurposes the episodes into various formats to maximize revenue: from transcripts and quote blocks to show notes and SEO-optimized blog posts. The agency also edits the audio/video files so that they can be uploaded onto all online platforms—Google and Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and social channels. It partners with Process Street to record and track podcasts produced.

Serial entrepreneur Jake Jorgovan, who founded Content Allies in 2018, targets B2B companies, having worked with big brands such as Facebook, Siemens Energy, Alibaba, SaaS Connect, and more. The agency is currently the producer of these podcasts: Talent Acquisition Leaders, Life in the Cloud, and Illuminate Higher Education. 

23. Content Bureau

Content Bureau

Another B2B-focused firm, Content Bureau is a 90% all-woman team, many of whom have advanced degrees and consulting backgrounds. The company’s writers, editors, and graphic designers can craft and produce the following marketing assets:

  • Messaging (copy blocks, messaging)
  • Email (email and newsletters)
  • Web (content strategy, blog posts, web copy, web design, wikis, banner ads, and social media)
  • PDF (eBooks, infographics, interactive PDFs, data sheets, case studies, white papers, and more)
  • Presentation (videos, scripts, webinars, speeches, and PowerPoint)

The San Francisco-based agency, which has been operating since 2000, is mainly sought after by enterprise technology and financial services firms. Its top clients include Accenture, American Express, Autodesk, Deloitte, eBay, PayPal, and RSA Security.

24. Siege Media

Siege Media

Siege Media focuses on data and SEO in helping brands improve their online ranking and ultimately achieve, or even exceed, their ROI targets. Combining these two elements together, its team develops content with high link intent or content that other people from students to journalists will like to link to their written output. The content is then sent to big-name publications, reporters, and top-end bloggers.

A four-time Inc. 5000 lister, Siege Media has three core offerings:

  • Distribution – content marketing, link-building, SEO consulting (including keyword search, content pruning, internal linking audits, SEO A/B testing, title tag optimization, page speed optimization, user experience assessments, information architecture analysis, indexation best practices)
  • Design – content creation, blog design, and graphic design
  • Production – copywriting, photography, and video production

Set up in 2012 and headquartered in California, Siege Media works with e-commerce businesses, marketplaces, fintech startups, and SaaS companies. Airbnb, BuildDirect, Combinator, Intuit, Tripadvisor, and Zillow are just some companies that it has helped scale through earned links from Business Insider, Fast Company, Fortune, Refinery29, and Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the leading content marketing agencies?

With content marketing, you create and share useful and relevant content articles, images, and videos to potential customers, helping them to solve their problems. Many businesses prefer to outsource this work to a specialist content marketing agency. These include:
Camp Creative
Rep Cap
Ghergich & Co
Racepoint Global
The Digital Elevator
Editor Group
Avalaunch Media
Click Giant
S&G Content Marketing
Bop Design
Savage Global Marketing

What companies use content marketing?

You will find case studies of many companies using content marketing across the Net. Indeed, most significant companies use content marketing to some extent. But you don’t need to be big to benefit from content marketing – many small businesses, even soltrepreneurs, engage in content marketing. Some of the more recognizable names of companies participating in content marketing include American Express, Domino’s, Virgin Mobile, Lyft, GE, Rolex, Walmart, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Taco Bell.

What is good content marketing?

Good content marketing uses quality content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It ultimately leads that audience towards taking a specific call to action. Some brands create shallow content, practically worthless to their intended audience. There is no value in doing this. These people will look elsewhere for something that will better meet their needs. You can either plan, create, and share your content in-house or outsource the work to a content marketing agency, like those covered in this article.

What do you mean by content marketing?

Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable content to a defined target audience. This content must be of sufficient quality that these people will consistently return for more. You can include Calls to Action to encourage them to act in a particular way. This is quite different from traditional marketing. Instead of making blatant ads promoting your goods and services, you share content that solves your target market’s pain points, which builds your brand recognition and their trust in you.

How do you write good marketing content?

You could work with one of the agencies listed in this post. However, if you intend to organize your content marketing in-house, ensure you employ skillful writers. Some of the techniques your writers should use include:
Don’t edit as you go. Write first, then edit
Plan your posts and focus on a big idea
Don’t overuse jargon. Don’t assume your audience knows all the technical terms
Write casually, but clearly. Don’t make your posts sound like an academic textbook

What is the role of content marketing?

Ultimately, the purpose of content marketing is to help potential customers make purchasing decisions, preferably of your goods and services. With content marketing, you do this by giving value to your potential customers. And your content has to be valuable – there is little point churning out short posts of regurgitated material that already appears 100 times on the Net. You can use content marketing to make your brand known to potential customers so that they eventually buy from you through familiarity.